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But what if they're out of 'or'?

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Mine are at -14.

Every year I ask my eye doc and he says that given the magnitude, it is a high risk, and I still have some changes expected (early 30's)

He mentioned that the implantable contact is also a risk because it involves cutting into the eye, and the space where it would go is relatively small.


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Not to give undue credence as OP is in fact not a doctor, but this type of approach is actually a thing that is being researched

Kurzgesagt did an episode on the microbiome and touched on this procedure.

This isn't really a whimsical off the books homeopathy type of thing

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Do the diamond you create have the granularity of naturally occurring?

Like can you customize the 4 C's, or are all the results a standard pallette?

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I did not use the channel as a scientific reference, I used it to say that this is something that is in the public sphere that has been touched on and not something that is completely off the rails from a stupid blog site