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brendalee1229525 karma

Why do you keep dying?

overture420550 karma

I get bored in my professional life so it's a way to blow off steam, try not to step over the line but life is a bit unpredictable

brendalee1229130 karma

I love your answer. To be honest I’m in AWE. I’m so afraid of death that I fall into a rabbit hole reading things like this. Stay safe!

overture42095 karma

I can't tell you to do what I do, cause I'm a bit of a dumb pos but i think it's important to at least face it with open eyes. It's not the worst thing in the world but do avoid it. Life is pretty fun, so I'm gonna tone it down a bit

outkast295 karma

At first I was like, dying isn't the worst thing!? But you're right, being expelled from Hogwarts is!

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x420PussySlayer69x12 karma

Damn man, what is “the line” for you?

overture42044 karma

Actually dying, cause i don't wanna do that. But more specifically. I run around mountains a lot so I'd do a jump no problem and shorter climbs but i won't do a longer climb where I know my grip will faulter or I won't go down a route I'm not at least a little familiar with. I'm still careful about it but i do go out of my way to expose myself to the environment

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What’s the fifth movement?

overture42028 karma

The what now?

supernatlove43 karma

It’s a reference from a Netflix show about people who experience NDAs.

overture42011 karma

Ah, I see

petertmcqueeny10 karma

How can you be this guy and not get this reference

overture42026 karma

Don't have Netflix

malhotraspokane143 karma

Any going to the light type religious experience?

overture420339 karma

Not religious, it's abstract as hell but I remember the nothingness just complete darkness. It's not like it was over in a flash but a good minute of just abyss and I'm lucky it was so short or I probably would've gone a bit mad. I think what you experience is a lot based on your beliefs.

SavageIndustries191 karma

Died and lives to tell about it. How was it? Boring he says. Damn dude, your bar for fun is way to high! Smoke a doobie and play some video games for a bit.

overture42091 karma

No I do that too when I get the time. But the dangerous shit is to blow off that extra bit stress that's just a pain. That kind of stress that requires a special activity and for me it's dangerous shit. I do it with my friends sometimes to make it more fun

LetsJerkCircular29 karma

I nearly died. It was just nothing, until they got me back ‘online.’

The folks at the hospital told me I was lucky to be alive. Once I knew the extent of the damage, I joked that it would probably have been easier if I died.

They didn’t like that.

Once I was in recovery, I knew it was better that I didn’t die: not for me, but for everyone else who loves me. It would’ve caused such a ripple, and I’m still sorry to them for the pain my potential death caused.

overture42012 karma

Same situation for me, although when I woke up I said something like " Dying is pretty boring, definitely not trying that again "

mrs_stealth_K26 karma

"I think what you experience is a lot based on your beliefs."

I've always suspected this -- thanks for sharing how you've experienced it.

overture42011 karma

It's what I set out to do with this without being too depressing about it

Streetprofit993 karma

Think of a happier thing than eternal darkness that you are aware of for next time my man haha.

overture4204 karma

Eh it was pretty peaceful and boring

ervykev17 karma

Close to my experience. Nothing. Two days later I had to ask the Doctors why my chest hurt and they said they had to resuscitate me.

overture4206 karma

Yep after I got over the initial pain my sternum hurt for about 3 weeks from all the compressions

Guardiansaiyan9 karma

I thought I was the only one that was in the 'dark waiting room' when I died...

Were you sitting in a chair and even tho it was dark you could see? See darkness or something?

Thats was how it was for me before I woke up...

overture4209 karma

I was just kinda there, observing the nothingness

aradil133 karma

Do you know the difference between brain death and what was previously referred to as clinical death (until it started including brain death)?

A person is not their circulatory system, and when your brain dies, you die die, and there is no coming back from that.

That being said - and stop me if this is too personal of a question - did you acquire any brain injury as the result of your near death experience?

overture420139 karma

I'm just repeating what they told me so I guess they were phrasing it wrong? But no. My brain swelled up a whole bunch but they cooled it down. As far as I can tell no lasting damage.

Kaliden-Stormblessed17 karma

You did come on Reddit to do an AMA so I’m questioning your sanity a little lol jk

overture4202 karma

I do too sometimes but I think I'm pretty sane

WoodySoprano104 karma

Can you give a summary of the article in English?

overture420193 karma

On Tuesday 9th of April a bit past 6pm a young man(me) was found lifeless in a pool while training He received cpr and as far as we know he was conscious (don't remember) when he was driven off in an ambulance. On Wednesday morning they confirmed it was indeed a young man and his condition while critical was stable.

Sirduckerton77 karma

"On Wednesday morning they confirmed it was indeed a young man"

Doctor: Checks shorts

"Yep! He's a young man!"

overture42037 karma

They had to cut em off :I

tolman8r62 karma

I hope you meant your shorts...

