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I have never, in my time on this site, seen an AMA OP respond to so many questions: especially so thoroughly. You're sufficiently lauded, but you fucking deserve it.

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I nearly died. It was just nothing, until they got me back ‘online.’

The folks at the hospital told me I was lucky to be alive. Once I knew the extent of the damage, I joked that it would probably have been easier if I died.

They didn’t like that.

Once I was in recovery, I knew it was better that I didn’t die: not for me, but for everyone else who loves me. It would’ve caused such a ripple, and I’m still sorry to them for the pain my potential death caused.

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Many of us aren't very attracted to the dog, so who cares.

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I watched my grandpa die after a bad fall. He was fine, lucid, but then he fell and broke his brain. He was gone, and his body was just trying to mitigate the brain trauma. It got worse and he died.

I almost died before that, and can say, from my experience, that when your brain is recovering, there is nothing.

There was a time during the accident that was zero memory, and brief glimpses of consciousness while I was being treated, but mostly nothing.

Maybe I didn’t die enough, and maybe my gramps saw Angels, but he didn’t response to anything after his brain got damaged. His remaining brain just tried to keep his body going, to no avail.

Plenty of drugs cause a surreal experience, and so too may the process of dying, but if your brain got smashed in an instant, I would have to surmise that it would just be lights out.

I’d like heaven, but nothingness is probably what awaits us, once we’re truly gone.