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Follow up question: what are some of the highest rates you’ve paid performers?

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When will be be able to easily open separate sheets? It's difficult to work side by side without opening a separate instance -> File -> Open 2nd sheet. Thanks

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Thanks for doing this AMA.

Does Rod Matthews' behavior whilst in jail have any bearing on the decision? For example, if he sought education and had tremendous personal growth, would that affect your opinion as to whether he should be released?

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What’s the room set up like? Is it in nice shape? Do you guys get some privacy? Is there a decent bathroom & shower?

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I travel internationally a few times a year for trips that are between 5 and 10 days in duration. I usually travel by plane from the US to Europe or South America and sometimes rent a car.

What are some things I can do insurance wise to reduce my liability? (Looking for advice pertaining to vehicle damage or unsuspecting heath emergencies)

P.s. I despise paying the car rental company insurances... best way to go around that more economically? Thank you!