Hi, Reddit. I'm Shutaro, Director and Game Designer at ArtPlay Inc.

I'm here to talk about my work on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, my past projects, and the video game industry. Ask Me Anything about video games!

The Castlevania Series I worked on as Lead Game Designer were Aria of Sorrow(AGB), Dawn of Sorrow(DS), Portrait of Ruin(DS), Order of Ecclesia(DS), and Harmony of Despair(X360) .

I’m in Japan, so leave your questions in English or Japanese and I’ll start posting replies at 9am JST September 3rd / 5pm PDT September 2nd / 00 UTC September 3rd! I'll be helped out by u/Question505, from 505 Games, who will post questions collected from our forums and r/bloodstained.

I look forward to your questions!

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Redditの皆さん、こんにちは。 ArtPlay Inc.でディレクター、ゲームデザインナーをやっているShutaroです。

ここでBloodstained及び、他過去に携わった作品、ゲーム業界の話をさせて頂きたいと思っております。 ゲームに関して色々聞いてください! 悪魔城ドラキュラシリーズでリードゲームデザインを手がけた作品は 暁月の円舞曲 (AGB)、蒼月の十字架(DS)、ギャラリー オブ ラビリンス(DS)、奪われた刻印 (DS)、ハーモニー オブ ディスペアー(X360) です。

私は日本に居ますので、こちらに英語、または日本語で質問を投稿頂き、日本時間9月3日午前9時 / 米西海岸 9月2日午後5時 / UTC時間 9月3日午前0時から返答投稿を開始します。

505 Gamesのu/Question505に手伝ってもらい、私達の掲示板から回収した質問、そしてr/bloodstained に投稿された質問を投稿してもらいます。 皆さんからの質問、楽しみにしております!

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Steam: http://505.games/BSROTN50515YEARS




Everyone, thank you so much for so many questions. Everyone's support becomes my power. I will do my best from here and on too.

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pancakesausagedog37 karma

What is your favorite past project to work on? Is there anything particular that ending up getting cut that you wish would have been in the final product?

Thank you for all your hard work! I look forward to future Metroidvania titles from you and your team!

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma






I've actually put all my powers into each and every game so it's hard to choose just one.

If I have to choose one, it guess it would be Aria. it was the first title that I got to work on having this type of enemy, with this type of item, with this soul, play is like this the way I wanted to so it is one of my favorites.

With an idea that I was sad its been cut, the hammer for Julius mode of Dawn of Sorrow. The additional players were made basically by me in Debug on my own account but Julius mode was something I stated to IGA-san I will be doing at the production stage already due to my confidence for the mode. But from the Art side I was told "If I keep drawing any further than this, my arm will break in half" type of thing so I gave up on the hammer. LOL

I will work hard to be able to live up to your expectations.

Anceintdant33 karma

What did you think of the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania, if you've seen it?

If not then what do you like/dislike anout castlevania? Was anything from your work on Castlevania inspiring to your work on Bloodstained?

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma


もし御覧になっていなかったら悪魔城ドラキュラに関して好きな/嫌いな事は何ですか? 以前悪魔城でやった事で今回のBloodstainedに影響を及ぼした物は何かありますか?



I actually invited IGA-san and did a viewing of Season 1. Thought I did enjoy watching it, IGA-san and I discussed how Alucard's personality was pretty different. Also felt that Hector was being poorly treated to me and I felt bad for him a little.

Personally, as I really loved the voice actor Okiayu-san's Alucard so I wanted Alucard to be him. As I am someone who has worked a many of the Castlevania series, I believe that "Blood" is included into Bloodstained also.

GD_Seirya26 karma

Hello, I'm a big fan of your works. Bloodstained was a great experience, and Aria of Sorrow was one of my childhood games.

I was wondering what approach you take when you design a new Castlevania game to keep it fresh and engaging. Were there any challenges? How did you keep the scope reasonable?

Also, this has always bugged me: Why are you called CurryTheKid? I always guessed that it was because you were likely responsible for the Waiter Skeletons that threw curry for some reason.

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma

こんにちは、私はあなたの作品の大ファンです。Bloodstainedは素晴らしい体験でしたし、Aria of Sorrowは私が子供の頃遊んだゲームのひとつです。







Thank you so much. Hearing that someone has enjoyed a game I have made is the best happiness someone on a production side can hear.

I've always tried to look at everything in the stance of "how can I tie this into our game?" When I'm watching a movie, eating curry, even when I'm watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventures.

The wall we had hit this time was "it was not in house production." We had people who had never experienced game production before so the production had it's hardships. I am not doing programming anymore but I made alot of documents explaining how I used to make moves.

Back in the day, I ate curry everyday. Though it was only for lunch, there was a timeframe I ate curry everyday for about 10 months. The name is a parody to Billy The Kid. Not just the curry but all the small jokes are mostly my doing.


I'm a huge fan of the Castlevania series on Netflix. On that note:

1) Have you watched the show?

And 2) Do you think it captured the feel and aesthetic of the Castlevania series of games?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma






I invited IGA-san and watched it together. But IGA-san won't watch the 5th season of Jojo with me. LOL

I watched it saying I think some people interpret like that.

MegaDeox12 karma

Hey, I just completed Bloodstained and had a lot of fun. Still, the game is definitely a metroidvania with the same design that SotN had 20 years ago.

How would you advance the genre in future projects?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma

どうも! Bloodstainedとても楽しくクリアしました。このゲームは20年前のSotNと同じデザインを持つメトロイドヴァニアであることは間違いありません。



I'm very happy to hear you have enjoyed it. I have been taught how to create the play aspect from Mr. Furukawa who worked on game design with Sotn so I feel as I have been handed over his way of thinking. I feel I would like to try ""new things"". Though it may be just slightly new things.

postALEXpress12 karma

Soma Cruz is my favorite protagonist. I love him. So much so that my tag when I play fighting games is usually Soma. My avatar in MMOs is almost always Soma. I absolutely adore the character. Dawn of Sorrow is also my favorite Castlevania game in the series

Who was your favorite boss to design in any of your games? My favorite is probably Julius in Dawn of Sorrow.

Also if I may ask what was the process in creating Soma's appearance? Why did you choose the white hair and white coat? I figured he would look more like Dracula, being his reincarnation. I just love his aesthetic and would like to know why and how you all came to the final design choice. I also noticed he really seems to share no similarities with the Dark Lord either, and am curious why these decisions were made

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA even if you don't answer my question. Also thank you for all the hard work and amazing memories.

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma

来須 蒼真は私の一番好きな主人公です。彼が大好きです。格闘ゲームをプレイするときのタグはたいていSomaです。MMOでのアバターもほとんどSomaです。本当に大好きなキャラクターです。Dawn of Sorrow / 蒼月の十字架は、Castlevaniaシリーズの中で最も好きなゲームです。

これまで手掛けたゲームのボスで一番好きなデザインは誰ですか?私が一番好きなのは「Dawn of Sorrow」のJuliusですね。




ユリウスかっこいいですよね。作曲家の山根ミチルさんに、彼との戦闘BGMを「夜までまてない」か「Hearts of Fire」で悩んでいます。と私が相談したところ、両方にしましょう、と返答をいただいて合わさった曲になりました。






I'm very thankful you love Soma. When I saw Ayami-san's Soma for the first time, he excited me.

Julius is so cool. When I spoke to Michiru Yamane-san the composer about how I could not decide on the fighting BGM between "Yorumade Matenai (Cant wait till dusk)" and "Hearts of Fire", she told me "Let's make it both" and the both songs were combined and that's how song was created.

From Aria, I was the one that came up with most of the bosses so I do have a love for each one of them.

But if I am to choose 1 out of them, it would be Abaddon. It only took me couple of days to create this boss but I believe he became a good enemy. If it's within Bloodstained then it would be Bloodless. She was a boss I've been thinking of from a while back so made her into a additional character on a whim.

As for Soma, due to the display being darker, I discussed with Yamamoto-kun the dotter and decided to use a "white" base color which is easier to see is in my memories.

We had Yamamoto-kun create a base of the art and then had Fumi Kojima-Sensei to draw the main based on the setting.

IGA-san's setting was just a normal high school student but as a team, we discussed saying he has eyes that make him stand out from the ordinary is something that's left in my mind.

ynthrepic9 karma

Will Miriam's story continue? Anything you can tell us about future Bloodstained projects?

CurryTheKidAMA6 karma



Please stay tuned for the future announcements

KJONE88 karma

Whats your favourite metroidvania game?

CurryTheKidAMA5 karma



I like Ori. When I played it, it really became a good reference.

Loki_Valravn3 karma

What do you wish you could have added to Bloodstained if you had more time or budget?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



Due to the time constraint there were things that were taken out but, we wanted to I especially wanted the Aqua Boss to be released. It's unfortunate because we even had the clue voice over recording done too.

Rawnblade3 karma

Hey, I just played Bloodstained for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved it! Since it's still fresh in my mind, I found the Aqua Stream shard to be a fairly punishing progress-blocker, especially with its low drop-rate making it possible to completely miss. Do you have any insight into that particular design decision and the goal it was trying to achieve?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma




I have posted on another answer but, the boss should have been... It is a result of a rushed job but I regret that it was hard to understand. I would like to improve it next time.

Splatulated2 karma

Will bloodstained ritual of the night ever get co-op?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightはCo-op対応になりますか?


It won't be in the full game. We are planning a specific mode though.

MrNoName_ishere2 karma

What inspired you to follow the career path you have taken?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



A big inspiration was I got to play MSX Konami games. The Maze of Galious is one of the reason I planned Portrait of Ruins and having the Egyptian Area is because I wanted to hear the BGM arrangement of King's Valley II.

This is like a true story that could be a lie.

Montaru2 karma

Which boss from Bloodstained was your favorite?

And on a similar vein, which one in Boss' revenge do you feel was the most fun to convert to a playable character?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma




It would be Bloodless. She is a character I've been warming up for a while and there are good amounts of settings too. I would like to use her more now on.Even for Boss Revenge, it would be Bloodless. I like her so much that we made an exclusive mode on a whim."

4Blackout2 karma

What is a monster or a type of area that you want to include in a game but haven't been able to yet?

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma




In Bloodstained, the aqua boss aka Focalor did disappear. Also there is another boss that disappeared. He was a true ancestor just like OD and Bloodless and we even had his voice over done but we were not able to release.

Though this isn't an area, in the train area, next to the train (forward) there is a road and you would have been able to move through that was the plan. When you walk through there, you can see the train pass by was what should have happened. If we were able to do that, the area would have expanded to be a longer stretch.

MicrophoneWithAMouse2 karma

Hi Shutaro, I’m a student who’s seriously considering going into the video game industry. I’ve started work on several indie games but always run into a wall after hammering out the core mechanics; in my head I know where the game is going and what should be in it, but there are so many individual details that I can’t even begin. Specifically, I’d love to know about your enemy design process. When making enemies and bosses, I can never come up with nearly enough interesting and unique designs to populate a game. How do you come up with a whole game’s worth of enemies and boss fights without it feeling same-y?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



I do rely on the game system too but I think of how the enemy will affect the player too. Like how the player will think, how they would move, are some things.

For example, like I want them to crouch, move to the right, jump, attack from far, stand up right, attack right as they are being attacked, are some things. Even if the attack looks different, if the player's reaction or response is the same towards that move, I think it's pretty much the same attack.

As for bosses, I think of it on more of a feeling difference. Like, would it be fun to fall with it, or would they be surprised if it's switched out with a doll. I work hard on gathering ideas like this on a daily basis. Another thing I watch out for is the ratio after the whole game is put together. What percentage of enemies fly, are humanoids, or immobile, are some things. I would like everyone to play without getting bored of it.

purifyws2 karma

Hi Curry! There's already so many questions. I'm glad to see the interest and exposure though.

Johannes is secretly a Joestar, isn't he? He also has a whip. Everyone underestimates him!

