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I worked at a gas station for nearly 9 years. Unless it's an independent station, the price isn't adjusted to make a profit. Stations make a profit from inside sales. Sodas and food (made in store).

I was a manager for the majority of that time, and we set our prices in due to our competitors. Every morning we'd have to do fuel surveys. If they went up or down, we'd do the same, except on Tuesdays in recent years when we'd try to beat out everyone else by dropping prices by 10ยข. There is no profit in gas sales. Lower prices exist to get you inside to buy other things.

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Recently, a gas station in the community I work in had a gasoline leak from their tanks into the river, literally next door, due to overfilling the tank. Gas sales were shut down for like two months, and they just recently started selling gasoline again. Have you ever had a problem like that?

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Around town it's rumoured that the one independent company (they own 5 stations around my community) jacks up prices for profit reasons. "Price fixing."

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Look to see what when it's cheaper. Is it always the same day? Or the same hours of the day?

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What is CMT?