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So, Mark, how did you budget this? I mean, are there specific costs that are pretty much known? What were your big ticket items that you spent your budget on?

I just wonder how you do this either as a pitch to backers or as a goal for self producing.

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Hi Joey! Do you feel like you did all right by Disney? I see so many accounts of kids who are supposedly pushed into a cookie cutter mold and supposedly fell apart because of the pressure of it all.

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Hi Gary! I was talking up your books way back before keto was keto. What are a few of the developments in nutrition and research that you’ve seen in the last few years?

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Thank you for doing this AMA. I know several insurance salesmen and most of them are very nice, caring people, making a living like everyone else. What do you think drives the constant cost increases in medical care? I recently had a surgery that "costs" $40,000 and I think it would be considered minor surgery.

Also, even though I met my deductible, my private insurance provider bill shows almost every charge to be over the allowable amount. This basically makes it look as if the hospital is overcharging, even after the insurance company boasts 'discounts' for having their policy. Just who is getting rich here?

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How did you get started with your books? What prompted you to research the ideas presented in The Tipping Point?

And what's your favorite movie or tv series?