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What was the inspiration to use rubber ducks for the recent duck dish challenge on Hell's Kitchen? What are your thoughts on the gimmicky challenges in general?

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I recently hired a studio to produce some custom 360VR porn and noticed an interesting difference in the way those films are shot. When you produce VR content where the entire room is visible, what does the film crew do to stay off camera during filming? How does directing, camera work, and behind the scenes differ in a shoot where non-performers can't just hide off camera? In my video, I found it interesting that the actress was basically performing alone in the bathtub with no one but my rubber duckies around for 20 minutes straight.

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Thanks for doing an AMA! You've voiced a parrot in Disney's Aladdin, the Aflac duck, a digital bird in Cyberchase, and as a guest on Sesame Street, your character wore a large rubber duck on your head. What do you think makes you so ideal to play bird-related roles?

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As someone who "researches" for very specific porn, I've noticed that probably due to the taboo nature of porn, it isn't considered a very precious form of media. As such, I feel like a lot of it isn't archived and a small fraction of the vast amount of it actually survives through history. What kind of sources did you study for your research and how did the barriers of pornography being a taboo subject affect your ability to gain insight about its history?

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Thanks for doing an AMA! I was really disappointed when you signed an exclusive contract with Wicked considering they're one of very few major porn studios that have never made a movie with rubber ducks in it. The closest you ever came to making rubber ducky porn before that only had one as a tiny little dot in the background (here's a screenshot; I had to add a zoomed-in view of the duck from a different porno so you can even tell what you're looking at).

What are the pros and cons of signing an exclusive contract with a production company like Wicked?