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Is t it amazing how little autonomy we have over our bodies when it comes to legal matters mixing with life/death choices? The world can be a strange place, sometimes...

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Thank you for responding to my question :)

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I don’t think it’s necessarily dumb to want to protect your fellow countrymen and your home, sir.

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In light of these awful situations, should we be concerned with giving financial support to The Humane Society of United States in general? Does the funding actually go to the claims the organization says it does, or do they spend it on massive “overhead fees” which aren’t detailed? Is transparency for where the money goes something the Humane Society is willing to come forward with, or have they been resistant? Thanks!

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Wonmin, you’re journey is seriously inspiring! I’m looking at changing careers either within my industry or into an entirely new industry, and I’m scared about the potential fir many things, but I’ve been feeling like this is the journey I need to take now (been feeling like this for two years, or so).

What advice or considerations would you suggest I be aware of? Congratulations on having the courage to pursue your dreams, by the way!