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Seeing how you took part in many famous tv series: Was making movies/tv shows a more, how do I say that, 'grounded'/down-to-earth process back 20-30 years ago? Today, at least from an outsider's pov, Hollywood appears extremely overproduced, full of rules about what must/mustn't be said/done and generally more fake-polite. When I watch older shows/movies and their making of's, those involved look more natural, happier.

Sorry, maybe that's a weird question. I wish you best of luck!

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Very interesting, here's some questions I'm curious about:

1.) How far along is science when it comes to controlling external "things" by using our brains wirelessly? I know of one company making a control-device you put on top of your head and it kinda works. Then there's also those Japanese cat ears that are a very basic form of the prior I guess. What is the biggest hurdle in having reliable "brain wave controllers"? Is brain function not well explored enough or is there an inherent impossibility?

2.) People with an agenda keep attacking video games, saying "they make you more violent!" or "they make you sexist!", yet no study ever proved that, reliable studies rather concluding that while there might a short-term, temporary agitation of sorts, video games don't cause anyone to commit crimes or be assholes, that's on other societal factors. Can you chime in here and maybe explain why it's unlikely that video games cause anyone to got out and murder or rape someone? Thx

3.) Have you experimented with advanced game A.I.s? If so, did anything astounding/shocking/creepy even occur? In modern video games, A.I. advancement for in-game opponents has kinda come to a halt, because while A.I. *could* be better, it would probably frustrate most gamers if the A.I. outsmarted them. But I wonder, what if appealing to gamers isn't *the* goal and instead you let an A.I. "loose", do its thing ...

4.) Do you see VR as a chance or as a danger for the future of mankind? Also, can VR-games be "too" realistic? To this day I refuse to play Resident Evil 7 VR, because the demo alone was too scary for me.

Thx for your time and keep up the good work!

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Can you understand how certain Japanese developers (like BandaiNamco's Harada, Sega's Nagoshi or Atlus as a whole) are refusing to publish their games for the Nintendo Switch, when they'd easily run on the hardware and it'd be basically free money for them? In other words: Have you ever met superiors that made decisions that were bad for business, just because of some personal bias? How common is this in the Japanese gaming industry?

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Does your dad (and brother, if exists) know about your job and if so, has he watched any of your videos? If you don't know, how does it make you feel thinking about this? ;>