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sorry to be that guy, but who is the red-head in the white short tank-top?

And would you say VR is a guaranteed future for the industry like VHS etc. was or is it, and will remain, a niche thing?

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maybe unrelated to your stuff but, why did you write candidates? does only one of you get the PhD or is it more of a "if I pass I get it" thing? I've never been to university/college so I don't know

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I'm hoping to get one of the tomorrow morning questions but what are the possible implications with fair use etc. under this? I love porn and a decent chunk of real-life/animated/drawn stuff falls under fair use and is already heavily under fire from people like Nintendo etc. What kind of impact would this have on that sorta stuff? Furthermore how serious would this laws influence be on different countries in regards to their laws etc.? And lastly, why are companies so influential with governments that constantly scream how they're "for the people"?

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so how was the potato salad? where can I get the recipe?

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And it puts the definition of what should be removed in the hands of 'rightsholders', which leaves a lot of room for overreach

this seems very frightening especially on the side of criticism, "oh he said we suck, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone"