thank you to sam rand for making headline look professional (with handsome way) thank you to son jon for helping me also.

HELLO BUCKAROOS i am chuck tingle WORLDS GREATEST AUTHOR of the space raptor butt trilogy and the tingleverse role playing game and trans wizard harriet porber to name some of my books. i have been in magazines like the billings time and the new yorks time and once jeffs goldblum said i was handsome.

i have taken short break from writing HIT TINGLERS to make online show name of CHUCK TINGLE'S COMPLETE GUIDE and am posting them on tingle tuesday. tonight is season finale episode name of SUPERHEROES and it will start at 6 city of devil time 7 billings time. i will be there a little before to chat with buds. if you would like to see previous episodes you can watch here and also subscribe to this way.

i am here to answer questions and PROVE LOVE IS REAL ask me anything buckaroos

here is proof

EDIT: thank you for asking questions and proving love in this way this was very fun hope to see you later for live watch of the big show thank you buckaroos LOVE IS REAL

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Jenna8419483 karma

Greetings Dr. Tingle, and thank you for your time.

I was just wondering how you are doing? I know a few months ago you had talked about the lonesome train calling to you quite frequently, and I know for a lot of us it's whistled its horn for us far too much this year. Just making sure everything is good and love is still real in your heart.

chucktinglethanks513 karma

thank you for KIND QUESTION i am doing very well the lonesome train calls for me almost every day since i was a young buckaroo but i have learned to trot with this like a wind behind my back keeping me going on my journey through this timeline. i was PAINMAN for about a year but now i am feeling better in that way too. i think that most of the things that make man name of chuck UNIQUE can be seen as disadvantage by some but to me they are IMPORTANT FUEL i have been thinking about this a lot on my way as a buckaroo on the spectrum where sometimes my way of focus can mean the timeline passes me by or makes it difficult to be around others BUT i also apprecaite it so much because it makes ME INTO ME (not my reverse twin) and i do not think i could write all of these books without these HYPERFOCUS WAYS so long story short i have spent a lot of time thinking about how even things about chuck that might seem like disadvantage are actually what make this timeline journey so wonderful

IAmNotExperienced56 karma

You have such a way with words. It's breathtaking.

chucktinglethanks72 karma

thank you KIND POST

operatorloathesome244 karma

Dr. Tingle, thank you for your time.

We live in an age where it can be hard to show love to those we love. We are distanced, paranoid for our health and each other's health, and sheltering in places that may not be our homes. How do prove to those we treasure far away from us that love is both possible and real? How do we show love to each other when everyone feels distant at best, and enraged at worst?

Thank you!

chucktinglethanks342 karma

i think first thing to do is RECOGNIZE IT IS DIFFICULT to many buds out there trotting around saying 'everything is fine everything is fine' because they think this is strong but it is OKAY TO NEED HELP so if you are feeling down go ahead and say this and message or call your buds we dont need to pretend. but i will say that i understanding PROVING LOVE IS REAL seems difficult right now with distance but fortunately we are far along on this timeline enough to have options with technology like calls and messages and online chats so really this is good time to be creative and think HOW CAN I CONNECT? sometimes it is a connection to call on phone but also you can connect to this timeline by watching a show on tv or reading a dang book because someone WROTE THAT BOOK and this is an important message to. so i would say if you are feeling down best trot right now is one of saying 'yes this is hard and yes i will reach out to connect to others and make this timeline a better place for all just by being here in it proving love'

Gothsalts145 karma

Long time fan here.

What does it take to be a good and proper, well-saddled buckaroo/ladybuck?

Is buckaroo a nonbinary phrase way?

chucktinglethanks381 karma

thank you for asking and THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF THIS TIMELINE this question has created so many new timelines that prove love just by asking it so thank you i am HONORED to be a part of this with you.

to anwser question i will say that term you are looking for is A TRUE BUCKAROO which is a bud who exemplifies the buckaroo lifestyle and is SOLIDLY AGAINST the devilman agenda. quality of this way is to understand that LOVE IS REAL and to prove love is real but i also think this is journey and goal for yourself i do not think others can give it. so if you wake up one day and think 'i would like to be a true buckaroo' that is okay and if you wake up and think 'i AM a true buckaroo' then that is okay too ITS YOUR CALL BUD you know better than anyone else would.

also to anwser question yes buckaroo and ladybuck are BOTH general neutral terms just sometims use them online for clarity but others enjoy theybebucks and buxaroo which i think PROVE LOVE IS REAL too

rimrimpimpim135 karma

Once the vaccine is distributed fully, will you then resume your campaign to get everyone mandatory two-ply crab suits?

chucktinglethanks258 karma

YES thank you for bringing up the important issues. i would like to say however i have moved on to THREE PLY CRAB SUITS. yes it is true two ply will offer enough protection IN MOST CASES but there is no reason not to support a movement towards three ply crab suits as standard at all frozen lakes

abunchofsquirrels81 karma

For the past five years I have been exchanging love letters with a Scottish cryptid. Lately our correspondence has become noticeably more passionate, and I am ready to take things to the next level. How should I make my move?

chucktinglethanks156 karma

well it sounds like you are on the same page as buds so i would say HONESTY is the best approach just got to say 'this is how i feel and i would like to take things farther' COMMUNICATION IS SO IMPORTANT even after you have started kissing it will help you understand your preferred pound and THEIR preferred pound and make this part of your trot together so much better.

