Hey everyone.

I'm Anna Lee and I have been involved in the adult industry for over 18 years, the adult VR space since 2005 and directing, producing & writing adult content for the past 4 years. While I am most known for my work in VR Porn (where I won 2 AVN awards in 2017 for Best VR Studio and Best VR Scene) I recently completed Pornhub's first reality style, porn competition; The Pornhub Games. I am also currently writing, producing and directing the upcoming Pornhub Awards that will be streamed live in VR.

I've got the next couple hours free and thought it might be interesting to hear from the perspective of a female porn director who works both in VR and 2D...... so go for it and ask me anything!

Proof 1: https://imgur.com/3HEaDzD BTS of the Games

Proof 2: https://imgur.com/rTAjLhn BTS with myself and the host of the Games Asa Akira

Proof 3: https://imgur.com/Q9tFrFN BTS of the Games

Proof 4: https://imgur.com/F6RoRaX BTS directing VR

Proof 5: https://imgur.com/6ZNEgfS AVN Award

Edit: Guys it’s been a blast but I’ve got to get back to my regular life. Thanks so much for the opportunity and I’ll try and grab those questions I missed later. Much love!

Edit 2: I am totally floored but the activity that is still happening after I went to bed etc. I’ll continue to go through as time permits and answer as many more of your questions! Some of them are amazing. Thank you!

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Thrannn3788 karma

can you please let the girls keep their miniskirts on during porn?

if i search for secretary, schoolgirl or whatever kind of porn, i do it because i love the clothes. they dont need to undress after 2minutes. keep the clothes on. skirts are fucking hot

AnnaLeeVRX2838 karma

Heard and noted

fuckswithducks2798 karma

I recently hired a studio to produce some custom 360VR porn and noticed an interesting difference in the way those films are shot. When you produce VR content where the entire room is visible, what does the film crew do to stay off camera during filming? How does directing, camera work, and behind the scenes differ in a shoot where non-performers can't just hide off camera? In my video, I found it interesting that the actress was basically performing alone in the bathtub with no one but my rubber duckies around for 20 minutes straight.

AnnaLeeVRX1452 karma

Monitors in another room. Directing takes the form of more of a theatre piece then film. You rehearse the segment or segments until the cut point. Sometimes I can still talk to the performer and my GOD of an audio guy will remove my voice later. With VR, once everything is in place everyone can leave. Sometimes the best performances come from having few people in the room.

Camera doesn't move in 360. You run through everything in advance with the performer and basically you all get out of the shot. Lighting is the hardest in 360 VR scene.

nginparis383 karma

didn't the asian guy in pic 4 do ama not too long ago?

AnnaLeeVRX572 karma

Yep that’s George, my DOP and audio Hero. We work together and I think he did his about a month ago?

nginparis207 karma

yeah about 2-3 months ago

AnnaLeeVRX370 karma

Jesus time flies

Mandorism152 karma

You can also 3dscan the room before hand and then dub it into the background in post.

AnnaLeeVRX191 karma

Yes you can. Then green-screen the action.

chuckaway92540 karma

Do you have your own blacklist of actors whom you would never work with again, or would never work with period from word of mouth advice from a fellow director/producer?....and what got them onto that list?

AnnaLeeVRX4961 karma


Lying gets you on the list.

Disrespecting myself, my crew, other performers on my set gets you on the list.

Being unprofessional in general gets you on the list. Last min cancels so you can go work somewhere else. etc

But my biggest No No and anyone who knows me knows I don't tolerate this. I have ZERO tolerance for hard drugs on set.

Flame87934 karma

I always assumed there were drug tests and STD tests more or less industry wide (on the mainstream Hollywoodesque side at least.) An I incorrect in that assumption?

Like I imagine Marijuana isn't a big deal anyone really cares about, but I figured needle users for example would be a big nono, for aesthetic purposes at least.

AnnaLeeVRX1770 karma

STD tests happen every 2 weeks. No shooting without it.

Word gets around if someone is a heavy user and they end up not working because of the risks and the amount of Producers and performers who don't want the risk involved.

oyesanyam325 karma

How do Pornstars prepare themselves before shooting a video, do they try to know each other to develop chemistry? Do they normally enjoy their job?

AnnaLeeVRX662 karma

You wouldn’t do this job if you didn’t Love it!

