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When did you realize comedy was your calling, and how early did you start? Were you nervous?

Also thank you for doing the ama. My family Loved getting together and watching your specials.

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> or literally have no social skills.

Why you gotta out me like that?

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You scared him away.

Poor Jesus

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Funny how no one actually asked what he's tried to do.

Yes, they have. Actually look in the thread before you talk. He constantly dodges the question. He even practically admits that he's dodging the question.

You're defending someone without actually knowing the details of his situation, at all. You're just as bad, if not worse. You're a epitome of a hypocrite.

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My question is simply:

Is there any ACTUAL evidence towards the Russia/Trump story?

So far, all I've seen from media is just theories, and absolutely nothing tangible. They draw conclusions where there are none, or overhype things that ultimately had nothing to do with it (Cough Mueller cough).