Many people interpret the Igavania and Castlevania games as a whole to be mostly gothic, horror, gory or otherwise scary and serious in tone. In contrast, I myself see the games as actually more light-hearted and energetic in tone with the serious things mixed in with humor for flavor. Which is closer to the intent, or is it best left to the player interpretation?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma

Hi Curry! すでにたくさんの質問が来ていますね。みんなが興味を持ってくれて、ここに来てくれていて嬉しいです。






I'm very happy to have received many questions.

Unfortunately, Johannes is not of that Joestar bloodline. His voice sounds like he would be able to use a overdrive. LOL

If I speak about my taste, I like more serious things. Order of Ecclesia's plot scenario was filled with my taste and preference. I think what I'm good at is more humor though. The next title may be more of a serious one that's to my liking.

Nijata2 karma

What's your opinion on Grant DaNasty from Castelvania Dracula's curse? I noticeda lot of castlevania ignore his existence entirely and there's no equal to him in Bloodstained's 2D/classic-Vania styled games but I know there's got to be a few fans on the dev teams.

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

Castelvania Dracula's curse / 悪魔城伝説のグラント・ダナスティについてどう思われますか?多くのキャッスルヴァニアでは彼の存在が完全に無視されていて、Bloodstainedの2D/クラシックヴァニアスタイルのゲームでは彼に匹敵するものはありませんが、開発チームの中には少数のファンがいるはずですよね。


I love Grant. In Dawn of Sorrow, I was planning on to put the components of Grant into Hammer in the additional mode.

Sano_Victus2 karma

I grew up on the Castlevania Sorrow games and loved Bloodstained! One of the things that really make a metroidvania a fun experience is being able to return to old areas with new power-ups to reach new/hidden content. For example, a double jump to climb a high cliff, or underwater movement/breathing.

What's the process like for implementing an area/secret using new movement tech/abilities? Big abilities tend to become integral to traverse through zones, do you ever need to scrap a zone because it used an ability that was scrapped?

Thank you very much for the AMA, I wish you all the best!

CurryTheKidAMA6 karma

私は『悪魔城ドラキュラ Sorrow(暁月の円舞曲)』のゲームで育ち、Bloodstainedも大好きです。メトロイドヴァニアの面白さの一つは、パワーアップした状態で古いエリアに戻り、新しい/隠されたコンテンツにたどり着けることです。例えば、二重跳びで高い崖を登ったり、水中で移動したり呼吸したりすることができます。


AMAをありがとうございました。"I wish you all the best!



Thank you so much. I believe it's important for an exploratory expansion. In what timeframe the exploration expands, to where, are some of the things I think about. There actually were some areas that unfortunately had to be taken out. Due to this, the Den of Behemoth went to the 2nd half but it was suppose to be in 1st half. Valefar should have been a boss you will just jump with one height. Please don't abuse him with the Aegis protector and invert. LOL

Speaking of things that were dropped, you were suppose to play against him with slots. I did write a very detailed instructions on how the slot works so I'm sad it disappeared.

jawn_avery2 karma

Hi Shutaro! I love playing your games, thank you for your hard work!

What was your inspiration for the Soul System introduced in Aria of Sorrow? I've theorized the inspiration comes from Final Fantasy's Blue Mage, Kirby, and Pokémon, but would love to know your perspective!

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

Hi Shutaro! 私はあなたのゲームをプレイするのが大好きです、あなたのハードワークに感謝します!

Aria of Sorrow / 暁月の円舞曲で導入されたソウルシステムのインスピレーションは何ですか?私はファイナルファンタジーの青魔道士、カービィ、ポケモンからインスピレーションを受けたと推察していますが、あなたの見解をぜひお聞かせください!


Thank you so much.You hit the nail with Kirby. The other one is Relics.I love the Blue Mage in FF so that's where I got the influence.

ThatSeanFella2 karma

Hello Shutaro, I hope you are doing well!

My birthday is this wednesday meaning I'll be able to take time off work. My question for you is "How do you you like spend your time outside of work?"

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma

Hello Shutaro, 元気ですか!!




昔の会社での話ですが昼飯の休憩時間はスト3 3rdで対戦するのが至福の時間でした。このために他の部署からも人が来て遊んでいたくらい賑わっていました。また3rdがしたいですね

Happy Birthday.

On my days off, I do play a lot of FF11 looking for ideas for games.

Back in the day at work, I used to play Street Fighter III 3rd Strike during my lunch break and those were my happy times. We actually had people come from other departments too and we had a lot of fun. It would be nice to play 3rd Strike again.

WTFHaikus1 karma

What are your thoughts on the current Japanese game industry? With the advent of mobile and rise of the Chinese game industry, there has been a great shift on the industry. Many devs working mainly on mobile titles, Chinese companies entering the Japanese market even by poaching famous devs such as 名越 稔洋 (Nagoshi Toshihiro), slowdown on dev in Japan and many other factors feels like there is an uncertain future for the game industry in Japan.

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



I am very grateful that I can be dealing with consumer products. Mobile scene is taking off and as they do have money so I guess it's unavoidable but, I would like to continue working on consumer products as long as I can.

Spets_Naz1 karma

What background did you have to be able to work as game designer?

When designing games, do you look for other systems (from other games/genres) and go from there or you just overall think about the game and try to work those systems based on the background of the world? (Or both?)

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



運よく月下のゲームデザインをされた古川さんに色々教えていただいたのが今日に繋がっています。私はシステムや機能から考える人間ですね。設定から遊びを考える事もあるのですが、まずは遊びをしっかりしてから、という作り方が多いようです。Luckily, I was taught a lot of things from Furukawa-san who worked on the SotN game design so, that's what has led me to today.

I'm the type to think from system and function. I do think of the play aspect from the setting too but most times, I solidify the play and then work further.

Cokimoto1 karma

I love Bloodstained and currently playing in nightmare difficulty, so my question is, will there be more 3d Bloodstained in the future and I so, can you make the drop less difficult to farm or at least give us a guaranteed after a set number of tries?

It would make farming less of pain.

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma




When you say 3D, do you mean a game that's camera free?

I personally do have some interest but I don't know if IGA-san would let us make it. LOL I am always troubled by the drop rate. I'm sorry if it doesn't drop often. I also have thought about a mechanism that each time you lose, the probability goes up. I will think of something.

