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Do you miss filming non-porn related stuff?

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Do you think these 3 questions will be answered in one go? Or will there be similar missions in the future?

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So people won't think he's stupid.

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Why is it about me, suddenly? Geez.

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This hits home. I quit my former job in Manila specifically for this exact same reason. 1-2 hours each way really adds up if you think about it on a weekly or monthly scale. My counterparts in Australia, who I work with 98% of the time, don't mind whenever I work at home. But my manager in Manila really wanted me to be at the office. It's kind of silly tbh. We have a work-at-home option but for some reason the company doesn't want to maximize its use. This was from before the corona situation.

I've always been casually interested in finding a 100% remote work opportunity. Given the global situation we're in right now, I've started to look into it more seriously; I just recently created an upwork account.