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This is almost certainly against OP's employment agreement and grounds for termination. Asking for cash is absolutely the dumbest move they could make.

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Are you finding this is still being taught in the traditional narrative of Columbus as an "intrepid explorer"? Even over a decade and a half ago when I went through American public school (and what I've seen taught to kids since then), this wasn't the case.

I understand the bitterness toward it still being a nationally recognized holiday, but I also think people who still subscribe to the old school of thought are a small minority. From what I've seen, the bulk of Americans really don't care one way or another apart from it being a bank holiday.

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Why would you keep diving after (apparently) constantly almost dying?

Followup: Why should anyone else care?

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Because people are incapable of learning anything once they exit gradeschool? The truth about Columbus and native American history is easy enough to find and frequently comes up even in popular media these days.

It's not that people are unaware. It's that very few people care one way or another and no amount of campaigning to fix the narrative is going to matter to them if they are too apathetic to hear it.