Girls prep by cleaning up, or prepping for anal if necessary. Usually lots of chatting in makeup.

Most everyone in the pro world already knows one another or has worked together. But it’s always very friendly and relaxed on my sets before we shoot.

Anders133 karma

on set

AnnaLeeVRX11 karma

On my set.

xxkinetikxx1873 karma

What is the liability insurance like in the porn industry?

AnnaLeeVRX2034 karma


ThySonOfFire1465 karma

How do you direct performers that aren't attracted to their scene partner? Also, do you have much rehearsal time?

AnnaLeeVRX2250 karma

Honest truth. I have never found out a performer wasn't attracted to another until AFTER the shoot was over. They are pros and as such can get the job done. I have only had a performer tell me that one time after a shoot. Nothing negative went down, they just weren't that attracted to them. I am assuming they haven't worked together again.

From my perspective we just shot the scene like normal.

ThySonOfFire274 karma

If you don't mind me asking, whats normal? Would love to hear how you approach scenes. How much rehearsal/blocking is done, how much direction you give (or is acceptable) before or during takes etc. Sorry for the 20 questions lol. Im an independent filmmaker down under (no pun intended) and find the porn industry fascinating.

AnnaLeeVRX227 karma

Honestly depends on the project. With the games I gave the girls a container for them to fill as they wished so to speak.

With certain projects I’ll take a lot of time. With VR there is a lot of blocking that happens. I give the majority of my direction before we shoot and refine as we go.

yuck_luck1231 karma

I recently browsed r/Exxxtras and saw how crazy bts can get. Have you ever thought of using VR to do a pornstar 'day in the life' style project?

AnnaLeeVRX1544 karma

Can I steal your idea? It’s a great one.

I’ve done scenes in VR that emulate what it’s like to be on set but not what you suggested.

When we stream the awards in VR you will get that BTS experience you’re looking for.

TheGravespawn1190 karma

Is Asa Akria as awesome a person as I believe she is?

AnnaLeeVRX1922 karma


Asa is....... phenomenal

Intelligent, professional, funny, the best host ever, a talent writer, incredibly humble, sexy AF and I’d choose her to be in any project I ever do for the rest of my life....

TheGravespawn629 karma

Thanks for the reply.

It makes my day to know she is the hype.

AnnaLeeVRX735 karma

Words can’t describe how truly amazing she is.

AWildTyphlosion1001 karma

Are you planning on or thinking about publishing on Steam given that they are now getting more relaxed about adult themed games?

AnnaLeeVRX1072 karma

Yes, especially with my work with Oasis.game Its adult but more MMO then porn so I am hoping to do some stuff with that.

Zaareish565 karma

thumbs through wallet after seasonal sale

Guess it's time to save up again.

AnnaLeeVRX1021 karma

Want a promo code? I’m not kidding.

Belckan957 karma

Never offer discounts for games on Reddit. Its gamer's crack. We will buy shit we will never touch just because it had a decent discount. So you'll get flooded with replies lol.

AnnaLeeVRX661 karma

Lesson learned lol

FluffyPwnyBoy174 karma

God damn I am alway too late for some free promo codes ^ But I will definitely look into it since I have my Oculus Rift now

AnnaLeeVRX328 karma


RolandDeshane2 karma

I'd take one if you're still giving them out. Been interested but never found anything solid in vr.

AnnaLeeVRX5 karma


fauxofkaos965 karma

Has working in the industry turned you off from porn? Do you use it all personally or does it remind you of being at work too much?

AnnaLeeVRX2412 karma

I can't watch pro porn for personal consumption anymore. Reminds me of work.

Amateur stuff though.........

Sapper5011961 karma

watching pro porn

Oh hey, there's Steve. I forgot to give his pen back to him!

AnnaLeeVRX1911 karma

HAHA his name is actually Barrett and yeah I had his pen

daytonledinosaur955 karma

What’s the usual rate for your actors? Just pure curiosity.

AnnaLeeVRX1451 karma

Solo Female: 400 ish

Girl Girl or BJ: 600 ish

Boy Girl: 900 and up....and I mean way up.

Anal, extra boys, extra girls, extra anything. 1200 and way up.

Guys: No idea for a solo guy - I just direct my first gay scene however so I am learning!

Guys for a Boy Girl: 500 and WAY up.

MainSailFreedom516 karma

Follow up question: what are some of the highest rates you’ve paid performers?

