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Guardiansaiyan814 karma

PLEASE don't sell out to Adobe.

Many people who are interested in this product can't afford their stupid subscription based software so you making this really helps us out!

Concerning this program are you thinking of making an Illustrator or InDesign equivalent? What about After Effects?

Guardiansaiyan9 karma

I thought I was the only one that was in the 'dark waiting room' when I died...

Were you sitting in a chair and even tho it was dark you could see? See darkness or something?

Thats was how it was for me before I woke up...

Guardiansaiyan7 karma

Is there anyway that political parties in general can be dissolved so that our people as a whole can concentrate on issues more than party lines?

Guardiansaiyan3 karma

Probably farming it out due to the current climate...

Guardiansaiyan3 karma

I have died before and in the 'dark waiting room' I was pretty comfortable...warm too...