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I've never heard of "Just Jump", could you use different terms or describe what that means?

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"Chaos Mode" will be the co-op mode/is still in the plan, but the game won't have full main game co-op (i.e. two Miriams or something) no. You can see Chaos in the roadmap updates and a short description


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The main reason to post it now is that the OP is natively Japanese and doesn't speak English. They are going to have to translate everything both ways, and he's going to need significant prep and help to do that, especially with how technical many of these questions are.

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Hi Curry! There's already so many questions. I'm glad to see the interest and exposure though.

Johannes is secretly a Joestar, isn't he? He also has a whip. Everyone underestimates him!

Many people interpret the Igavania and Castlevania games as a whole to be mostly gothic, horror, gory or otherwise scary and serious in tone. In contrast, I myself see the games as actually more light-hearted and energetic in tone with the serious things mixed in with humor for flavor. Which is closer to the intent, or is it best left to the player interpretation?

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I had just thought to myself one second ago, "no one has asked about Focalor yet huh" xD