AnnaLeeVRX1075 karma

3k for the lady and 1500 for the man for one amazing scene.

Bleda412450 karma

I watched a Louis Theroux documentary on porn a few years ago. They were talking a lot about how hard (staying hard and all) it is to be a male actor and that they are the real stars of the show. The narrative was that women either have it or they don't, meaning they are born with their commodities. Men have to actually perform, and with there being people watching and having sex with a person you may not be into, men have difficulties attaining and maintaining erections and ejaculating. With the comments you've made and what I've seen elsewhere, it sounds like this isn't really reflected in pay. Do you agree with the film's narrative, at least how I remember it, and what is the reason for this wage disparity?

As a side note, how much porn could a person do in a 1 month period? I imagine it would be different depending on gender and the gender of your partner. Is over-exposure a thing people are concerned about in porn or not really?

AnnaLeeVRX631 karma

Great comment.

This is just an opinion I am formulating now as o have never been asked this before. I agree with everything you’ve said up there however, once a man pops, he’s done. Maybe he can do a second scene or a third if he really pushes. A woman can keep performing all day if she chose to.

The straight, heterosexual porn world places heavy emphasis on the woman, her image and what she can do - even if it truly is the man who is putting in the majority of the physical effort. A woman is expected however to be the face of the film (more often then not)

This has me thinking about the gay porn world and how that pay scale operates.... research is in my future.

And a person can do as much as they see fit in a month or as much as they are booked for. It’s up to them and everyone is different

Bleda41275 karma

Thanks for the reply. About the amount of porn a person can do in a month, would you be able to give a quantitative estimate as to how much porn a woman v.s. a man could shoot in a month. Is 20-30 times in a month feasible?

AnnaLeeVRX158 karma

Most girls I know shoot 3 to 4 times a week

20000Fish802 karma

What's your opinion on the sudden mass-influx and popularity of "stepmom/stepsister" themed adult videos? I mean, just looking at the Pornhub main page they always seem to be the most popular as of late, so I imagine it's something that's discussed a fair bit in the industry.

AnnaLeeVRX779 karma

It’s been the top theme for the last couple years. My partners OP which I quite like is that there are so many Brady Bunch families now that this is what makes the whole step thing appealing.

20000Fish311 karma

Lol that's an interesting theory, thanks for the answer! Personally I'm into it because if you skip past the dialogue it doesn't seem very incest-y at all, so it sorta works for both people into the fetish and people into the actors, whereas something like BDSM which usually "dominates" (no pun intended) the entire theme of a given video/scene.

As a side note, my significant other requests more VR porn from the female's POV. She's into that, and the selections are pretty limited currently.

AnnaLeeVRX430 karma

Yeah I would love to do more female POV VR but not enough sales :( Buy them and I can make them!!!!

ThatLRguy784 karma

Can you describe the smell of an orgy set?

AnnaLeeVRX1744 karma

Like Victoria Secret body lotion, mixed with the faint smell of pee.........

AdonaiGarm647 karma

I'm actually satisfied that this is answered, mainly because up until now, my idea of an orgy smell is body sweat, piss, and various smells of vagina because of different Ph balances.

AnnaLeeVRX703 karma

If the room is cold there isn't a lot of sweat per say.....but yeah, you are pretty much right. Girls in the industry though douche so there isn't a heavy vag smell like you would think there would be.

AdonaiGarm336 karma

Following up, since douching is known to cause slight imbalances to vaginal Flora, do you often get calls or requests from female actors to have a break or some sort of reprieve because they don't feel good down there? I'm also assuming the female actors that shoot often, since I think the actors that don't douche often probably don't run into this.

AnnaLeeVRX527 karma

Ladies should take as many health breaks as needed. For some that means more then others. Everyone is different. The most important thing is that they take care of themselves in whatever capacity is required.

Collectorguy00699 karma

Ever been hit by a stray cumshot/ squirt?

AnnaLeeVRX1023 karma

Not yet for the cumshot....been close though. I have gotten squirt on stuff though that I’ve had to bag and wash after

krink85656 karma

I prefer porn that the woman/women seem to be genuinely enjoying the act (ie nubile films). It seems that a majority of the films are over the top with noises, positions, and actions. Do the actresses you work with want to be over the top (kids these days call it extra) or are they directed to be that way?

