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Gotta start somewhere. Mozzarella is a good first cheese for the reasons he mentioned and because with it you can have vegan pizza.

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Buy high, sell low. Then get Russia to bail you out.

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How did you get the money to afford to do this? Do you ever find work in the countries you are travelling through?

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  • Clarifying the penalties for the continuing failure to report child abuse by amending current law requiring someone to report abuse "while the person knows, or has reasonable cause to believe," the abuser is likely to commit additional acts of child abuse.

Isn't this standard much too subjective? Why not something like 'notifying authorities is mandatory if either the abuser or the victim are still alive'? Something that doesn't have huge loopholes for stuff like 'we sent him to a workshop, we think he's cured so we didn't report'.

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I wouldn't knock it just because of the price. Most people buy cheap sunglasses for 5 bucks, too. I bought a really nice pair for $50 8 years ago and still wear them almost every day.

If this product truly is as durable as claimed then comparing it to 'disposable' pantyhose is like comparing your nice silverware to the plastic forks you get with chinese takeout.