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So did the Europeans when they realize that the Native Americans were not actually Indians.

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I watched a Louis Theroux documentary on porn a few years ago. They were talking a lot about how hard (staying hard and all) it is to be a male actor and that they are the real stars of the show. The narrative was that women either have it or they don't, meaning they are born with their commodities. Men have to actually perform, and with there being people watching and having sex with a person you may not be into, men have difficulties attaining and maintaining erections and ejaculating. With the comments you've made and what I've seen elsewhere, it sounds like this isn't really reflected in pay. Do you agree with the film's narrative, at least how I remember it, and what is the reason for this wage disparity?

As a side note, how much porn could a person do in a 1 month period? I imagine it would be different depending on gender and the gender of your partner. Is over-exposure a thing people are concerned about in porn or not really?

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Do you believe in legalizing other drugs or plants, such as psilocybin mushrooms or mescaline containing cacti?

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Thanks for the reply. About the amount of porn a person can do in a month, would you be able to give a quantitative estimate as to how much porn a woman v.s. a man could shoot in a month. Is 20-30 times in a month feasible?

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Ebola was and still is an incredibly serious issue. There is an active ebola epidemic, and it has been going on for over a year. The only reason why the 2014 ebola epidemic was halted is because of a freak of nature. An asymptomatic mutation inoculated everyone against the disease. u/z3roTO60