AnnaLeeVRX759 karma

Depends on the company and brand that they are working for. Some companies want that very “porn” look. Others want it to be more natural and real. I like you prefer real and intimate over loud and over the top.

As for what the girls prefer. Like women in real life they all prefer something different.

krink85299 karma

Ok so follow up, have any of the actresses been directed to do a scene, completed it, and after asked WTF was that and why did I do that?

AnnaLeeVRX406 karma

Not with me. I usually deliver a script way in advance and we talk about the scene long before we shoot. Just how I work! Can’t speak for everyone though.

okieodke-566 karma

What made you go into this kind of business?

AnnaLeeVRX1430 karma

When I was in film school, couple of the girls in class and I were talking about how good it would be to make Ho money without having to touch a dude. Fast forward a year later I opened a very early days cam and phone sex studio.....This is back when AOL still got mail and most people had dial up.

So the progression was natural from there.

hldsnfrgr363 karma

Do you miss filming non-porn related stuff?

AnnaLeeVRX1564 karma

I still do non porn stuff...but under a fake name lol no joke

Trafficconeeyebrows534 karma

This is my favorite ama answer I’ve ever read.

AnnaLeeVRX340 karma

It’s true


You're like Clark Kent, using a fake name to appear as a normal human while real you is a superhero.

AnnaLeeVRX481 karma

I’m a Superman hardcore fan. Thank you for the best compliment ever.

MyWifeDontKnowItsMe251 karma

With a name like "Anna Lee," one could say she was born for it. (I'm sure you've heard that one a few times)

AnnaLeeVRX430 karma

When my name gets put together sometimes online it looks like this....annal

So yeah, what else was I supposed to do?

MyWifeDontKnowItsMe340 karma


AnnaLeeVRX533 karma

Too much math.

PIRATEghost85276 karma

I think you mean protractorology, common mistake.

AnnaLeeVRX473 karma

Still too much math

TheMostSolidOfSnakes518 karma

What's the one question no one is asking, but you're hoping they would?

AnnaLeeVRX628 karma

What did I want to be when I was growing up?

TheMostSolidOfSnakes407 karma

Well, what did you want to be?

AnnaLeeVRX837 karma

A princess cowgirl movie star. Legit written out for a school project

DontStopNowBaby346 karma

Ok. was that a porn movie?

Because now i've got an image of Luna Star wearing a pink tiara cowboy hat and red cowboy boots riding a lasso tied johnny sins while holding a branding iron....

AnnaLeeVRX557 karma

It will be now . Great casting

LLv2490 karma

How are you managing to make any money with all the piracy?

AnnaLeeVRX895 karma

That’s a good question. Someone is still paying out there. My lights are still on thank god.

itlivesinthewall467 karma

Worst experience?

AnnaLeeVRX1638 karma

One time I fell asleep in a shoot house in Japan because I was jet lagged. I woke up with my face stuck to a cum stain that was on the couch that I hadn't noticed before I feel asleep.

That wasn't fun.

itlivesinthewall478 karma

Wow that's just disgusting

AnnaLeeVRX746 karma

Thankfully everyone is tested. That and I like to shower.

Reddit_is_American427 karma

How did you get involved in the adult industry? How has your family reacted?

AnnaLeeVRX825 karma

See above.

My family thinks its hilarious. They are fully supportive. In fact my brother is coming with me to the Pornhub Awards in a couple of weeks.

milfbootyallday855 karma

Hey it's me your brother!

AnnaLeeVRX630 karma

Haha sup bro

milfbootyallday204 karma

LoL, Enjoy the Awards, I'm sure they will be a blast!

AnnaLeeVRX358 karma

Wait, aren’t you coming to the awards with me?! Change your mind?!!! 😩

SerWadeDayne416 karma

What happens to the house after the season wraps? I presume it's rented, do they know what you used the house for and what happens to all the furniture?

AnnaLeeVRX596 karma

For the Games? The house is prob being shot in by another company right now.

Yes they knew what we were doing there :)

And I HOPE they cleaned the furniture or threw it out after we were done!

VerticalSound395 karma

What is the best thing you’ve experienced thanks to this line of work?

AnnaLeeVRX531 karma

The friendships I've made and the places I have been able to travel to. Also the hours are pretty good.

BeenThere_DidNothing326 karma

What is the most fun you have ever had on set? What was the least fun? How is your day going?

AnnaLeeVRX553 karma

Most fun was shooting the Games with the girls. It was like summer camp for Porn and we laughed a lot. By the end we were so sad it was over.

The least fun? There has never been anything HORRIBLE, but there are times when the day goes long, the male talent can't stay hard, its brutally hot and your watching the time tick away trying to finish a scene. I work with an amazing crew though so we lean on each other to get it done.

My day was awesome. I bought an Alkaline water machine last night and I kid you not I've been playing with the settings all day.......random I know. That and I'm prepping to do a livestream tomorrow with some of the ladies from the Games.

threeputtforpar324 karma

Is it coincidence that Quagmire’s daughter on Family Guy is named Anna Lee?

AnnaLeeVRX254 karma

I did not know that.

dozernaps321 karma

What's an onset must-have? Something the average person might not anticipate?

AnnaLeeVRX535 karma

Baby Wipes, Cetaphil and a fruit tray.

greffedufois292 karma

Is the Cetaphil used as imitation semen? I've always thought it looks like it, wondered if they ever just used that in place of it.

AnnaLeeVRX393 karma

You are correct! It also doubles as soap! 😝

greffedufois137 karma

I knew it! Probably is nice to just get face soap/lotion instead of semen on your face, especially since they'll have makeup to take off after the shoot anyways.

AnnaLeeVRX157 karma

Haha I’ve only had to pull this out on a couple occasions

moondusterone305 karma

Do you think homemade porn is more exciting than pro made? Thank you!

AnnaLeeVRX336 karma

Yes and you’re welcome.

Crypt0Hoe301 karma

Do you watch the content you direct/produce during "extracurricular activities"? If not, what producers content is your own favorite?

AnnaLeeVRX464 karma

In the beginning yes I did. Not anymore. God I'm jaded.

I am a huge fan of Kayden Kross work both for Trenchcoat and for Lansky.

I adore what Bree Mills is doing with her Pure Taboo series.

I love Jacky St. James. both as a person and as a director......Yeah I am biased towards what the ladies in the industry are doing.

But honestly, some of the hottest content is also coming straight from the performers. Self produced stuff they shoot for their own sites.

Destinova223293 karma

Have you ever shot films out of the country? Are the laws different?

AnnaLeeVRX490 karma

Yes and yes. I've shot in the US, Canada and Japan........Japan is VERY different.

Destinova223240 karma

Is it more difficult to produce films in Japan?

AnnaLeeVRX520 karma

100 percent. The way that male and female talent are handled are very different from North American. Also the way they interact on set together is VERY different. Furthermore you have to blur out the genitals at the end of the day...

joemaniaci84 karma

Do you perhaps have any insight into how the same country can blur naughty bits for obscenity, but have hentai and tentacle porn?

AnnaLeeVRX126 karma

That’s a great question. I’m not versed enough in the reasons behind why they do what they do. I can imagine it’s because it’s one thing to see a real man and woman on screen but it’s another and removed when it’s animated or freaky

Destinova22337 karma

Sounds uncomfortable. Is there more money to be made there? Sounds like a hassle.

AnnaLeeVRX81 karma

More money, I would say yes. People love it!

Funderwood12318 karma

What was it like in Japan?

AnnaLeeVRX48 karma

I was there in August so HOT AF. Very clean, very polite and very amazing

fudeu280 karma

So refreshing when an AMA is not done thru a PR person. Thanks.

How the work impact your dating/sex life? Do you "direct" in bed? Is it a pro or a con?

AnnaLeeVRX312 karma

I’m with a partner who is super cool. I don’t direct shit at home lol in the past though it was tough to find someone who was ok with you being in close physical proximity to men with large penises.

Grambles89203 karma

One thing I've always wondered about porn, how much of it is actually "just another day on the job" and how much of it is two people who just really love having sex?

I cook all day at work, and hate cooking at home, you know what I mean?

AnnaLeeVRX227 karma

It’s another day on the job for the crew! You don’t become a performer if you don’t love sex!

Grambles8972 karma

follow up, do crew and actors ever hookup on or off set?

AnnaLeeVRX128 karma


ngjonathan91180 karma

How does the industry find its talent? Are there scouts or something? Are there different methods for Male and female?

Thanks! You're awesome!

P.S. It's me, your new talent!