OdinSpherePT1 karma

Would it be possible to make another Bloodstained game but in 2D HD in a similar fashion like Vanillaware game graphics?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

ヴァニラウェアのゲームグラフィックのように、2D HDでBloodstainedのゲームを作ることはできないでしょうか?


I do love dot and 2D too but for IGA-san, I believe it's hard to get the personnel for that.

bickid1 karma

Can you understand how certain Japanese developers (like BandaiNamco's Harada, Sega's Nagoshi or Atlus as a whole) are refusing to publish their games for the Nintendo Switch, when they'd easily run on the hardware and it'd be basically free money for them? In other words: Have you ever met superiors that made decisions that were bad for business, just because of some personal bias? How common is this in the Japanese gaming industry?

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma

日本の特定のデベロッパー(バンダイナムコの原田氏、セガの名越氏、アトラス全体など)が、Nintendo Switch上で簡単に動かせるのに、自分たちのゲームをNintendo Switch向けに出すことを拒否しているのは、理解できますか?言い換えれば 個人的な偏見で、ビジネスに不利な決定をした上司に会ったことがありますか?日本のゲーム業界では、このようなことはよくあるのでしょうか?


I do believe that the Japanese Game Industry works against itself due to patents. It's a loss to the whole industry. I personally feel that Japan can all come together and make a game. And there are superiors who are not good in every industry.

laitomenow1 karma

Hi Curry! You are my favorite healing item!

Out of all the games you have worked on with IGA, what/who is your favorite boss?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma

Hi Curry! あなたは私のお気に入りの回復アイテムです!




Thank you! Curry is a very special food.

Dawn of Sorrow's Abbadon was mentioned before so another one would be Gergoth.It's an enemy that's set up with the level so when I presented this enemy to the team, I remember not too many people were into it. I pushed saying, ""It's fun to fall with it!"" and made it. Back then, I thought of it as a dragon with torn off wings but the art department was completely against it so we had to change it.

CyberGhost421 karma

How do you feel about unintended exploits in games when players use them?

Do you believe the exploit is something that should be fixed? and do you think certain exploits can bolster the enjoyment players get from the game?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma




With Harmony of Despair, when we had a cheat of the character flying through the wall, we were able to fix it. But, there were some people using it as a technique and were having fun with it so we didn't fix it.

I enjoy watching the users going above my game design.

5-4-3-2-1-bang1 karma

Can the next one be an adventure where you start in an upside down castle and the objective is to somehow get it right side up?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



I have mentioned to IGA-san the upside down idea but he shows a pretty strong disapproval for it so I've left it at that. Originally it wasn't either of our idea so, I didn't want to push it against his will. So in it's place we put in invert this time.

StupidLullabies1 karma

Curse of the Moon 2 was one of my top games for 2020 (and 2021). I loved the new characters introduced. Are there plans to see more of Hachi, Dominique and Robert?

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma

『Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2』 は、2020年~2021年にかけて、私のお気に入りゲームのひとつでした。新しいキャラクターが登場するのも良かったですね。今後、ハチ、ドミニク、ロバートが登場する予定はありますか?


I named Dominique so she's a character I especially do care about. If you wish enough, something may happen.

Slowhands4201 karma

Was it everything you hoped it would be?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



Unfortunately not everything was as anticipated but we gave our best.

Estolle1 karma

First I just wanted to say that Dawn of Sorrow was the game that got me into Castlevania, and is one of my favorite games to this day.

Being released early on in the Nintendo DS' life, what were some of the challenges developing around it's unique hardware?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

まず、『悪魔城ドラキュラ 蒼月の十字架』は、私がキャッスルヴァニアにハマるきっかけとなったゲームであり、今でも大好きなゲームのひとつであるということを伝えさせてください。



Because we worked on GBA before DS so that helped. We did not struggle with the DS as a program. We did run a spec test in the beginning. What made me suffer the most in the past was the order from above to use the touch as much as possible.

Mars-Goliath1 karma

What are the skills of a game designer ? And how do you become one ?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



Maybe the insanity to think of the game from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed.

Makzutheamazing1 karma

I see that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was made using Unreal Engine 4. Has this game engine been a good choice and would you use it in future projects?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

ブラッドステインド リチュアルオブザナイトではアンリアルエンジン4を使用しているようですが、良い選択だったと思いますか?今後のプロジェクトでも使用したいと思いますか?


More than it being a problem of UE4, I think it's more of a problem that those using it don't know what they are doing and then it still working is more of an issue.

MrFlibblesPenguin1 karma

Have you ever cut something from your work only to look back at the finished game thinking "maybe I should've......?"

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



I do think of it all the time. Even if it's a game I made few years ago, I think at times "I should have done this" with it.

WarrantyVoider1 karma

Whats your opinion on reverse engineering and modding games? Do you think there will ever be a way to work together with fans?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



If the mod is fun I say it's fine. Maybe there will be a chance to create something with the fans.

SSTrihan1 karma

What considerations had to go into Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow when it came to coming up with unique and compelling gameplay elements for a soul for every enemy in the game? Did the nature of the system result in any cuts being needed to the number of enemies?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma

Aria of Sorrow / 暁月の円舞曲とDawn of Sorrow / 蒼月の十字架では、ゲーム内のすべての敵に魂を与えるというユニークで魅力的なゲーム要素を実現するために、どのような検討がなされましたか?また、システムの特性上、敵の数を減らす必要はありませんでしたか?


Because I was the lead programmer and worked on the player programming so it turned out good. While thinking of the Soul characteristics, we were thinking of enemies and on top of that, taking on the program implementation method and workload were other things we thought of too at the same time. So due to this, there were no delays and cutting of enemies. We had mob enemies being cut due to the limitation of the art department though.

Lavanthus1 karma

Early on in the project, the visuals of Bloodstained ROTN was poorly received to the point that you all completely revamped the visuals entirely.

Most developers seem to double-down these days and just say that their customers are wrong, but you all went the extra mile. What really inspired it? Was it a collective decision by the team, or brought on by you or Koji? I'm curious about the discussions that were had that led to the decision to reinvest some of the budget into reworking the visuals. I also think it paid off well.

