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Congratulations on your release and I'm sorry you had to go through that unimaginable experience.

Hopefully you're ok with a personal question... Based on the timeline, it sounds like you got together with your now wife immediately after getting released, so how did you two meet? Or had the relationship already started to form while you were incarcerated?

Congratulations again on the freedom and I wish you and your new family all the happiness in the world!

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I'm a Democrat, but all this "packing the courts" talk drives me nuts. Wouldn't that just lead to the next Republican president / Senate doing the same thing? Where would it end?

What am I missing here?

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I know it's a small indie studio but..

in charge of programming, tech lead, finances, project management

...Dang this person wears a lot of very different hats. All of you do, but tech lead / programmer, project management, AND in charge of finances. Damn, /u/derHuber. What's your background? Do you ever wish you could focus solely on the tech or do you like doing the finances too?

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Another question, how did you get NIVA to 70k downloads? Did you do aggressive paid marketing after release (and if so, what types?) Or was it more of an organic growth.

What would be your top advice for someone who has created a fantastic app or game and just needs to get it in front of a larger audience? How did you create and then continue to Foster and Stoke that growth, or (again) did it just take off through word of mouth?

Edit: I realize there were thousands of things you "did" that helped get NIVA successful, just asking for some key actions or occurrences (maybe even out of your control) that really tipped the scale. Thanks again for a good ama hope you get a lot more questions

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What are you actually saying? Did you try to kill your self multiple times for fun or these were all accidents?