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I prefer porn that the woman/women seem to be genuinely enjoying the act (ie nubile films). It seems that a majority of the films are over the top with noises, positions, and actions. Do the actresses you work with want to be over the top (kids these days call it extra) or are they directed to be that way?

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Ok so follow up, have any of the actresses been directed to do a scene, completed it, and after asked WTF was that and why did I do that?

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Human waste is one of the things that many forget to account for when doing this type of thing. What do you do to remove or safely contain the inevitable number 2 that comes up while you are out in the bush?

Also thanks for the awesome content on YouTube! I would love to do what you do but I don’t have the land or time. So for now I will live vicariously through you!!!!

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I wanna satire the glorification of drone pilots

OMG as a former UAV mech who ragged on our "pilots" please do this. You wouldnt be making a lot of people happy, but the ones you do will be thankful forever.

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THIS THIS THIS!!!! The GI bill was awesome for me. I had to work along side of receiving CH 30 and Illinois Vet grant to support my family, and it wasn't always easy waiting on the VA to pay out but now I'm done life is grand. You just have to stick with it an don't try to take the first 40k year job that is flashed to you while in year 1.5 of college.