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What’s the process of recruiting other mules involve?

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This never would have occurred to me to do if I ever were in the same situation but I guess why not? Haha did you cut the section of meat off or did a friend? How did you/ they handle that part of the process? I feel like taking meat off a human appendage would be harder than eating it. Appreciate you sharing!

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Glad to hear things are looking good and wishing you both a speedy recovery and no more cancer!!! On the physical side, are there any long term side effects of the treatments/ surgeries you’ve undergone or will you be able to live like you did before? Also, on the mental/ emotional side, has this experience changed how you view, live or approach day to day life in general?

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What would you say is the most challenging part of your work and what part of your work do you love the most?

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Did they tell you roughly how much time had passed between when you drowned and when they ressuscitated you?

What’s one of the scariest moments/ closest calls you’ve had climbing in the mountains?