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bostonteahc68 karma

Is it just me or is everything OP says super vague?

overture42010 karma

Want me to clarify anything?

InternetWeakGuy46 karma

How is this not a casual AMA? Due to your joke replies I'm still not sure who you are or what you're on about.

I can't tell if I'm out of the loop or if IAmA has really fallen this far.

overture42021 karma

It was supposed to be casual tbh. I'm not very traumatized by the whole thing and have fun doing dangerous things so I figured people would be interested in reading about a not so dramatic guy who almost died, or not it's your choice to ask questions. I'm not joking either. The people who ask questions get their answers.

np20610038 karma

Have you seen the OA?

overture42019 karma

No, what is it?

justquietlyhere30 karma

It’s a show based on NDE’s and various dimensions. It’s actually a very interesting show, definitely recommend.

overture42018 karma

I'll check it out

Mr_Scooty_Butt27 karma

Why would you keep diving after (apparently) constantly almost dying?

Followup: Why should anyone else care?

overture42016 karma

Pretty dumb reason, I think it's fun. I never step over the line and always keep it at a 70%. I get pretty cramped up from doing repetitive things like work and school so it's a creative way to blow off steam, it makes for good stories too

bestCallEver31 karma

What are you actually saying? Did you try to kill your self multiple times for fun or these were all accidents?

overture42013 karma

I'm not actively trying to kill myself oh no, I like being alive. I just do dangerous things for fun because it's the complete opposite of what I do in my day to day life. The most common thing is climbing up and down a mountain in cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Not as dangerous anymore cause I'm familiar with it so it's more like exercise but it's fun nonetheless. My nde's don't involve me getting all that hurt either cause it's inconvenient but I do get a lot of scrapes on account of rocks being pretty rough on the skin

SharpyTarpy26 karma

How is this AMA so terrible?

overture42012 karma

Idk, I just did it for fun and people started asking questions. You got any?

APicketFence14 karma

Are you familiar with the Mandela Effect?

overture42010 karma

Yes, why do you mention it though

APicketFence14 karma

You could have died, and your consciousness could have snapped to the closest reality where you just almost died. Do you have any paradoxical memories?

overture42028 karma

Ah fuck dude, why you gotta do me like this. But no, none so far at least.

SavageIndustries9 karma

Deja vu has to totally fuck with your senses, does it?

overture42011 karma

I have Deja vu moments a like once a month dude

ultradip12 karma

Are you sure you're not one of the undead?

overture42034 karma

Yup, got cut while hiking the other day. Still bleed red and it tastes the same

CakeAccomplice1214 karma

Soo....you're a vampire

overture42011 karma

No I just lick my wounds, always have.

danellender7 karma

So you do drink blood.

overture42010 karma

Just lick my wounds before putting some sort of compression on them

Carpbeat2410 karma

I know you’ve said you experienced nothingness and darkness. Was there any comfort in that? Had you seen or interacted with anyone on the other side?

overture42012 karma

The reason I do what I do is to blow of steam from my kinda boring and stressful professional life so ending up in absolute nothingness is a double edged sword. If I stayed any longer I'd become really bored but occasionally it would be the best thing to happen to me because then I would finally be able to worry and stress about absolutely nothing. Didn't see anyone or anything.

jwkat9 karma

Did you have the flash before you die moment? As in did your whole life flash before you died? And if not, what was the last thoughts you remember with the near death experiences & do they compare to the time you died?

overture42049 karma

The nde's have been exhilarating, for the most part because they're self instigated but almost every time it's happened I've felt my heart skip a beat and my brain overloading. It's part of the reason I keep doing it, makes me feel alive. After actually dying for a minute I'm gonna cut back on it though. The actual incident was oddly calm, I remembered nothing of what happened before but I remember the nothingness, I remember staring into an abyss. I think because of my lack of religious beliefs I didn't see anything reassuring but simply eternal darkness. I came back though so, Me:1 abyss:0

CakeAccomplice126 karma

I guess my question is were you conscious of the abyss?

Like aware of the nothingness for the duration you were out...or was it like an instant in-instant out kind of thing?

