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 Hey I've only seen you on>I'm a standup comedian and a father and a fun guy and just super chill. How's it going. I'm on Undateable which airs on NBC on Thursday nights at 9/8 central and you should watch me on that show because it's super fun sweet and weird. Yeahhh. Victoria is helping me out. So AMA. 


Update this was a blast, I enjoyed answering all the fun weird questions. Undateable start in like half an hour if you're on the East Coast. And my special is on June 20th on Comedy Central.

@midnight and you are hilarious. Do you have any standup specials out that I can watch? I also heard you live in Portland Oregon. Is that true? I'm in Vancouver and would love to see you live at a comedy place (Harvey's ect). I'm not trying to be a creeper lol. When is your next live show in Portland? Keep laughter flowin big guy. Your the best comedian (in my humble opinion) out there.

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Hey there. I'm an aspiring voice over actor with zero experience. I don't live in a major market (Portland, Oregon USA) but have 17+ years doing over the phone customer service. I have been asked 1000 times "Are you the guy on the recording?". Got offered a standing job in Atlanta once by a voice over industry person. It's my lifelong dream to use my voice to make money (especially since I was laid off a few days ago). Everyone says practice but I have no idea what I should practice or how to get myself in front of the people that make the decisions. I bought an iRig mic HD and I have an iPhone 6. Any tips or ideas you can throw my way? Thanks in advanced.

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I absolutely loved Bloodstained. Are you making a sequel? Have you ever thought of making a game like Monster Sanctuary? I love monster taming games and it would be perfect for the Castlevania universe.