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I believe you mean, never a bRad thing

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Soma Cruz is my favorite protagonist. I love him. So much so that my tag when I play fighting games is usually Soma. My avatar in MMOs is almost always Soma. I absolutely adore the character. Dawn of Sorrow is also my favorite Castlevania game in the series

Who was your favorite boss to design in any of your games? My favorite is probably Julius in Dawn of Sorrow.

Also if I may ask what was the process in creating Soma's appearance? Why did you choose the white hair and white coat? I figured he would look more like Dracula, being his reincarnation. I just love his aesthetic and would like to know why and how you all came to the final design choice. I also noticed he really seems to share no similarities with the Dark Lord either, and am curious why these decisions were made

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA even if you don't answer my question. Also thank you for all the hard work and amazing memories.

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Up vote for Hawaii. East Oahu grown!!

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200 comments and he's already gone? Whyyyyyyyy?

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Maybe I should ask a question. How old were you when you were diagnosed and the surgery? Did you have Crohn's risease for long before the surgery was necessary?

What food do you miss? For me it's ice cream. I occasionally cheat and stills eat it, but I always pay later 😓😓