Huge fan of Castlevania games, SOTN being my favorite and Aria of Sorrow being a close second.

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma

プロジェクトの初期段階で、『Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night』のビジュアルの評判が悪かったため、開発者の皆さんはビジュアルを全面的に刷新しましたよね。


『悪魔城ドラキュラ』シリーズの大ファンで、特に『悪魔城ドラキュラX 月下の夜想曲』が一番好きです。その次に『キャッスルヴァニア 〜暁月の円舞曲〜』が大好きです。



Do you mean the first model of Miriam? My stance point on that I could not just let it go personally but, the higher ups wanted to see the Backers' reaction so I followed suit. I felt that we should not have even released that. Due to the workload, there were many who were against it but because we got the push with the reactions, we did change the model of Miriam. We are thankful that Natsume-san agreed with the direction we asked for.

In regards to the ligthing, this is a greatly Ikeda-san's achievement. She worked hard on relaying the opinions of those oversea to great length. I also felt we have to do it and prepared myself. Ikeda-san and myself went into there with our own hands and fixed the lighting. From there it spread and we moved forward with the fixes. This became the reason to bring her on as the Art Director too.

mikspam1 karma

is the game design community really as toxic and unhealthy as ive read?

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma



My daily rhythm is all messed up and my meals are unbalanced but I have been told by my yearly check up that "you're damn healthy" each year.

rockgodx1 karma

Harmony of despair was my favorite castlevania. Are there any chances for a port or a sequel? I would love one on pc! When making this game, did it feel like a big risk? It was very different from prior titles and other games nm in the genre.

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

「Harmony of despair」は私が一番好きな悪魔城ドラキュラでした。移植や続編の可能性はありますか?ぜひPCで出してほしいです。このゲームを作るとき、大きなリスクを感じましたか?前作や同ジャンルの他のゲームnmとは大きく異なっていました。



Thank you very much. It would be nice if Konami can port it and make it playable.
HD / Harmony of Despair had a lot of things I did not get to do so, after explore type game, I've asked IGA-san to let me make some like HD.

HD had a pretty low end budget and the development had a lot of newcomers. I believe there were more of a risk working compared to exploratory titles we have worked on till then. But as I was in the mindset that we won't be able to make anymore Castlevanias so I was thankful for even being given that opportunity. I moved forward with planning like a hidden agility. I made a presentation with Flash that doesn't exist anymore. Also I would have loved to shown the Flash to everyone.

cerealnuee1 karma

Is there a boss fight that you're particularly proud of? What makes it stand out for you?

Speaking of bosses, Focalor, the second boss from Curse of the Moon, is the only boss from that game that's not present in Ritual of the Night. Was it ever considered? Because I could see it being the demon that drops the shard that allows you to move underwater.

And last, but not least: In Portrait of Ruin, Fake Trevor drops Curry, Fake Sypha drops Mint Sundae, and Fake Grant drops Ramen Noodles. What would a Fake Alucard drop?

I love the games and I'm looking forward to future. I really liked Bloodless mode!

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma


ボスといえば、『Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2』の2番目のボスであるフォカロルは、『Ritual of the Night』に登場しない唯一のボスです。彼の登場は、一度も考えなかったのでしょうか?水中で動けるようになる欠片を落とす悪魔として登場できたのになと思います。

そして、『悪魔城ドラキュラ ギャラリー オブ ラビリンス』では、「偽トレバー」が「カレー」を、「偽サイファ」が「ミントサンデー」を、「偽グラント」が「ラーメン」をドロップしています。「偽アルカード」は何をドロップするのでしょうか?




It would be Bloodless. I like the fact her clothes changed depending on the damage.Focalor was the boss to receive the the aquatic abilities but due to development delay, we had to cut it out. It's very sad.

If we had a Faux Alucard then he would have dropped ""tasty mushroom"".I'm happy to hear you had a lot of fun.

chibinoi1 karma

What are your suggestions for individuals who want to get into the industry as an video game artist?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



Enticing art and other additional skills would be a strong suit to have.

S0PES1 karma


CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

How can I work in the game industry if I have no experience in coding, etc.? Any advice would be great! Thank you very much.


I believe it's to be able to learn 1 or 2 skills I guess? Other than coding, sound, art, modeling, animation, and other useful skills that is necessary in games.

pervertedarchmage1 karma

I have played all of these games numerous times, I love every single one of them! When it comes to Harmony of Despair, I really wish it could have gotten a port to newer devices so it could see a rebirth...

Which of these was your favorite project to work on? My personal favorite is Order of Ecclesia, what an incredible game...

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

Shutaroさんが携わったゲームはどれも大好きで、何度もプレイしています!『悪魔城ドラキュラ Harmony of Despair』は、最新のプラットフォームで復活してほしかったなあ...。

これまで担当したプロジェクトの中で一番好きなものはどれですか?個人的には『悪魔城ドラキュラ 奪われた刻印』が一番好きですね、本当に素晴らしいゲームです!


Thank you so much. I would like HD to be ported too. While I'm writing this sentence, I realized the reason why the PS3 ported Maria is weak. In HD, you can adjust the values like a pseudo-patch utilizing the title storage, but that storage port may not be available on the PS3.

Each of the games I have used all my power to so it's hard to choose one but, I guess the first one would be Aria of Sorrow.

ChaosJohnson1 karma

Greetings! Thanks for visiting and answering questions.

I am a long time metroidvania fan and I think there was something really special about Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

I still play it here and there but it can be difficult to find other players these days. It had its flaws but getting a good group and running through the levels together, unlocking doors for each other, and meeting up for the boss fight was an addicting experience.

The different characters play styles and ways to level up was a refreshing grind. Are there any plans to try something like this again in the future?

There was a dedicated group of fans in the early years, and I don’t think much like it has come out since. Thanks for your time!

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma

こんにちは! AMAでの質問に答えてくれてありがとうございます。

私は長い間メトロイドヴァニアのファンで、「悪魔城ドラキュラ ハーモニー オブ ディスペアー」には本当に特別なものがあったと思います。





I'm happy to hear you asking about HD. For HD, I was pondering more of a way to cultivating method for each character but not all of it went in. I am hoping we can making Bloodstained HD someday. For that, I have to work hard on the next title.