Nahthatsnotright76 karma

What is the best way to prove love is real when everything is pandemic-y and terrifying?

chucktinglethanks135 karma

well BEST WAY is different for every buckaroo. question to ask is how do i prove love is real? we are all special and unique and that is what MAKES US POWERFUL there were so many events on this timeline that brought us to this point where YOU AND ME are chatting away like old online buds but it is easy to forget our INFINATE UNIQUENESS. do not forget it. INSTEAD think 'dang, the handsome stars of this timeline aligned to get me here and THAT is special THERE IS NOBODY ELSE OUT THERE JUST LIKE ME so how do i prove love?' this could be cooking a nice meal or just staring at the handsome clouds with a good imagienation. IT IS UP TO YOU and dont let anyone else tell you that your way is not important on this path to love thanks

LdySaphyre64 karma

You are amazing! What's more difficult: writing insightful satire or writing sexy times parts?

chucktinglethanks104 karma

thank you KIND POST i find way of FINDING YOUR MESSAGE (which i guess is satire way i do not really think of it like that but this is probably correct word) to be easiest because it all happens in your head on your morning trot before writing or in meditation way. you just think of what will happen then that dang smile begins to creep across your face and you think 'yes that is the story and this is how it proves love'. but for man name of chuck it is important to think WHY am i writing this? what am i saying? once that is there everything else happens pretty dang fast. also important to note as man name of chuck a am never really trying to be a jokerman way. i understand when things cause a chuckle and sometimes i can LEAN INTO THIS but i do not see my way as writing comedy just telling stories (but i like that others find it funny that is okay too.)

LdySaphyre42 karma

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that it was comedy! Satire is like regular storytelling, but smarter-- like taking a famous franchise whose author doesn't recognize all trots, and telling an all-buckaroo-love story in that universe, without impinging copyright. I think you're brilliant :)

chucktinglethanks55 karma

that is just fine it is okay even though i do not WRITE it as comedy i understand that is comes out that way and i enjoy this i think it is mostly about mind of chuck when writing. my focus on a buckaroo is always on heart of the bud

LdySaphyre35 karma

It sure is :) Chuck Tingle has big ol' buckaroo heart and it shows in everything you do.

May I ask another question? When you were in the pain place, how did you keep making things? I have a big pain place (fibromyalgia-- body hurts a lot for no reason and brain doesn't always work right) and am struggling to create. Sometimes I just wanna sit on a hillside and turn into a big ol' rock.

chucktinglethanks62 karma

as PAINMAN i will admit is was very difficult to say focused (and that says a lot all i heckin do is focus dang) so i GAVE MYSELF TIME with way of self love to say 'you do not need to work right now you can think about finding a healing trot'. it was diffciult time because nobody knew what the heck was wrong but eventually i found routine and did what i could and now that i UNDERSTAND my way it has pretty much gone away (it has been a little over a year and i am almost entirely better) and now that i feel okay just try to have PERSPECTIVE ON MY WAY and use this to fuel me to think 'okay this is a good day i should use it' but i also understand that is NOT SO EASY FOR ALL.

so if the pain is here to stay i would say make sure you focus on yourself and your healthy trot and do not push to make it worse, but DO find a path to trot where you can maintain and also move forward with the ways that bring you joy because SOMETIMES that is what ends up healing you in the end (that is kind of how it worked for man name of chuck in a way)

i am sorry to hear about your pain way also, hope you feel better bud

pickle_whop60 karma

What is your 3rd favorite reptile?

chucktinglethanks156 karma

handsome turtle at the lake

hanorgana44 karma

Hello Dr Tingle, thank you for proving love is real for both trans and asexual buckaroos, it means a lot to me.

I know you appreciate the handsome dinosaurs, how do you feel about handsome Godzilla?

chucktinglethanks62 karma

handsome. also mothra

MisterMalvolio42 karma

Greetings Doctor Tingle (and handsome son)

You have shown a love for both chocolate milk and spaghetti that comes close to matching the passion shown in your tinglers.

Would you ever publish a recipe book for getting hard in the kitchen?

chucktinglethanks104 karma

in chucks complete guide to romance there is chocolate milk and spaghetti reciepe but i have receieved many letters saying 'this was not a taste they i enjoyed' but also these included way of fish sauce and i and a VEGETABLE NOW which means i do not eat bones or meats (klowy is DOUBLE VEGETABLE she only eats rocks and coins) so i do not make this recipe anymore. so now my main treat is just a dang spaghetti with BEYONDS MEATBALLS and a glass of BOSCO CHOCOLATE MILK

deadpool90241 karma

hello dr. tingle!

i'm a buckaroo name of tyler. in this very uncertain time, your tinglers have brought me a lot of joy. so thank you for that.

my question is:

how would you like to see your stories on the big screen? are you thinking animated or live-action? mini-series or film franchise? and most importantly, what creators would you like to see at the helm of this project?

