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Thrannn3788 karma

can you please let the girls keep their miniskirts on during porn?

if i search for secretary, schoolgirl or whatever kind of porn, i do it because i love the clothes. they dont need to undress after 2minutes. keep the clothes on. skirts are fucking hot

Thrannn310 karma

hi tori! something that always annoys me:

why do pornstars take off their skirts? when i search for schoolgirl or secretary porn, i watch it mostly because of the clothes. mini-skirts are the hottest thing ever. i love how they move up and down when you are having hard sex. is it because the camera needs to be able to see the dick penetrating the girl? to be honest i dont even care if the dick is penetrating her or not. hard sex with a skirt is hotter than seeing some closeup dick shots.

but most pornstars just undress after 2 minutes and continue naked. so why do you even write "secretary" in the title, if there is nothing left that looks like a secretary?

hope you will remember me the next time when you are shooting something with a skirt, and keep it on till the end!

Thrannn169 karma

why are you 18 and know how to code a site, while im almost 30, have a degree in computer science, and have no idea how to make a website?

Thrannn61 karma

what hair products do you use. or any hair advice to get straight hairs like yours?
are you just using the hair straightener like crazy?

i have straight hairs but my head looks like a hedgehog that put his nose into a power socket. i got all those little "broken" hairs that just go in random directions, doesnt matter how much wax or hairspray i use. a friend of mine said its because i have dry hairs and i think shes right, so i got some oils which make the hairs shine, but i still got those little broken hairs.

same for my beard but i guess you cant give me any beard advices.

Thrannn19 karma

Just wanted to tell you that I love your work, even tho I dont play anymore.

Are you planing to somehow also invest into a hentai porn site, with videos Intead of games?