AnnaLeeVRX229 karma

Hello New Talent. I actually legit shoot a series were we audition new dudes on camera for their first time. It’s like a gender reverse casting-couch called Porno Boot camp. Super fun

I find my talent from agencies mostly, sometimes I’ll get referrals, sometimes from Twitter or I’ll see someone’s work that I love and I will cast them from that. And no casting men and women are similar, except for Porno Boot Camp, we legit take new guys only who apply.

loco_burrito153 karma

sorry to be that guy, but who is the red-head in the white short tank-top?

And would you say VR is a guaranteed future for the industry like VHS etc. was or is it, and will remain, a niche thing?

AnnaLeeVRX218 karma

That goddess is Lauren Philips.

And VR in its current state is only the beginning of what will eventually be, fully immersive AR/AI experiences

Commandertig108 karma

Have you ever hooked up with any of the talent?

AnnaLeeVRX278 karma

Not yet......


Am I being creepy?

thxxx1337105 karma

Who was the most difficult person you ever had to work with on screen and why?

AnnaLeeVRX183 karma

One girl who showed up to set high......See below my feelings on hard drug use on set.

luck58895 karma

How cheap mobile vr becoming more accessible changed the production of vr porn ?

AnnaLeeVRX80 karma

Good question. Production as of late is slightly different then when it first began to really take off in late 2015. Some studios are now outsourcing content production to other teams outside of their in house team to keep spending in check - there are only a few studios now that are staying super secret with their tech. Others are really still trying to push tech development. I am seeing more and more live stream/cam development occurring now.

For myself I am still shooting a lot of VR BG POV but I am also spending a lot of time working with the streaming side of things.

THEdirtyFEATHERS88 karma

How much harder is it to shoot for VR vs 2D? I've never had the luxury of watching VR porn... ( I have an oculus but don't know how to make that happen, any way) I would imagine it's harder because obviously in VR you can look around, you can't have the mic guy and staff just standing off the screen to the left. Or do you just narrow the field of view for the VR viewer so as they look around it's just panning across a perfectly framed 2D shot? Or maybe just an extreme fish eye shot?

AnnaLeeVRX110 karma

Some studios shoot 180, some 360. I prefer and for my studio specifically I shoot 220. I don't like the black bars in my periphery

VR is much more difficult to shoot then Gonzo 2D porn. VR Camera doesn't move. Gonzo 2D, I move with the action.

2D scripted features with multiple angles etc and much harder to shoot then VR.

EngenderPassivity78 karma

So.. being a female who works in the heart of the porn industry, do you think that there is a lack of porn that appeals to most women? Is there a gap in the market there waiting to be tapped into? Do you think that the same porn that appeals to men can be just as appealing for women? It feels like the porn industry is heavily catered to the male audience. It feels like porn is generally less accepted socially by females. Do you agree? Have you thought about writing/directing porn for the female audience?

AnnaLeeVRX100 karma

I write and direct for everyone who is into my style.

Check out Trenchcoatx - the gap is closing.

From my experience; especially in VR. Men LOVE to be loved. They love the GFE experience.

PureGold0769 karma

The biggest question is, have you ever been in a porno yourself? I know you said you're a porn director, but it makes me wonder if you starred in someone's else porn video.

AnnaLeeVRX112 karma

I have not. Unless you count the time..... No I have not :) seriously no. Lol I’m not that talented

Brandonh70753 karma

Do you only watch porn for business or do you still watch for pleasure?

AnnaLeeVRX171 karma

Pro for business, cell phone grainy shit for pleasure

dempseydrewr50 karma

Where do babies come from?

AnnaLeeVRX187 karma

Depends....a uterus, an adoption agency....sometimes a petri dish and a cup.

DukeDroppa48 karma

How does one break into the porn screenwriting business? Asking for a friend.

AnnaLeeVRX61 karma

Try and pitch your idea to someone in the business. Or win a contest. Honestly those are the only two routes I’m familiar with.

Like I said earlier, your chances of succeeding grow if you can do more then write.

Bilbaoh47 karma

When dealing with male talent what is the most common misconception they have about female talent?

AnnaLeeVRX103 karma

Pros don't have any misconceptions. Newcomers........the girls are not necessarily there to fluff you. Or to date you for that matter. Or anything with you after the day is wrapped.