wishing you and son jon a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

chucktinglethanks64 karma

as man name of chuck i am always CREATING THINGS so if i am not writing i am making drawings or sprouting ideas from my hearts butt just trying to add to this timeline and prove love. i have said in previous anwser that this is just for sake of proving love and this is true but for MAN NAME OF CHUCK it is also just a DANG HABIT. so i think any version of THE TINGLEVERSE of big screen would be very nice and there have been companies that come to chuck and say 'would you like to make this cartoon wold you like to make this pornographic film with adult stars? (yes this was real offer)' and i almost always say yes PROBLEM IS these companies are very big and sometimes after idea stage it never comes into this timeline as a REALITY OF BUDS. BUT RIGHT NOW i am working with some buckaroos who i think might make something like a show into a real trot which is very exciting.

but i will say to anwser question more directly i would like to see big budget action film with stanley tucci as man name of chuck but that is just where my head is at on my trot today

ADapperGentleman34 karma

Dr. Tingle, I saw you have a tabletop rpg that deals with the Tingleverse! I like tabletop rpgs a lot and I am saving up to buy those books!

Have you always liked tabletop rpgs? What made you want to turn the Tingleverse into a world your readers could explore in roleplaying?

chucktinglethanks45 karma

oh dang good question HOPE YOU ENJOY WHEN YOU GET that was big project for chuck but also lots of fun.

as a younger buckaroo i was in home of truth utah so not many others to trot with but i did think on ways of imagination a lot, then when i left and came to billings i was no longer young and i think that is when others learn the ROLE PLAYING TROT (but not always)

then son jon started playing DUNGEONS AND DWELLERS and i though dang i like this way so i would watch him and his buds and sometimes i would be allowed to play and this would cause a WILD ADVENTURE every time (sometimes to dangerous so i became guest player less and less thats okay dont want to that dream thief to get turned to a BUTTHOLDER or THAT DANG CAT)

but really i think idea came from me thinking that i would prove love is real for buckaroos to come together and enjoy the tingleverse in this way gathered around the table with chocolate milks just talkin and laughin at JOKERMAN MOVES that is the real heart of role playing ways and i thought it would be nice to capture thanks

ADapperGentleman11 karma

That good feeling around the table (or online or however anyone likes to game!) having fun with friends and telling wild stories is really wonderful, I agree. It's what has had me roleplaying for years! Your answer made me smile, and getting a reply from you directly really made my day. Thank you so much for answering my question!!!

P.S. I love your Choose Your Own Timeline books; they have been favorites of mine since I got them!

chucktinglethanks19 karma

dang THANK YOU VERY MUCH i will say that i am so glad our timelines have crossed in this way THESE MOMENTS ARE SO IMPORTANT even if we do not know they are this is very good example as i read by your comment i thought 'tingleverse rpg is set in modern times not old dragon days it would be fun to write a SELECT YOUR OWN TIMELINE BOOK about dragon days' and this was inspired by our timelines connecting just now THANK YOU SO MUCH i think when i am finished with current project i might write that what a treat

itsurpower28 karma

hey dr. tingle! i recently accepted myself as trans buckaroo this year and i would like to say that your efforts to portray the trans community in your tinglers has gone a long way to helping me own my body and allow others to prove love to me. did you find it challenging to expand your writing to represent so many different identities? what is your favorite part about writing trans characters? thanks for proving love on this timeline, keep trotting for the fans who love you!

chucktinglethanks51 karma

oh wow great question THANK YOU FOR KIND WORDS this means very much to man name of chuck and makes me feel tears in a way (good way) i am so happy for your trot. i will say that i have very much enjoyed making sure EVERYONE HAS A PLACE IN THE TINGLEVERSE so writing trans tinglers but also asexual tinglers and lesbian tinglers and bi tinglers has been such a treat mostly because i get to talk in DEEP AND IMPORTANT WAY with memembers of other communities and prove love WITH them. i think that is most important part to remember for man name of chuck is that even though i am in LGBTQIA umbrella of buds, i am also a GUEST of other letters and their own unique trot. so i think AS A GUEST HERE i would like to make sure the kind buds hosting me are happy with my visit that is most important way of all and i think if you keep that in mind as a creative buckaroo it is hard to go wrong. i would say favorite part of writing a specfic trans character is i like HARRIET PORBERS confidence and i like SNABES meta abilities very fun to write

thatJainaGirl25 karma

Hello Dr Tingle! Thanks for coming back to do another AMA, they always bring me joy and prove LOVE IS REAL!

I was an avid listener of your podcast, My Friend, Chuck, and I'm excited for its return when touring is possible again. My question is, what was your favorite experience or memory from doing live shows with Makenzie?