UnPotat1 karma

At what point did you know this is what you wanted to do? When you realised this how did you figure out what part of the process you would be a part of, or did it just happen naturally?

I hope things go awesome in the future with many more games to come!

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma




I think it's the time my parents hid the power cord to the NES. As I was repressed, my passion grew larger.

When I was little, I wrote plan proposals that looked like scribbles.Thank you so much, I will do my best.

Globoy761 karma

I absolutely loved Bloodstained. Are you making a sequel? Have you ever thought of making a game like Monster Sanctuary? I love monster taming games and it would be perfect for the Castlevania universe.

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma

「Bloodstained」大好きです。Shutaroさんは続編を作っていますか?質問なのですが、「Monster Sanctuary」のようなゲームを作ろうと思ったことはありますか?モンスターを飼うゲームは大好きですし、キャッスルヴァニアの世界観にぴったりだと思います。


I am thinking of sequels. For example, who we should use for the voice overs. It would be fun to raise a monster. I tend to put bunch of things into the game so I may not actually make something that's focused on raising / owning but, I think someone in our company may make it one day though.

dathomar1 karma

What is your favorite part of the process of making a video game (for instance, coming up with a concept, designing characters, getting the darn thing finalized and released, etc.)?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



The moment that your idea comes together is the best moment. With the current title, Bloodless and the tower were ideas that I came up with about 10 years ago so that moment when I was able to see it on the monitor and not just in my head, I had deep emotions rise up inside me.

NickoSwimmer1 karma

Hello I am a big fan of your past Castlevania games. Thank you for working so hard of them. I didn't care for the character designs in Bloodstained. Have you considered going a different direction for future games?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



I like more serious development so for the next scenario, I'm thinking of making it a serious one. In Order of Ecclesia, I'm involved in the plot scenario so it's on a more serious end.

49th1 karma

What was the process like making 2D art for the DS Castlevania games and what was it like switching to 3D in Bloodstained? Which do you prefer? I personally loved the way the DS games looked and hope to see a return to that style!

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



I wanted to develop in dot too but IGA-san who has to gather the personnel said it's not possible to gather dotters so I couldn't do anything about it. Though I still do want to create a dot game-.

Bovolt1 karma

Over the course of the Castlevania series, I've noticed that the "secret" end to the games has gotten both larger in size and easier to find, cumulating with OoE where half the game and the entire castle is after the fake end. Bloodstained largely followed suit, and I'm sure this is something we can expect to see in the sequel. That being said: How did this pattern emerge?

Additionally, while I loved Bloodstained I admit I was disappointed with the lack of optional areas to explore. Was that an intentional thing so that players could see the whole castle easily on a first playthrough, or was that the result of time limitations to make the game?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma





With SOTN, I heard from the designer, "I want them to see the normal ending and sell it right after, 'finds out' about the true ending" is the goal. Well, though they didn't want them to sell it right away. I personally feel having a secret feels more fulfilling so I do the same.

I think you're speaking of the back area but, I was thinking of more of a bigger back area originally. I was also thinking of a loop line but unfortunately had to get rid of that.

MikeyMcD1 karma

  1. If you were a demon in Bloodstained and Miriam came along and defeated you, what shard ability would she gain from you.
  2. If you had a Stand ability like in JoJo's, what would it be?
  3. Ritual had multiple teams working on the development. Will the next game have one consistent development team?
  4. The ArtPlay website has a part that says, "creating through bilateral communication with dedicated fans." We as fans love this about ArtPlay. How will you continue to communicate like this with fans for development of the next game?
  5. OD has silly glasses with a nose once you beat him. What is the story behind that?
  6. Will the next game take place before or after the first?
  7. It seems that the turtle boss was cut from Ritual and the progression ability placed on a common enemy which has a random chance to drop the ability. What led to this, and can we avoid this in the next game?
  8. Many people seem to miss the High Jump shard because it must be crafted. The late game movement abilities like speed are great, but can we see more movement abilities earlier on in the next game? It feels good to link abilities together as you gain more of them while exploring the game.

Thank you so much from many dedicated fans. We love your games, and love that you are working with IGA again!

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma


  1. あなたがジョジョの世界のようなスタンド能力があるとしたら、それは何ですか?

  2. Ritualでは、複数のチームが開発に携わっていました。次回作では、一貫した1つの開発チームになるのでしょうか?

  3. ArtPlayのウェブサイトには、"熱心なファンとの双方向のコミュニケーションを通じて創造する (creating through bilateral communication with dedicated fans)"という紹介文があります。私たちファンはArtPlayのこの点が大好きです。次回作の開発に向けて、このようなファンとのコミュニケーションをどのように続けていくのでしょうか?

  4. ODは、倒すと鼻のついたアホなメガネをかけています。あれはどういうことなのでしょうか?

  5. 次のゲームは、最初のゲームの前が舞台ですか、それとも後が舞台ですか?

  6. 亀のボスがRitualからカットされ、進行に必要なアビリティがランダムな確率でドロップする共通の敵に配置されてしまったようです。なぜこのようなことになったのか、また次回作ではこのようなことは避けられるのでしょうか?

  7. High Jumpのシャードはクラフトしなければならないので、見逃している人が多いようです。スピードのようなゲーム後半の移動アビリティは素晴らしいですが、次回作ではもっと早い段階での移動アビリティが見られるようになりませんか?ゲームを探索しながらアビリティを増やしていくと、アビリティをリンクさせるのが気持ちいいです。









  1. If you defeat me, you will receive a Shard you can throw Curry with. LOL
  2. A Stand you can turn into what you see. I'll most likely become like a refridgerator. What I would like is THE WORLD. LOL
  3. Back in the day, we used to work together in the internal team. I wish for that too but that's all up to IGA-san.
  4. I believe IGA-san will do all kinds of things. I would like to hear everyone's voice from all different ways.
  5. This is actually the design of the glasses a guy who had a similar voice of OD was wearing while being taken over by dark forces. I was told this story back in the day so I had him wear it.
  6. This is something I've already decided on but I am not allowed to say. Please look forward to it.
  7. I'm sorry, we connected it rushing it due to not having a boss.
  8. If we are able to prepare a bigger stage, it would be great if we can push the speed quickly.

kori081 karma

Mr. Shutaro. Who is the next video game developer or film maker that you'd like to collaborate with next?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



Collaboration topics are all up to IGA-san or the publisher but, if I am to speak my mind, I would like to have a collaborate with Jojo.

