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No, but I bet the CDC does. Although they might be depressing.

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How does that make us different than Reddit or any other upvote/downvote site? Well votes factor into a users internal user rating, making it so in the future their rating won't hold as much weight.

You've recreated Digg. Good job.

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No, of course that doesn't make them an extremist group. What they do makes them an extremist group.

Lets use another example, the SPLC designated extremist group called The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Now I think we can all agree that if black people are attacked, they have the right to defend themselves, right? Would you object to the categorization of this group as extremist, therefore?

The Oath Keepers have a habit of showing up places with a large number of guns, and threatening civil war and violence. So far, since they were founded in 2009, they have been part of a number of angry confrontations, but no shots have been fired. Still, the speeches they give are a bit... worrying:

"I'm also a killer. I've killed a lot, and if I need to I'll kill a whole bunch more."

When this is being said by someone who thinks InfoWars and Alex Jones are the only uncorrupted news sources in America, it's scary.

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But your town as a whole did facilitate it. Kids were laughing and joking about it. Authorities covered it up, both school and legal. When the girl spoke out about her rape she was attacked and persecuted.

It wasn't just "some horrible thing happened". It's that the town did facilitate it, very directly. It is a town where raping a high school student was a laughing matter, and something to shame the girl about

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All I’m saying is Steuby and the surrounding area isn’t some kind of rape farm.

Well, except do you think she was the first? Look at how fast the wheels greased in a coverup, and how practiced this was. And this is somehow the very first time it happened?

Or was it just the first time that cell phone cameras were ubiquitous enough and the rapists dumb enough that they filmed themselves?