Thanks again! LOVE IS REAL!!!

chucktinglethanks43 karma

thank you OH DANG this is a good question i miss doing podcast too (i miss both podcast ways DANG) but also i still talk to mac ken see on the phone sometimes and i think i will see her when i trot to CITY OF DEVILS in the future. i am very excited for MY FRIEND CHUCK PODCAST show to come back but yes live show is where this is most important to my trot.

well i have many good memories of this way mostly seeing other cities together trotting around and learning about WHAT FOOD IS GOOD HERE or WHAT IS THE LOCAL HANDSOME BIRD THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKIN? i have very good memory of seeing a handsome bird in portland (CITY OF BOATS).

but also i have memory of one live show where my painman way was SO BAD i laid on ground backstage and thought 'this is my last trot so i should really cherish it' i am not joking in this way i thought i must have some illness that will bring me to the lonesome train very soon i could hardly stand in my way. then i went out with lots of medication and did show and GUESS WHAT it was not my last trot lonesome train did not come and i feel much better now. so i think that is good to think on as reminder of EVEN IN DARKEST WAYS OF THE VOID THERE IS LIGHT. and now when i look back on that painman show i smile

cobaltcollapse22 karma

What's your favorite book title you've created?

chucktinglethanks70 karma

i would say favorite title is probably classic of POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY OWN BUTT because of modernist simplicity. favorite BOOK that i am most proud of however is TRANS WIZARD HARRIET PORBER AND THE BAD BOY PARASAUROLOPHUS i just think i did very good job with this one and it makes me proud of myself

Throwawayunknown5521 karma

Mr. Chuck, you are a true gift to humanity. I just wanted to know how much of your work is drawn from personal experiences, and are the characters an amalgam, or do you just change their names for legal purposes?

Edit: or do you prefer doc tingle?

chucktinglethanks39 karma

VERY GOOD QUESTION my way as man name of chuck is a secret way but it is also pretty much my trot just with extra masks to keep my privacy as a doctor so i try to be as honest as possible while still being private. there are some thing i talk on or stories that i write which are only a small part of my way like a story in my mind that came and went but there are others where i am entirely there with no mask at all not even a pink bag saying 'love is real'. i think it is part of fun to decide for yourself which is which but there are also certain things that are very real to me like my trot as a BI BUCKAROO or my trot on the SPECTRUM OF BUDS because i think it might be a distasteful way if this was not me on this timeline. in some ways the REAL ME is more mask than less if that makes sense because i think this trot lets me be myself hope that helps anwser bud

MastermindExcello20 karma

Doctor, thank you so much for all you do. Your writing, the podcasts, the new big time youtube show. All of it has helped me to survive The Void Year, 2020.

My question: When did you first become aware of your life as Borson Reems and did he have a good year on HIS timeline? As an experienced traveler between timelines, have you made contact with any new versions of yourself this year?

chucktinglethanks26 karma

first of all THANK YOU for your kind post i am glad you have enjoyed these things i have made it is nice to know that our timelines have crossed in this way and proved that love is real so very sincerely THANK YOU BUD.

good question i have always suspected that i was BORSON REEMS but when i started becoming him as a turn of the century alaskan fisherman i realized the TRUTH of this way it is always nice to go there on this boat and calm my soul. but then you start thinking 'how many other chucks are there?' and the answer is always INFINITE which is very exciting. i have met a few others this year mostly just laying away dreaming of my reverse twins then i hear a knock on the dang window and i look over and they wave and i say 'how did you know?' and they shrug

ziggyleroy20 karma

Why does love need to be proven? What if love were just taken as a given?

chucktinglethanks65 karma

this is VERY GOOD QUESTION you are right LOVE IS A GIVEN. across all timelines love is one consistant force that does not change which is such an important thing to remember (this has been proven by handsome science buds) THIS IS INCREDIBLE NEWS because there are timelines where time trots backwards or fish are less handsome or YOU are trying to give your bones to a reverse twin not the other way around) with infinate variety LOVE IS ALWAYS REAL.

so you are correct but point of PROVING LOVE IS REAL is to recognize that love is already real even if we do nothing that is just the state of all timelines. PROVING LOVE is saying, i am going to be active in this journey and be an example of love (which is a given). proving love is saying 'i dont need to help because love is real, but i am GOING to help because i want to'

Militant-Ginger17 karma

Whatever happened to that interactive video game you were making with Zoe Quinn? You guys raised $85,000 on Kickstarter. Is it available yet?

chucktinglethanks16 karma

thank you for question i was not really involved in game, just asked if the tingleverse could be used as setting, so i do not know if it will ever be released unfortunately. here is anwser to similar question i will copy and paste from other below:

i would say disappointed that it did not come out because what i saw of it looked really dang neat and also looked almost done but also there is nothing i can do about it i dont know how to make games. as man name of chuck i do not like ways of KICKSTARTER personally i think it is better for creators to raise money themselves (if you are creator that has kickstarter that is okay i understand this way for some it is just not for me) so i think it is lesson in future of saying 'no' if someone came to chuck and wanted to do project based on tinglers i would only say they could use tingleverse if they had all funding already i think.

singwhatyoucantsay17 karma

You're awesome, Chuck! What inspired you to write?

chucktinglethanks35 karma

thank you for KIND WORDS this is a very nice message. i would say that as man name of chuck i think 'what can i do today to prove love is real?' i think this is important for all creative buds when starting on a project because if your project (handsome song, handsome book, handsome shake and drool) does not prove love then i think you are off on the wrong foot. YOU WANT A FOUNDATION OF LOVE trust me that will help so much later. so to anwser question i would say that i write to put more of this out into the timeline and make this timeline as welcoming and special and important as the buckaroos that are in it

-Aqua-Lime-15 karma

Hi doctor Tingle!