BigBadBeluga1 karma

Hi Shutaro, the Castlevania games you worked on are some of my favorite of my childhood, so I thank you and your team’s work. What are some other games or media you look to for inspiration? And what are some games or other media that have left an impression on you recently?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma






Thank you so much. I grew up with games too so this makes me happy.

I have the habit to look for ideas for games in my daily life as a "seed for my meal." From movies, gallery exhibits, museums, to news, variety shows, anime, manga, I make a conscious effort to look through many things.

Most likely what I'm most inspired by is Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. Even if the enemy or the magic doesn't seem like it has anything to do with it, most of the time I've gained a clue from Jojo somehow. Being able to walk on water is a ripple effect.

"Judge Eyes (Judgement)" and "Saga (Romancing Saga)" are inspiring so it may turn into something I get some inspiration out of.

skepticones1 karma

When designing a platformer game with many character abilities like double jumps, dashing, etc, what is the most important thing to spend time on and get right?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



Maybe its making sure that the double jump doesn't make it "too much" by giving too many options If we let it be possible to get to too many locations, it would make it hard for people is how I feel.

What's the most important is, I guess, is the rhythm to completion. Have the player receive items and learn new things at the best timing so I try to design the full map and the completion route accordingly so the player is led to do certain things after that.

markoval1 karma

Hello! My favorite games are Aria of sorrow and Order of Ecclesia, they have had such a strong and long lasting impression on me. Could you tell us some of the cool little things or anecdotes that you remember about the development of either of these games that is not widely known? Thanks

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma





奪われた刻印はIGAさんから、これで最後かもと言われてスタートした作品でした。私はステージクリアタイプのドラキュラも一度作ってみたかったので最後なら入れてしまえと思い、奪われた刻印にその要素を入れました。グリフはダブルプネウマがやりたくて、このシステムになりました。シナリオプロットもかなり関わっています。当初はアルバスの手紙など痕跡を追うネタもあったのですが、色々あって消えました。" "Hello and thank you so much. Actually,

Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance were being developed at the same time. That's why the main staff members are different. For Aria, as it was a portable game, I put components in that I wished Symphony of the Night could have had. This is something that's a given now but its the animation for each weapon type. I adjusted the controls to my liking also. The controls have not been changed much since Aria. So due to this, when I play I feel ""damn, it emits Curry smell"" at times.

Order of Ecclesia was something I started working on being told by IGA-san this may be the last title. I've always wanted to make a stage clear type of Castlevania so as if it was going to be the last title, I wanted to embed that idea in so I put it into Order of Ecclesia. I wanted to do the double pneuma so that's why it became the Glyph system. I was pretty involved with the screenplay and the plot also. At the time there were ideas such as letter from Albus which would have followed the mark but things happened and those ideas went away. "

deadcloudx1 karma

Hi Shutaro! I've respected your work from all the way back in Aria of Sorrow. You especially advanced the artform of boss design with Portrait of Ruin, the Level 1 Hard Mode bosses like Death were incredible works of genius. Where did your inspiration come from for the Death boss in Portrait of Ruin, and how do you plan to keep pushing the boundaries of boss design in future games?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma

Shutaroさん、こんにちは!私はAria of Sorrow / 暁月の円舞曲の頃から、あなたの作品を尊敬していました。特にPortrait of Ruin / ギャラリー オブ ラビリンスでは、ボスデザインの芸術性を高め、レベル1のハードモードのボス「Death / 死神」は、信じられないほど天才的なデザインでした。Portrait of Ruinのボス「Death / 死神」は、どこからインスピレーションを受けたのでしょうか?また、今後のゲームでボスデザインの限界をどのように超えていきたいですか?





Thank you. With Portrait, the theme was ""2 people"", and to create a boss who can switch between ""physics"" and ""magic"" so I created the Death's play aspect. Nagaoka-kun who was working on the program willingly made it for us too and I believe it turned out to be a boss who lives up to their uniqueness.

I mainly design bosses based heavily on the play aspect, but I do want to think of some bosses more focused on staging in the future. A boss that is tied in with a script and all.

A side note on Level 1 Hard, I personally think the production side have the obligation to clear Level 1 Hard even though I thought that theoretically it should be possible. So I took on the challenge of Level 1 Hard along with my fellow gamer Nagaoka-kun. I remember when we got through the Nest of Evil with Axe Armor Lvl 1 Hard, we screamed loudly in joy.

When IGA-san has mentioned in interviews, ""The boss you've created, you must defeat it with just a knife with no damage taken* I'm the one that came up with that rule. "


What advice do you have for anyone interested in developing a platformer in today's ecosystem? Do you have thoughts on development engine options available?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma





I believe the usability of the engine and tools is all up to the operator. There may be a lot of people who are being "used by the engine" instead.

IgorExtreme15121 karma

What's your favorite game that's not made ny konami or any other company you worked?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



Romancing Saga 2 is my favorite game of all time. It's very much a quirky game but I was very much moved when I finished this game. I hope that I am able to emotionally move people with my game each day too.

hqsqdev1 karma

What is your favorite project? How many years have you been working?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



Making Aria was very fun. Seeing what I thought of coming into shape.
I feel like I've been in this field for about 25 years. More than half of that I believe I've been making exploratory game.

neObliviscaris221 karma

What pieces of advice can you give regarding game dev to someone who is just getting into this environment?

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



I would like them to keep holding on to their love for it. I wish you luck.

JophTheFreetrader1 karma

How many key strokes do you think go into one of your average games? Is there a particular gave that you feel took exceptionally more or less?

Also, amazing work. Really. I recently found out that my brother in law only know about Castlevania from the characters in smash bro.... I now have a mission to rectify this.

