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DontStopNowBaby346 karma

Ok. was that a porn movie?

Because now i've got an image of Luna Star wearing a pink tiara cowboy hat and red cowboy boots riding a lasso tied johnny sins while holding a branding iron....

DontStopNowBaby309 karma

Can we get a youtube series of you singing those songs?

A full Terry Crews "A thousand miles" would be awesome and hilarious at the same time.

DontStopNowBaby105 karma

OMG! Haha.. I don't know how i would actually feel if this was on pornhub.

DontStopNowBaby19 karma

Only if we can meet Asa Akira on the bts VR, buy her coffee, and do an AMA with her.. ;P

DontStopNowBaby3 karma

After seeing numerous couples and patients. How would you describe someone who is ready for marriage?

I all because I don't think I'm worthy of my partner and we always argue about once a week over something dumb or insignificant, and its making me feel like I am not Mr right for my partner.