OreoSwordsman36 karma

Have their ever been legit dates agreed upon between two professionals that genuinely just hit it off between the two of them that you know of?

AnnaLeeVRX70 karma

Yes and they are even get married sometimes :)

Mezatino45 karma

I’ve seen you mention your rule on no hard drugs. Aside from the obvious one of needles leave marks and are more likely to spread diseases and infections; is there any particular reason or past history that led to your rule?

AnnaLeeVRX95 karma

I’ve seen a loved one go down a hard road with addiction. So I’m very Nancy Regan about it all.

xCurryQx34 karma

Would you say that you make good money and would you be willing to say how much?

AnnaLeeVRX51 karma

I do alright lol but I’m no Greg Lansky 😜

mixedepisode32 karma

Do you ever do BBW porn? Is that considered just a niche genre in the industry or has it blown up in recent years?

AnnaLeeVRX76 karma

I shoot all types of women but not BBW specifically. It’s always been a successful niche. Guys love the curves 👍

MeyoMix31 karma

Do you ever get aroused during filming? Perhaps in your early days but how so now, being a veteran and all.

AnnaLeeVRX56 karma

Not in the conventional sense. But I do get feelings.... best way to describe it. When a scene is really working

OpenWide1730 karma

Up above you mentioned Cetaphil was a must-have on set. But how would you use it? Most scenes I’ve seen seem to show the guy actually cumming (whether it be on her face, in her mouth, etc...). How much of those shots are legitimate cum?

AnnaLeeVRX69 karma

Most of them are legit cum. I usually only pull out the fake stuff for a photo before we actually shoot anything.

happykittylee29 karma

What's your strategy for getting new/nervous performers to relax?

AnnaLeeVRX52 karma

I’m just myself. We talk and we move at their pace. I also kick everyone else out.

dhdidbdidjdnodidhddh26 karma

Can you speak to the assertion that many actresses engage in this involuntarily, hi there because they do not feel they have any other options or because they are being trafficked?

AnnaLeeVRX58 karma

In every shoot I’ve ever been involved in all the ladies WANTED to be there. I’ve been lucky though. Right from my first shoot I got to work with Manuel Ferrara, Anikka Albrite and August Ames.... so I’ve only had very professional experiences with talent who chose this path because they wanted to. Even working with brand new girls, of which I’ve also been fortunate to have had the experience, it’s always been very professional and everyone wanted to be there of their own free will

Chuy873523 karma

Have you ever met other female directors and have you ever worked with other female directors?

AnnaLeeVRX23 karma

Yes I’ve met most of them I believe. They are all amazing. I have yet to collaborate with them however but hope to in the future with a project I am just starting to put together.

sheknowzwhatshewantz19 karma

What is your sex life like?

AnnaLeeVRX62 karma


Abrahamburrger14 karma

Do you consider cereal a soup?

AnnaLeeVRX17 karma

I don't like soup.....so no :)

Krahz11 karma

When you mean writer do you mean writing a script for a scene? Like porn plots? What determines the quality of the plot or otherwise any other detail in the scene. You can hop on over to r/nsfwfunny and see some porn plots that are so bad or dumb it's funny, while other scenes clearly had a lot more effort put into them when creating the plot and characters for the actors to make the scene look more genuine. What separates a good script from a bad one? And how much detail do you put into a script when writing one.

AnnaLeeVRX20 karma

As a porn writer I have written.

Outlines for straight sex set ups.

Full Scripts with story, character, Act,, dialogue and the whole shebang

For the Games it was a reality TV script with rules, dialogue for the host and so on. That was tricky.

I am currently writing the script for the Pornhub Awards. That is totally different then the norm. Jokes and a lot of name dropping in that.

So I have worked as a writer in many different styles for adult and depending on the style, the requirements differ.

GreyICE3411 karma

So talking about #MeToo, how much abuse happens in the porn industry?

AnnaLeeVRX25 karma

I feel there are more issues in mainstream then in adult. That being said there are issues everywhere! I have never had personal experiences of abuse or misconduct, thankfully but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. But then again I try and treat the ladies in the same manner as I wish to be treated. I know what it’s like to have been on the side of being mistreated and I try my best to make sure my set is safe and comfortable. I’m lucky I get to call the shots that way. Super grateful for that.

QCA_Tommy4 karma

Know any places worth working at in Atlanta? I've worked in production forever, and I worked in an adult novelty store... I'm mature and professional.