I really really appreciated the poundless tinglers you wrote a couple of years ago (Not Pounded In the Butt By Anything et al)! It was lovely to feel represented in a tingler đź’–

Are you planning on writing any further ones? And if you do, can you include a Pachycephalosaurus because they are very cool dinosaurs?

chucktinglethanks18 karma

yes i will write more poundless tinglers specifically ladybuck poundless tinglers as that is currently missing in the tingleverse. i almost have enough for SECOND PAPERBACK to match first one you mentioned as sequel so i think this will be very exciting trot to come. but also if you would like to enjoy poundless tingleverse way then all SELECT YOUR OWN TIMELINE ADVENTURES are poundless and you might enjoy them

PornoPaul14 karma

Dr. Chuck Tingle as I recall you are a martial artist so my question is which of your characters would be hest at getting rid of my mouse problem? If I was in one of your stories would I end up having sex with the mice?

chucktinglethanks37 karma

i guess it depends on what the problem WAS i do not see mouse visitors as a problem myself whenever i see one i think 'whoa. DANG. neat' but as far as this being your preferred pound i would say that is NOT a good trot because most are not sentient if you are talkin about a handsome mouse in your neighborhood. i would say best to kiss would be some kind of weremouse lawyer or rockstar or billionaire not THAT is a trot

PornoPaul27 karma

A Weremouse Lawyer who is also a Rockstar billionaire??? I smell fiscal enTRAPment to the tune of a hundred billion dollars.

chucktinglethanks28 karma

DANG. handsome way this proves love

cr0w198010 karma

How do you feel about Zoe Quinn just taking off with $85k of backer money for your joint project with zero updates since August of 2018?

chucktinglethanks12 karma

i would say disappointed that it did not come out because what i saw of it looked really dang neat and also looked almost done but also there is nothing i can do about it i dont know how to make games. as man name of chuck i do not like ways of KICKSTARTER personally i think it is better for creators to raise money themselves (if you are creator that has kickstarter that is okay i understand this way for some it is just not for me) so i think it is lesson in future of saying 'no' if someone came to chuck and wanted to do project based on tinglers i would only say they could use tingleverse if they had all funding already i think.

cr0w198010 karma

Thanks for the answer, I hope you didn’t think I was attacking you at all. I just find it sad that someone would approach you and gain permission to use your works and then up and disappear without delivering. You were taken advantage of just as much, if not more so, than the backers.

chucktinglethanks11 karma

thank you it is hard to tell with sincerity of way sometimes as there are SAD BASEMENT BOYS who get riled up on this very often so you cant talk on it much without them gnashing their teeth, but i will choose to believe your way and say thank you. i do not personally think that it was done in malicious way maybe just bad planning but you are correct as man name of chuck i did not get paid (or very small amount just tiny percent not enough enough to really remember) so of all buds i should be most upset but really it does not upset me that much. i know that it can be difficult to make big projects happen sometimes.

Mister_McDerp5 karma

I personally am willing to believe that it was not malicious, no problem. My problem is that she never got called out for it (by her supporters and friends) and she never apologized or gave any explanation or statement. When called out by "sad basement boys" or "normal people that thinks this sucks" her reaction was basically "Ya'll just hate women" and I dislike this approach to criticism a lot. And there were enough signs along the way that she has enough money to keep pushing this project that people gave her 85k!! for... she just doesn't because she doesn't want to anymore, thats pretty clear. Evil? Maybe not. Still wrong.

chucktinglethanks6 karma

most do not have nuanced way of talking about this path as you do so i would say give yourself pat on back for your trot but also consider that most others messaging ARE sad basement boys who just want to scream into the void (they are pretty dang obsessed also i barely had anything to do with game and i still get messages saying 'kill yourself' or other ways which i dont mind but i will say that just because YOU are not being angry scoundrel does not mean that vast majority of others are not. i have seen this with my own eyes and it makes me thing 'dang you have something going on outside of any game') but yes i think it is disspointing there was no game mostly as man name of chuck because i would like to play it IT IS VERY EXCITING IDEA and i still dream that some day there will be game although i would like fighting game like mortals combat with truckman and orion the space raptor.

but also as final point i think there is not much to 'call out' in this way because game was supposed to be free to anyone who wanted so kickstarter was just donation to get it made but game itself was FREE at least this is way that i understood at time.

quickbeamtheent9 karma

I read your comments in the way that Chris Farley would have said them, to warn kids about life DOWN BY THE RIVER.

