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How much harder is it to shoot for VR vs 2D? I've never had the luxury of watching VR porn... ( I have an oculus but don't know how to make that happen, any way) I would imagine it's harder because obviously in VR you can look around, you can't have the mic guy and staff just standing off the screen to the left. Or do you just narrow the field of view for the VR viewer so as they look around it's just panning across a perfectly framed 2D shot? Or maybe just an extreme fish eye shot?

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Nice haha. Well it looks like I've dove in way over my head, I'm gunna have to google some of that. So how about a follow up question? Who's your favorite Actor/Actress to work with?

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q: as far as you know what % of nodes are currently watched? and is anyone coordinating Service Providers for loging a packets time information?

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Thanks anyway.

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How often, if ever, did you attempt communication through the ham radio?