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pervertedarchmage4 karma

Steve - your work for Great Teacher Onizuka was fantastic. I've never laughed so hard in my life as I have watching it, and a lot of it was because of how fantastic your voicework was. You and Tony Oliver did such an awesome job with it and it remains my favorite dub of all time. Please keep being awesome!

And since this subreddit requires a question: are you planning on being at any conventions any time in the future? I'd love to get an autograph!

pervertedarchmage1 karma

I have played all of these games numerous times, I love every single one of them! When it comes to Harmony of Despair, I really wish it could have gotten a port to newer devices so it could see a rebirth...

Which of these was your favorite project to work on? My personal favorite is Order of Ecclesia, what an incredible game...