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Lying gets you on the list.

Disrespecting myself, my crew, other performers on my set gets you on the list.

Being unprofessional in general gets you on the list. Last min cancels so you can go work somewhere else. etc

But my biggest No No and anyone who knows me knows I don't tolerate this. I have ZERO tolerance for hard drugs on set.

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Heard and noted

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I can't watch pro porn for personal consumption anymore. Reminds me of work.

Amateur stuff though.........

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Honest truth. I have never found out a performer wasn't attracted to another until AFTER the shoot was over. They are pros and as such can get the job done. I have only had a performer tell me that one time after a shoot. Nothing negative went down, they just weren't that attracted to them. I am assuming they haven't worked together again.

From my perspective we just shot the scene like normal.

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