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How do you like being a mail escort?

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Well, we're okay with children shouldn't be held responsible for crimes of the parents. But the parents who committed the crimes should still be responsible.

Taxes are an interesting point. Have you and your parents been paying income taxes? Those you'd need a tax ID (usually a SSN) in order to file. Sales taxes and other point of use/purchase taxes don't need any sort of citizenship status to be paid.

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It's because I have a few friends that are postal employees. Sometimes they refer to themselves as streetwalkers. :-)

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For celebrity inspired cards like this, a hand-written autographed card would be an awesome collectable! :)

Any thoughts on making a set like that just to see what kind of deviants your favorite celebs are?

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Do you think parents of DACA kids should be able to stay too? After all, it was their crime to come to the US illegally. The companion to DACA was the Presidential Order that allowed the parents to remain, simply so that they could take care of their children, which to many people seems like the parents were literally getting away with it.