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Why in God’s name do they still sell that stupid carpet powder stuff ? Every vacuum I’ve ever cleaned that saw it was just clogged with that crap.

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Thank you for your service! How long were you in the service after VJ Day, and how was veteran care back then compared to the current VA system ?

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Just a note —- be VERY CAREFUL about workman’s comp time limits. I ruined my shoulder in a work accident and went back 10 years later with issues and heard “oh. Sorry, you haven’t seen a doc for 6 years so you are defacto healed.” Mother fucker I still have limited movement and a fuckload of steel in my arm...

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With cellulose a relatively odd food source for deep pelagic life, have these invertebrates evolved different processes for metabolizing it, and as a result do they restrict their range to the areas around likely wood falls (river mouths, etc) ?

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How do patients with actual chronic pain get safe relief with the limitations and regulations ? I've been helping my wife with severe fibromyalgia for years, and the "safer" medications seem to be less effective and more expensive than the tried and true medications.