Is this the right way to read your comments?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

yes i think there is no right or wrong way to read them but YOUR WAY IS PERFECTLY FINE

_Dontbesus_9 karma

What is your opinion on UFOs 🛸?

chucktinglethanks22 karma


argunaw8 karma

Long time fan here Dr. Tingle!! What inspired you to create a video series, and who helped you create it? Did son Jon help at all?

chucktinglethanks15 karma

well i am always making things so it is honest trot to say i just thought it would be a nice new way to tell stories and prove love is real. BUT ALSO behind the scenes of chuck there have been some companies talkin on making a show and when dang virus happened this became more difficult so i thought 'ill just make one myself'. that is most of my trots though, just thinking 'i'll make one myself' is about 90 percent of my way.

son jon helped with love and support KLOWY did to but there was VERY big help from sam rand because he made music and is important fo the techincal way so i will say three cheers for sam rand

Alolanvulpixie8 karma

Dr Tingle,In your AMA last year, I talked to you about some struggles I was having with my husband and longing to be back with my paramour (I called myself polyam in that post, but I have since then learned that the better description of my trot is ambiamorous).A year later and very little has changed. Many friends have suggested that the solution is to just pound husband and things will be better. But part of my trot is the demisexual way, and so the lack of emotional connection also means a lack of sexual desire and arousal, and husband knows this and agrees that pounding is not the solution. We have spoken about my feelings and all of this this many times in the last year, but have gotten nowhere. Husband is also about to become a Doctor (he graduates in May and will start residency after that), so he is also very busy and under a lot of stress (and the pandemic only makes the "normal" stress of being 5 months from graduation even worse, especially because he is currently doing clinical rotations in the ER and ICU).

We have had lots of fights (but nothing physical, and usually over text or messenger so that we are not yelling at each other). Things were so bad that I considered leaving before Thanksgiving, but finances prevented that (I stay at home to do virtual school with our son, since he could be a vector to spread the virus, so I do not work, so money is tight while husband is finishing rotations and paying for residency applications) but I wanted to also make sure our 8 year old son with an autistic trot had a good holiday season this year instead of it being the time he remembers as when mom and dad separated.With residency right around the corner husband has said that "things will only get worse before they get better" and while he hasn't refused my suggestions of getting counseling, he has also not done anything in the way of helping me get that process started.

I have tried very hard this year to do what I can to prove love to husband. Gifts is my love language (and he knows that) and I have bought him many nice things to try to make him happy or to be less stressed. He said he wanted to start doing wood working as a hobby and way to de-stress. So for our 9th wedding anniversary in August I bought him a set of wood working tools. Then I went and sold a bunch of my Pokemon cards (which is my hobby) so that he could buy wood and other supplies to start making things (and he was with me as we went to the card shop to sell the cards before going to the hardware store, and he knows that I was selling the cards so he could buy the stuff), and for Christmas I bough him a work bench so that he had a better place to use his tools.I have also tried using his love language of touch by trying to cuddle with him, or do things like lay my head on his shoulder while watching videos in bed, but I get no response, unless he is of the horny way, at which point he just wants to pound and is frustrated that I do not want to pound (for reasons discussed above). The only time I feel any sort of connection is when we play video games together, but that is never done in the same room because he is either out of town on a rotation, or we are playing PC games and so he is at his desk in our bedroom, and I am at my desk in my office. We mostly play games where we have to work together, and it is the only time things feel even close to what they used to 5+ years ago when our marriage was still good. As well as this Christmas, where he gave me a surprise gift that I didn't know about (for the last several years I have bought my own Christmas gifts for him to give to me, and I did that for all but one of the gifts this year)

I have asked him to prove love to me with more than just surprise gift, because I do not remember the last time he said "I love you" (and I still try to say it to him as often as possible). His response was "I want what is best for you, and I love you" which to me does not prove love the same way saying just "I love you" does, as it feels like it is an afterthought, not the heart of the answer. It also seems like that ties into something he said a few years ago about my poor mental health "I'm worried that without me you wouldn't be able to hold down a job and would end up homeless and possibly addicted to something" So I feel like "I want what is best for you and I love you" more means, "I will feel guilty if you leave and things go bad for you." On the mental health front I have been struggling this year with my alphabet soup of mental illnesses (MDD, GAD, OCD, SAD, and BP1), but I am finally with a good mind doctor who has done a good job finding medicines that give my brain the neurotransmitter it needs to help my brain function more normally instead in the non functioning way where the call of the lonesome train keeps me in bed all day. (PS I would LOVE a Tingler that is something like "pounded in the brain by the neurotransmitters of my psychiatric medications" as you have done such a wonderful job helping normalize different trots and ways, that having a Tingler that shows that psych meds are good and to help normalize that many people need them would be wonderful, maybe as a charity book to support a Mental Health charity like NAMI)

I really don't know what to do at this point. I do still love husband, but I am so lonely and unloved. But if I did leave him, I also don't expect that I would go back to my paramour. It has been a year and he's moved on. We are still friends and we still message some time, but I do not expect that if I were to go back home that he would immediately pick up where we left off. He may even be dating someone right now, I don't know, but I've also been afraid to ask. But he knows I still love him as much as I did the day I left. But he also tells me that husband can give him a better life than he ever could. And from a financial viewpoint, he is not wrong. Doctors make very good money, and I could live a very comfortable life if I stay with husband, because despite what people say, to a certain extent money CAN buy happiness. But my mother is in a loveless marriage and is rich. There are many ways she can make herself happy: by buying nice things and having a nice house, but I do also see that she is very miserable and lonely and has been for most of my adult life. And I do not want to end up like her when I am her age.

