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When you mean writer do you mean writing a script for a scene? Like porn plots? What determines the quality of the plot or otherwise any other detail in the scene. You can hop on over to r/nsfwfunny and see some porn plots that are so bad or dumb it's funny, while other scenes clearly had a lot more effort put into them when creating the plot and characters for the actors to make the scene look more genuine. What separates a good script from a bad one? And how much detail do you put into a script when writing one.

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What kind of vetting practices do you implement in your hiring process for journalists who want to work for Vox? Do journalists get assigned to stories or are they allowed to work on whatever they want? I don't know much about the industry.

*It's been 30 minutes, questions have been asked, but not a single answer yet. Is that the usual for AMA's?

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After looking it over it is too generalized. Especially because I ignored cases of people who make sure to avoid hurting others, like hanging themselves in the woods where no one is around, or calling 911 first to let them know where they can find them. So I am wrong for that.

Some people don't. And because some people don't it's correct to say that suicides can be selfish, which is what generally most people refuse to believe.

Regardless its usually not helpful to advertise suicide as being a selfish act and it can be hard to distinguish what methods are/aren't selfish which is why I try to avoid bringing my point up.

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It's arguably selfish because you can physically or mentally fuck up innocent people, which makes you a bit of an asshole, and you shouldn't get a pass on hurting others just because you're suicidal. However I think that comes down to how you do it and less to do with the act itself. I don't see wanting to do it as selfish, I see fucking up the lives of others on your way out is selfish because they didn't ask for it.

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Maybe I was a bit confusing, point is. When a person is suicidal they only have one goal in mind. Killing themselves. They typically don't care about anyone else involved or they fail to realize how they can hurt others.


Now was what that guy did right, killing himself in the subway like that? Because of what he did he seriously injured two innocent people who had nothing to do with him. Did they deserve that? No. Did that guy know that would happen? Probably not, but that's my point. Some suicidal people don't think about how they can harm others with their actions. That's arguably selfish. There are other cases too. There was a once a pilot who was depressed and suicidal. He killed himself by intentionally crashing his plane. He told the co-pilot to go check on something in the cabin, once the guy left he locked him out of the cockpit and flew his plan into the ground. Killing the other 149 people on board. Is that fair to all the passengers. Does that pilot get a pass on being a selfish asshole because he was suicidal? No. There are other scenarios too. I could link the livestreamed suicide of the 17 year old who blew his brains out with a shot gun on youtube with his mom and little brother in the house. Mom comes rushing upstairs and starts screaming. Is that hair to her? Was it fair to the people viewing his stream begging him not to go through with it?

I don't see having thoughts of suicide or even the act of killing yourself as selfish. But sometimes how you do it can be selfish. Suicidal people shouldn't get a pass on fucking up the lives of others.