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Do you think that the BBC was right to cancel "Never Mind The Buzzcocks"? I loved that show and I feel like there was sort of nothing else like it. I also saw you on it live once!

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But what if a small animal wants to use it as a punching bag?

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I'm a fan from back when you were shown on Current TV in the UK. I think I might be the only one literally. I have two questions related to this:

  1. Why don't you include the "Joe Gets" rap with each classic episode? That is one of the best parts. The lyrics are pretty catchy... all I did was upload this, Joe Gets, this is my magnum opus...

  2. Do you know the name of the guy who was also on Current TV and did comedy tech reviews?

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If you could introduce your "dream" award category what would it be for? Something that might not make sense to put in the award show but you personally would like to acknowledge.

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What was the process like making 2D art for the DS Castlevania games and what was it like switching to 3D in Bloodstained? Which do you prefer? I personally loved the way the DS games looked and hope to see a return to that style!