AnnaLeeVRX4 karma

I do not but hopefully someone reading this does. Best of luck!

trainercatlady4 karma

As a lady porn director, what sort of sensibilities do you look to bring to what you shoot? Do you prefer to shoot more sensitive/emotional works, or the down-and-dirty raw stuff? Do you aim to shoot things with ladies in mind? Cos as much as I like the filthy stuff, I know I sometimes prefer things to actually feel authentically sensual, and to know everyone's having a good time, which doesn't always seem to be a focus in a lot of porn out there.

AnnaLeeVRX10 karma

My personal taste lends to intimacy and raw sensuality. Sometimes that gets down and dirty. Sometimes it’s more romantic. It’s always sensual and always with a lot of touch and eye contact. Connection.

I shoot things that give me the feels and I hope it does the same for you. I also like to collaborate with the girls and work with their likes and desires to make something that really evokes true sensuality and sex.

nysraved2 karma

Can you give more details about these “Pornhub Games”? Some other site (I think xhamster) had a similar competition a few years ago and I found it super entertaining.

AnnaLeeVRX4 karma

Sure. It’s a 6 ep reality tv style series following Cherie DeVille, Lily Lane, Kimber Woods, Tiffany Watson, Elena Koshka and Paige Owens as they compete for the title of Pornhub Games Champion.

3 eps are out right now on the channel: Pornhub Games on Pornhub.com - totally free to watch.

The winner will be announced live on stage at the awards on Sept 6th and is determined by audience voting. You can vote at Oasis.game or click the link on the channel. Tomorrow we do a live stream at 5:30 pm Pacific and screen ep 4 followed by a Q&A with the ladies in Oasis.

It was the most fun I’ve ever had on a shoot and I hope you enjoy it!

maximuffin22 karma

Who, as in people who are not stars, is a common co-worker?

AnnaLeeVRX3 karma

I don’t follow....what?

T-D-S2 karma

hi, have you ever been involved with the occult or a cult ?

AnnaLeeVRX4 karma

Cult no

Occult, maybe sort of?

Wackness411 karma

How does a writer get into that field? How did you start out? Do you have to be on the West Coast?

AnnaLeeVRX5 karma

No you don't have to be here out West but it helps. There is also a scene in Florida and in NY.

I started out just writing scenes for others and then my own once I got more confident in what my personal vision was.

I believe Jacky St. James entered a contest and won. That's how she got involved.

Best advice, find someone in the industry and pitch them your script. Never know what might happen.,

JustinisaDick1 karma

How much does that pay?

AnnaLeeVRX2 karma

My rate also includes directing and producing so I’m not sure about writing pay.

Basically in this business people multi task. Directors also edit etc. Writers also PA. It’s how we do it.

markknife11 karma

Why is it that professional work, never cums inside? Or always ends with a wank that just covers the actress?

AnnaLeeVRX4 karma

Nope. Cream pies exist my friend.


Why would you do an AMA on a platform that widely and enthusiastically facilitates pirating of your content?

AnnaLeeVRX5 karma

My last and current job is with Pornhub so........

bubbav221 karma


AnnaLeeVRX2 karma

Not typically no.

Threeknucklesdeeper1 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

AnnaLeeVRX10 karma

100 duck sized horses. More potential to get my daily cardio in. I need it.

Threeknucklesdeeper1 karma

And we all know the importance of good cardio

AnnaLeeVRX7 karma

Especially in porn. Nothing is worse then a guy gassing out mid pump.

Threeknucklesdeeper1 karma

Nothing worse than being the gassed out person in the middle of some quality banging.

AnnaLeeVRX3 karma


btownetoronto1 karma

Aside from the obvious, what's the best thing (to you) about a career in directing porn?

AnnaLeeVRX5 karma

So far its been the relationships I have made in this industry. I have worked in both adult and in mainstream and the attitudes and comrade on an adult set is far more inclusive and comfortable then on a big budget mainstream film.

That and I get to figure out creative ways to get people off......I love a challenge.

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AnnaLeeVRX2 karma

Happy to send more proof :) Just ask.

Bilbaoh-5 karma

How difficult is it to find a good crew that can do the job in spite of being continually aroused?

AnnaLeeVRX5 karma

I don't remember what its like to get aroused by pro porn......................