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Splatulated26 karma

is ship to ship combat in Starbound still going to be a thing? and any chance the game going on sale anytime soon so i can get some copies to my friends ?

Splatulated5 karma

can you still have sex?

Splatulated4 karma

what version are we on now o.o ? or how would I check that my self

also is there any way to change a character's name after it has been created (my friend made a stupidly long character name and it takes at least 2 minutes to invite them to any party we make if they're not host and would be awesome if could direct them on how to shorten it with out asking them to start over)

Splatulated3 karma

any chance that a name changing station could be made some where at the outpost and you could change your name for 500 pixels ?

also i hope you don't switch from "x" giraffe to 1.0 in terms of build names I like the words more than numbers (would really be disappointing to come back to starbound one day and see its on build 1.2339 instead of excited giraffe or something)

Splatulated3 karma

Will hunger and cold/over heating return ? (hopefully as a toggle-able option for those that do or don't like this)