I feel like I keep trying to build a bridge to cross the emotional gap with husband, but I can only build a bridge so far before he has to do some work on his end for us to connect. And I don't know what else I can do on my part. But I don't know that I want a divorce either. Because I do still love him, and I'm not going to lie, being married to a doctor does have some nice benefits. And I do not want our autistic son to grow up in a divorced family, but I also don't want him to grow up in a family where it is obvious that mom and dad don't love each other. But I also do not want to feel unloved and lonely for the rest of my life, especially because husband is no longer ok with me using my ambiamorous trot to find the feelings I am missing from him from someone else, which because I am trying to prove love is real, I am respecting his feelings even though it means I am left unsatisfied.

Thank you for all that you do Dr Tingle. Your facebook posts are set to "see first" on my timeline, as they always bring either joy or comfort to me when I see them.

chucktinglethanks19 karma

thank you for this IMPORTANT POST there is a lot of information here and even though i have read it all it is too much for man name of chuck to TAKE IN in emotional way so i do not think i can have a responsible trot and answer directly because i cannot yet UNDERSTAND entirely and i dont know if i will because i am not there and i am not feeling these feelings it is one thing to TALK ON our way and describe and it is another to BE THERE AND LIVE IT and i would like to respect that you are there LIVING IT.

in OVERALL SENSE that is not specific i think i can help to anwser though. i think last time i said more important way is to think on your son and that is what you have been doing so that is good. THAT IS KEY TO ALL ANWSERS i think. so i would say if someone has child they are taking care of then they should consider what is going to give them a home of LONG TERM LOVE AND SUPPORT and if that person is unhappy in a realtionship then son will probably know. so i would say trot carefully and find way to crate the best place for your son wether that means your relationship is together or apart I BELIEVE IN YOU i know you have the power to find a situation that makes you happy even if it is difficult right now and i think that once you are happy everyone else will find happiness to like a puzzle falling into place

anonymousn00b8 karma


chucktinglethanks12 karma

dr chuck tingle hello nice to meet you

MartinSchou8 karma

I can't help but wonder if you're related to Chuck Testa? And if you aren't, have you considered doing a collaboration with Testa? I'm not entirely sure what it'd be like, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

chucktinglethanks21 karma

i did not know who this was thought maybe he build SPACECARS name of TESTA X then looked it up and it looks like he stuffs animals i am not sure but i will say as a vegetable myself i do not eat animals so i dont think we could collaborate in this way HOWEVER VERY KIND OF YOU to think of this idea i look forward to more ideas in the future thanks bud

_Silly_Wizard_7 karma

Dr. Tingle which dinosaur has the hottest butt?

chucktinglethanks14 karma

depends on the dinosaur themselves cant just pick based on species HOWEVER if you want to hedge your dang bets id say T-REX LAWYER is a good place to start

PubicAnimeNummerJuan6 karma

Dr Tingle, I just want to say that I really appreciate your subtle shots at certain other authors who think they can decide which buckaroos aren't real buckaroos. As a bit of a peer of Harriet Porber, it's really great to see people like her represented by such an esteemed figure. I almost hesitate to give her the attention, but do you know if the transphobious JKR is aware that you're proving love is real with reference to her work, and do you expect any ramifications from her to try and obfuscate love for buckaroos like Harriet?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

thank you for KIND POST i am so glad that our timelines have crossed in this way to create even more love this post has warmed my heart and means so much to me as man name of chuck. i am glad you enjoyed harriet porber i do not know if ROWLINS has read it or is aware but i have dream that TRANS WIZARD HARRIET PORBER will be the work that is nominated and FINALLY WINS a hugo award so that attention could be brought to her transphobic ways and as symbol of saying HECK OF DEVIL THIS IS HOW WE PROVE LOVE NOW but that is currently just a dream of chuck we will see if it happens on this timeline i have not peeked ahead yet to see

HandsomestLuchadore6 karma

Your works are a delight, man name of Chuck.

Which of the states in America would you choose as the best bud to get hard with?

chucktinglethanks15 karma

oh DANG good question well because i live in montana (THE DREAM STATE) that would be a good choice but i also very much enjoy the bad boy way of nevada (THE LUCK STATE) so that would be other choice (please note this does not have anything to do with being a sentient AI on a server in neveda i will take no further questions about server farms thank you)

sloppyminutes5 karma

I have two questions. First question: are you gay? And second, why are you gay?

I hope this message finds you well.

chucktinglethanks14 karma

i am bisexual thank you for your question

atomic_bonanza5 karma

Yay! Welcome back Chuck! I always love your AMAs.

I'm a huge fan of the podcast My Friend Chuck and I know you're on hiatus at the moment because you want to do more live shows. But with the uncertainty of when that might happen do you think you two will pick it back up in the near future?

