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What's your opinion on the sudden mass-influx and popularity of "stepmom/stepsister" themed adult videos? I mean, just looking at the Pornhub main page they always seem to be the most popular as of late, so I imagine it's something that's discussed a fair bit in the industry.

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I was thinking this for a majority of the Irma coverage. It'd be one thing for a short minute to show how powerful the wind is, but I saw multiple reporters standing in open roads with debris blowing around in the background for full hours at a time. I was like, man, all it takes is one tree branch to explode and you'd be riddled with splinters flying 70+mph. While it'd prove a point to the viewers, it seems totally irresponsible of the stations/weathermen.

Stay safe Alan, your reporting will be much more effective if you're not a human pincushion.

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Lol that's an interesting theory, thanks for the answer! Personally I'm into it because if you skip past the dialogue it doesn't seem very incest-y at all, so it sorta works for both people into the fetish and people into the actors, whereas something like BDSM which usually "dominates" (no pun intended) the entire theme of a given video/scene.

As a side note, my significant other requests more VR porn from the female's POV. She's into that, and the selections are pretty limited currently.

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Been a huge fan of yours for a while now, even saw you perform a few times (one time in that giant spinning orb thing, it was super rad). You're a legend, my man.

I make music too from time to time, but my biggest problem is not being able to "finish" projects, I just have stuff lying around for years that slowly gets plucked at 'till I either lose interest or call it done. Do you experience anything similar? And do you have any tips on getting past that "writer's block"?

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From what I know there are a few compilation albums, including one massive like 6 or 7-disc box set that I think has everything DJ Shadow made up to/including about 2012.

But this is the Greatest Hits sorta compilation he mentions in his comment. Endtroducing..... is personally my favorite album of his, but part of that is the sentimental nostalgia it represents. I still think it's a super excellent album though, I wish I could listen to it for the first time all over again. Check it out!