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NickoSwimmer1 karma

Hello IGAsan and Mr. Judd! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Thank you so much for your time and dedication to your craft. I eagerly await your return to the fray!

As I'm sure many long time IGAvania fans can agree with, I found that the rich atmosphere of your games was in part attributed to all of the little secrets, details, and effects that are implemented into scenery, equipment, enemies, etc. One particular scenery effect from your past games that I absolutely loved were the rapidly scrolling polyginal clouds and storms that were present in certain background areas of the castle.

I was curious if IGAsan was considering also including this weather effect in Bloodstained should time permit?

NickoSwimmer1 karma

Hello I am a big fan of your past Castlevania games. Thank you for working so hard of them. I didn't care for the character designs in Bloodstained. Have you considered going a different direction for future games?