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When they originally pitched you to do a “photo shoot” and showed you fake pictures of other girls, was it clear at that point that this photo shoot would involve nudity and/or sex? Or was it originally presented as a non-pornographic modeling gig? I know this doesn’t matter or excuse them either way, I’m just curious regarding the depths of their deception.

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Thank you for answering, it’s frightening how they went from staging it as a modeling gig that they’d provide transportation to/from to suddenly dropping a condensed bombshell of “well actually you need to do this to get a ride back home, and it’s actually going to be porn, but don’t worry it’s only going to be shown in third world countries, but we still need you to rush through this contract that we won’t let you read”.

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I had to look up what that means, but no I’m just genuinely curious about the details of how this situation went down while trying to be clear that I’m not victim blaming.

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Can you give more details about these “Pornhub Games”? Some other site (I think xhamster) had a similar competition a few years ago and I found it super entertaining.

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Thanks! I was Googling for it previously and unable to find it, but was able to find it within Pornhub’s search.