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Dogs are amazing creatures and provide so much love and enrichment in our lives. I recommend everybody go out and donate to your humane society. To put it into perspective, I live in a small town and our humane society only got an $8,000 budget from our city council as the only non-kill shelter in the area. You don't have to donate money. You can donate food, toys, blankets, or even your time!

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Can't work phone properly, but responsible for multimillion dollar aircraft and the lives of two?

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Died and lives to tell about it. How was it? Boring he says. Damn dude, your bar for fun is way to high! Smoke a doobie and play some video games for a bit.

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I've been to the ER 5x because I though I've had or was having a heart attack. All of them have been false alarms, but I won't hesitate to go for my 6th time. I'm sure the doctors there hate me. My ribcage I guess pops and radiates pain up to my shoulder and neck, so I have chest pain that then radiates my entire left side. Super scary.

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Yeah, I don't think you can get any higher than space.