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Why don't you use Reddit on your bathroom breaks like the rest of us?

Serious question. At what point did you realize there was a massive problem? I grew up in a Munchausen by proxy house, and I never really understood the gravity of what happened until much later in life, probably grad school. How long did it take you to fully grasp the gravity of what happened to you?

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As a criminal defense attorney, I'm really curious to hear your opinion of your attorney and the work s/he did on your case. What is your opinion of your attorney and his/her work?

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With a name like "Anna Lee," one could say she was born for it. (I'm sure you've heard that one a few times)

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We hope so. We haven't had international distribution yet but if domestic goes well, hopefully. If not, I'm sure you can download it off LimeWire which is definitely still a thing.

IAAL -- Congratulations! Assuming you are outside the US and they don't contract for international distribution, you just got an implied license!