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Some people have speculated about trademark and IP rights. Can you make a statement that addresses ownership of Bloodstained?

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Johannes seems a bit bookish to me, but Michiru Yamane is inspired by his concept art. Is there any chance that Johannes will get a new look that is more like a Belmont than a book worm? If not, Johannes is great. I want to know the story you have to tell, not just what I want to know. Thank you for everything, Iga san!

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From what I have read so far, Miriam was 8 and then went into a deep sleep for 10 years and is now awake. Is her mind that of an 8 year old when she wakes up?

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Can we get a room in the castle for Miriam to decorate with things she has found? Can we get a rotating room like in Super Castlevania IV?

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I didn't realize font was so important, but Mori Calliope had the same critique. What is a good font that would fit Bloodstained?