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I'm a little bit annoyed, but well played former Vice Chairman of the NASDAQ.

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Look at that. Weild said five words and now we're interpreting what he's saying like people have been interpreting religious texts.

EDIT: Money is a religion.

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Mr. Weild,

I have two separate questions:

I) In your professional opinion: Do you believe outstanding student loans could be a major player in a market crash akin to the one that happened over 10 years ago?

II) In your personal opinion: What do you think about the FI/RE movement? (It technically isn't a movement, it's closer to a lifestyle). For anyone that doesn't know: Financially Independent/Retired Early is an idea where people pursue financial independence primarily through 1) Living beneath your means, 2) Avoiding/Eliminating debt, and 3) Investing (typically through index funds, real estate, and other passive means of income). The end game is to have enough money to last through retirement until death. Essentially, it's just budgeting and spending less money than you make.

More info can be found here on the respective subreddit's FAQ. It's a pretty sizable community. Another term I heard for being financially independent is having "fuck you money", if that helps paint a better picture.

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You're not foolin' anyone!

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I get those all the time. Typically, the origin of that feeling comes from my dreams. The most prominent one I remember was when a bunch of indistinguishable people standing around in a parking lot wearing blue shirts. About half a year later, I realized how I was a part of that group. All the staff and I working at this summer camp wore blue t-shirts as a uniform. I remembered the angles and positions people were standing at when that when it lined up with that vague dream I had. Or maybe I just had that feeling randomly and my mind tried to make sense of it by making me believe I had a dream like that.