I'd get bored pretty fucking quick if I was aware of nothingness for all eternity

Edit..ahh I see you answered that elsewhere

Well,shit, eternal nothingness

Not even a damn book to read

overture4206 karma

I was aware for the time I was out yeah. It was surprising but it was brief enough to keep me from getting bored

serinob3 karma

Do you wish it were forever and not a fluke?

overture4204 karma

No, I actually hate that it happened. I missed one of my exams, I'll take another. I quite enjoy life. But I do wonder what would've happened if I died completely. The thought will annoy me until I actually die

Ccstriker773 karma

What did you see on the other side?

overture42013 karma

A whole lotta nothing, I'm not religious so it was the abyss for me for about a minute

jlwa663 karma

Do you do anything differently now than before that happened?

overture4206 karma

Honestly, no. I am happier though. I'm not even traumatized by the experience but I've let it sink in.

sgtxsarge2 karma

This is a bit personal, so there's no obligation to answer, but you mentioned how you seem to get bored easily and do dangerous activities to feel alive (unless I'm misinterpreting). My question: Do you have a sort of emotional disconnect that ultimately leads you to perform dangerous activities?

overture4208 karma

Good question. I've actually thought about this a lot. I do a lot of things to experience emotions in general, as I've told my friends, I have very little regard for my emotions because that causes me feel them. I haven't been properly sad in a very long time and it annoys me a bit. Even when I woke up in the hospital it all just felt like a huge inconvenience. I emotionally sympathize easily though

Sejiblack1 karma

Are you considered to be a good diver?

overture4203 karma

I don't know actually. I do it alone and can easily dive 3-4 meters down and actively swim for about a minute without needing to go up. Compared to those who practice it no but I have more experience diving than the regular pool swimmer I'd say.

cbelt31 karma

As someone who has also been near death a number of times , has these events changed how you think of life in general ? I find my experience gave me more of a calmer outlook on things.

overture4207 karma

Same, coincidentally I've gotten more into stoicism and philosophy since the first couple of times and I find myself to be generally happier than I used to be when I just worked out as stress relief. Since I've also realized the fragility of humans, instead of worrying I'm a lot more active and open minded in talking and getting to know new people. Just doing more stuff in general

jakart31 karma

You cheat death to many times, do you not feel any regret?

overture4202 karma

I've cheated death once technically and flirted several times. All in all no, I do get the occasional anxiety attack from all the times I could've died but I get over it quickly cause I'm too tired to worry about it

ibuildonions1 karma

The times I nearly died it was just nothingness. I was awake, then next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital or an ambulance. No sense of time, no dreams, just an absence or everything. Why was it embarrassing to you? I don't think you should be ashamed of it.

overture4202 karma

It was embarrassing cause it was in a pool, which is pretty lame. I'm not ashamed of the death part it's where it happened.

itsshanesmith1 karma

Did your shoes fall off?

overture4202 karma


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overture4201 karma

Summary : On Tuesday 9th of April a bit past 6pm a young man(me) was found lifeless in a pool while training He received cpr and as far as we know he was conscious (don't remember) when he was driven off in an ambulance. On Wednesday morning they confirmed it was indeed a young man and his condition while critical was stable.

And no I'm a swede who works with trucks in sweden

EatzGrass1 karma

Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I was making a bad joke since I'm salty about our team losing a hockey game

overture4201 karma

Oh no it's fine don't worry about it man. I'm not a hockey guy so it wooshed me hard

Ayatollah7691 karma

Which Final Destination movie did you study the most to find the most beneficial way to escape death?

overture4203 karma

I haven't seen any of them actually. All in all I just never step over the line. Always keep the near death at a solid 70%. The drowning was out of my control though, some dude saved me and I'm eternally grateful

jaytotharome1 karma

So death is just eternal boredom?

overture4201 karma

For me at least. I'm not religious or nothing so i reckon I won't see anything. It might be different for others cause I've read about people having out of body experiences and actually stories about "the light "

sushiandtacos1 karma

How did dying itself (before the nothingness you described) feel like?

overture4201 karma

Don't remember, which frustrates me but when I woke up and the painkillers wore off, everything was aching. Not just my chest or certain parts but just about everything was in a dull kind of pain

Poppintool1 karma

Did they tell you roughly how much time had passed between when you drowned and when they ressuscitated you?

What’s one of the scariest moments/ closest calls you’ve had climbing in the mountains?

overture4202 karma

They did cpr for 14 minutes. It was a bit more than a minute that my brain was without oxygen. Less than two minutes cause if it was longer I would've suffered permanent brain damage

Judi_Chop1 karma

Do they still feel like second (third, fourth) chances at life and do you value everything more or do you continue to swim unsupervised etc?

(no judgement here ps! curious!)

overture4203 karma

I'm not at all afraid of the water no, I was being stupid and I've accepted. I love swimming and will do it regardless of if it's supervised or not. However I will not dive alone. I already to cherish the things in my life, a lot. I'm a goofy, easy going guy but I do have certain things I value that keep me from being extra stupid.

Tikker_G-1 karma

since you seem to be terrible at these things, why do you not quit?

overture4204 karma

Terrible at what?