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Hi fellow transplant buddy!

I get to say my liver is 57, while I'm 28. People think that I'm saying I'm an alcoholic when really my aunt was my living donor.

Do they not do the Mercedes incision anymore?

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Is the Cetaphil used as imitation semen? I've always thought it looks like it, wondered if they ever just used that in place of it.

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Thanks! It is now pearly pink/white. Still can't feel much around the site though. I'm doing well though. Got to live past 19, fell in love, moved to Alaska and married an Eskimo. Lost my cat allergy and now we have 3 cat babies! Im employed at the same company my husband works at so we get to go to work together and have lunch breaks together. I'm now a happy and relatively healthy 28 year old. Yay!

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I knew it! Probably is nice to just get face soap/lotion instead of semen on your face, especially since they'll have makeup to take off after the shoot anyways.

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Good advice. I'm an epileptic (since 15, now 24,unknown cause) I have to explain to so many people that no, someone seizing will not swallow their tongue and to NOT put things in their mouth, just roll them on their side. I was able to explain it pretty well to my bf, he witnessed two seizures of mine and he followed what I said, took very good care of me. Although he did still take me to the er each time. Do you get the whole 'God damn it I seized again' reaction when you wake in the ER? Also, do you have mainly a specific type of seizure? I'm all over the board, from absence to partial complex to tonic clonic (formally known as grand mal) have any meds helped you? I've been on 4: trileptal, lamictal, gabapentin and keppra. The keppra has worked best for me, 3000 mg daily. Sorry for all the questions, feel free to not answer them if you don't want to, I just rarely come across others who have epilepsy and other medical issues (I'm also a liver transplant recipient) so meeting younger people who've been 'sick' during their teen years is nice to find commonalities and to make new friends that 'understand' literally not just figuratively.