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Yeah, because after doing my job all day, what I want to do when I get home is do more of my job.

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That's a bunch of trough-water. It's perfectly cromulent to grammarsmith up some understandable nuwords in English, it's just often unneccesary as the language is already expressionful.

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I'm fairly certain that's exactly how Obama phrased it in his address to Canada.

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Do you know the difference between brain death and what was previously referred to as clinical death (until it started including brain death)?

A person is not their circulatory system, and when your brain dies, you die die, and there is no coming back from that.

That being said - and stop me if this is too personal of a question - did you acquire any brain injury as the result of your near death experience?

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As a Canadian, I know plenty of folks buying online from what I guess would be called a grey market.

Some people grow at home and share and sell, but it’s not “buy from a guy in a Canadian Tire parking lot” like it used to be.

I can say there is always a line in my local liquor store to buy weed though.