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I always assumed there were drug tests and STD tests more or less industry wide (on the mainstream Hollywoodesque side at least.) An I incorrect in that assumption?

Like I imagine Marijuana isn't a big deal anyone really cares about, but I figured needle users for example would be a big nono, for aesthetic purposes at least.

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Thanks for the reply, it's an interesting world to get a look into. :)

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There's been a growing ideology that the celebrity status shooters recieve is part of the appeal to perpetrate a shooting.

Why is it they get so much of the spotlight? Is that what the people want or is it what journalists think will bring the most attention to their coverage? Do you think less attention on the shooter will affect your sales or whatever the newspaper equivalent of ratings is? I've always been curious about that from the media's perspective, why the shooter is the forefront of everything.

I'm glad you guys are holding up well as you can. Good luck in the future!

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If we started with the DACA framework, then built out a streamlined path to citizenship from there, it would only be accessible to people brought here as children as is DACA.

America loves the circular logic of "It's only bad cause it's illegal but it's illegal cause it's bad but it's bad cause it's illegal." Point is, my hopes are not high.

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At least somebody explained why haha.