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma





I never have thought about key strokes but I do try to make it thinking of what are the ratio of what button will be pressed. It's per say to make sure the same button is not pressed multiple times.I was very happy when Simon was in Smash Bro too.

limit_q1 karma

Why are vampires so mad all the time?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



Despair towards god, and the anger towards themselves for giving up on being a human, maybe.

Not-A-Jackalope921 karma

Was it difficult to get into the game designs field? Do you find the work is difficult? How does game design actually work?

CurryTheKidAMA4 karma

ゲームデザインの職種に入るのは難しかったですか? 仕事は難しいと思いますか? ゲームデザインとはどの様なお仕事をするのでしょうか?




I was someone who only worked on programs but while working on Aria, the director Murakami-san said to me I can do what I would like to after a lot of thing happening and I had a chance to work on game design. Such a person with a big heart. I feel I was very fortunate. From there I was acknowledged for my work, from Dawn of Sorrow IGA-san came up with the story and I think of the game is the style we operate on. The first few months in planning for Dawn of Sorrow, IGA-san and I were the only 2 working on it but we were able to come up with most of the play aspects. I had more endurance and ideas back in the day so now a days it feels as game design is harder.

From where to where is considered game design may be different per person but first you come up with a theme for the game, what is needed from start to end, and share what you wanted to do. I like to say what kind of places exist, what kind of enemies, bosses are there, what kind of items, what type of gimmick is there, what abilities, magic exists, doing what where, and what kind of growth happens while completing the game are the things I like to come up with. Main story is written by IGA-san but quests, clues and other text is written by me.

With Bloodstained, the detailed implementation and program is being taken care of by the productions side but if we come up this much, I believe you can say we worked on the game design.

VideoGameMusic1 karma

I really enjoyed Bloodstained and can't wait to see more from you :) Did you feel a lot of pressure when making Bloodstained and how difficult living up to the legend of Castlevania would be?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma

Bloodstainedを本当に楽しませていただきました。これからも期待しています。:) Bloodstainedを制作するにあたり、プレッシャーを感じましたか?また「Castlevania」の伝説に応えることの難しさを感じましたか?


I used to make them with ease. I seriously put in a lot of ideas to how it would please me. I don't think I really thought about if it failed. Especially because I wasn't really in the open.

This time around, I feel a lot more pressure than ever before. I have been thinking "I can't make IGA-san end up on the street" is my feeling. LOL

Mattaruu951 karma

Aria/Dawn of Sorrow are my favorite castlevania games. I really loved farming for certain soul abilities. Will bloodstained ritual have any shared features/similarities with Aria/Dawn or sorrow?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma

Aria of Sorrow / 暁月の円舞曲とDawn of Sorrow / 蒼月の十字架は、私が最も好きな悪魔城ドラキュラのゲームです。特定のソウルアビリティーのためにファーミングをするのがとても好きでした。Bloodstainedには、「Aria/Dawn or sorrow」と共通する特徴や類似点はありますか?


Thank you so much. As the same person is thinking of it so there are many similarities I'm sure. Especially with the control aspect, there are quirks, maybe? I have been adjusting the player's specifications since Aria to Bloodstained.

Likethisname1 karma

As a computer science student, is there anything I should know about the gaming industry?

CurryTheKidAMA3 karma



Let's see. More than formulas, I believe you should learn how to use it. Nowadays, there are many motion based games but for a game like Bloodstained, the trajectory of the enemy and bullets become the key of the game play. What I realized this time around was that it was hard to find someone who is able to create the trajectory I asked for. They didn't know what numerical formula to write in to make it move. So from there, it started that I had to teach them the formula and how to use them.

__PM_me_pls__1 karma

Do you have any advice for newcomers in the Industrie? Surely alot has changed since you first started working on video games. What would you say has changed the most? Thanks for the ama!

CurryTheKidAMA2 karma



I would like them to keep liking games. I believe you can feel if the creator made it with love or not. Regardless of how good the quality of the game, if there is no love in the game, it will feel empty.

I believe what's changed the most is mobile. It would be nice if it can support more consumer products.

Frle261 karma

Not sure if you can answer this, but how much designers did work on a game like Bloodstained (game designers specifically, not level designers).

Backup question: Are game designers split into teams or does each desginer work solo on a given feature?

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I believe it was about 3 people because we did have someone on the team to put together the game design document.

As I am working on basic idea, positioning, adjustments so it may be less man power.

I don't know if this answers your questions but, as for bosses, I will cut their basic play. After that, I will discuss with the planner or the programmer and have the function that is needed into the program to be implemented and the planner will embed was the flow.

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Do you think there’s still a lot of untapped potential in metroidvania games?

Does Bloodstained stand out when being compared to old castlevania games? Did it do anything new?

Why aren’t there more console games for the metroidvania genre? Like why did castlevania release so many titles on the DS?

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I still believe that there so much more potential. The core is still there and we work to make the outside seems more modern. I believe its the 3D aspects which are able to be done, like the staging, set up, clothing change. Definitely wanted to do more clothing change.

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How do you feel about the fact that people are so inspired by you that a whole game genre was named after your work and Metroid?

And did you played some of the Metroidvania games that we have nowadays?

And last but not least are there things you wished you've done different for the game?

Not a question but I just wanted to thank you and your team for the hard work on Bloodstained. I enjoyed every moment of it and wish the best of luck on the next project!

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As I was not involved with Symphony which is the pioneer so I do look at it as if outsider viewpoint.

Recently, I have played TimeSpinner. I was able to see a lot of familiar things and I was happy to see the ideas I had have given influence to other games.

I always reflect back on my own game that has been released thinking I could have done it a different way. I do also think while playing games what could make it better even if it's something I did not work on.

Thank you so much, I will do my best to live up to your expectations.

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What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to learn unity?

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Actually, I don't know much about Unity. LOL
I've only have touched UE4 and FOX Engine.
But I do believe if you are familiar how things move from 1 frame to the end and how the thread is done would be something good to know. "

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Hi there Shutaro, I would like to know what programs and coding languages would you recommend for a person looking to create next gen games? I appreciate your time. :)

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It's been a while since I've stopped programming but C++ would be nice to know.