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What are you actually saying? Did you try to kill your self multiple times for fun or these were all accidents?

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I ... I mean I said "hell yeah buddy" I thought I was being supportive. It IS a goofy "cause" though, it's not like stereotyping stoners as lazy is some kind of big problem is it?

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What were you doing before you started the walk? Did you quit a job, leave a lover behind, give up on something else important.

I dream of doing something similar but it feels so hard to break away. But it's my only life! Ahhhhcjkk How did you DO it?

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Fair enough.

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What a goofy "cause" to dedicate your life to, but hey, if you can get paid to cycle and smoke (vape) weed... Hell yeah buddy. I'm jealous.

Edit: my most down voted comment ever! Is it because I (incorrectly?) assumed he was getting paid (didn't he mention sponsors?) or because I called it goofy and put "cause" in quotes? Eh who cares I'm stoned af