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I get bored in my professional life so it's a way to blow off steam, try not to step over the line but life is a bit unpredictable

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Not religious, it's abstract as hell but I remember the nothingness just complete darkness. It's not like it was over in a flash but a good minute of just abyss and I'm lucky it was so short or I probably would've gone a bit mad. I think what you experience is a lot based on your beliefs.

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On Tuesday 9th of April a bit past 6pm a young man(me) was found lifeless in a pool while training He received cpr and as far as we know he was conscious (don't remember) when he was driven off in an ambulance. On Wednesday morning they confirmed it was indeed a young man and his condition while critical was stable.

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I'm just repeating what they told me so I guess they were phrasing it wrong? But no. My brain swelled up a whole bunch but they cooled it down. As far as I can tell no lasting damage.

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I can't tell you to do what I do, cause I'm a bit of a dumb pos but i think it's important to at least face it with open eyes. It's not the worst thing in the world but do avoid it. Life is pretty fun, so I'm gonna tone it down a bit