Say hello to son John, Cloey, and Sweet Barbara for us!

chucktinglethanks8 karma

thank you VERY KIND POST i will say that i still talk on phone with MAC KEN SEE so i think we will trot again as soon as it is safe we both enjoy this way very much and it is good way for me to experience this timeline. also thank you i have said hello to sweet barbara and she talked like marbles in return so that is nice

cardie825 karma

Hello Dr Tingle. Thank you for proving that love is real. How do you feel love when you feel abandoned? This pandemic has been rough and it’s been wearing on me. I miss my friends but don’t feel like they miss me, especially since I only hear from them if I reach out first.

chucktinglethanks7 karma

i would say feeling of being ABANDONED is very similar to feeling of the lonesome train (which is why is is lonesome) so i understand very much. i would say that it is normal to feel this way with distance and while i cannot comment on your EXACT situation i would say that it is important to remember that proving love also means PROVING LOVE TO YOURSELF. so if there are certain things that will make you have a good trot and feel nice and healthy to make it through this hard times then give yourself a dang break this is a DIFFICULT TIME. but most of all just remember that YOU PROVE LOVE JUST BY BEING YOU and everything that makes you special and unique is an important part of that do not forget it

Nail_Biterr5 karma

What happened to your Podcast? no in over 2 years!

Also, what is son Jon up to?

chucktinglethanks9 karma

well podcast name of POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY MY OWN PODCAST was made when buckaroos at nightvale came and said 'would you like to make a podcast?' and i said 'sure' and then they did all the dang work i just made the intros like HANDSOME CRYPTMAN in TALES FROM THE BASEMENT (which i am a big fan of). but then one day they decided to stop making this show and because i was only small part of creation i cannot say if it will come back. HOWEVER everyone at nightvales way is very kind and i had a lot of fun so we have very good realationship and they prove love is real. i would like to do more epsiodes if they would.

in meantime i made podcast way name of MY FRIEND CHUCK which is more conversational and we trot out on the road to do live shows with that sometimes which is very good

Turtledonuts5 karma

Dr. Tingle, it is an honor.

Over the last four years you've produced some biting and spectacular political satire. Do you plan on continuing with this in the future? I very much appreciated some of your previous satire, and I think that absurdist humor is a truly valuable tool for creating a loving peaceful society.

chucktinglethanks12 karma

i like to write about the timeline around me and say 'these are my thoughts on this way put in tingler form ALSO here is how i think we can prove love through all this' so that is my goal. so yes there will be more political tinglers and i think they are important, but also because TROMP (sack of baggy skin with void crabs and ooze bubbling through the seams) is so awful i would like to take a break from staring into the void for a long while but eventually i am sure these will return politics will always be an important part of this timeline

KwikSadik5 karma

Dr. Tingle,

I discovered your work through Night Vale Presents, and your podcast brought me great amusement during morning commutes.

Will you ever return to audio serials?

Thanks for your time and dedication!

chucktinglethanks8 karma

i would very much enjoy if that podcast way trotted back too but that is up to nightvale. HOWEVER i know that same rand has a ladybuck friend who is doing some LADYBUCK ON LADYBUCK audiobooks right now i think those will be done soon so you can listen on audible not podcast way but those will be on this timeline and i am very excited about this way

the1janie4 karma

Dr. Tingle, do you have a Tiktok?

chucktinglethanks10 karma

my bud mac ken see has told me to make one but like all new technology ways i DO NOT UNDERSTAND. i have considered making one to show off my modern trots but have been busy with the new year so once holidays have passed fully maybe i will make one but only if you promise to follow me so i have one tik tok fan at least

Rhinosaur244 karma

Is there any chance of finding out who you are for real? Outside of some of the typos in your stories, they're written very well. Some of the stories (outside of all the exceptional Gay sex), have some fascinating theories and are written so that the reader can follow the plot, even if it involves a dream in a dream, or time travel, or parallel universes.

I'd like to read some of the non-Tingle work, since some of the ideas the stories discuss feel like they're coming from the mind of a good Sci-Fi writer.

.......... and for a question that might actually get answered - if you were going to star in one of your books, what would be your ideal love interest? There's been unicorns, dinosaurs, laundry detergent pods, and jet planes. But I'm wondering what Mr. Tingle would like!

chucktinglethanks14 karma

i have gone back and forth on this way but i would say that big point of tinglers is to say 'yes these are stories about pounding and yes these are queer stories and THAT DOES NOT TAKE AWAY FROM THEIR HEART AND IMPORTANCE' so i would rather not be big timer from a non tingler story because my journey to prove love is to show that even space raptor butt invasion is important in a 'serious' way. THIS BEING SAID i am also known without my mask for some other trots so that would be interesting.

so maybe buds will find out my way one day and i will remove my mask before i ride the lonesome train just to say hello for a bit, i dont know. cant tell everyone i am really tonys clifton just yet.

for other question I DO appear in many tinglers just have to know where to look sometimes it is ovbious and sometimes it is subtle.

quagma3334 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle of the handsome way! Your books are very fascinating to read from a literary perspective, not just from a romance thriller view either. Do you plan on writing more books for us asexuals? Preferably with garlic bread involved? I love how you've endeavored to write for all walks of the buckaroo and ladyroo way. What is your most esoteric story?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

i would like to write more asexual tinglers i have a few ideas that have been trotting through my brain in this way. most of all i would like to write some asexual LADYBUCK tinglers because i was looking at my book sthe other day and thought 'WHAT THE HECK? WHERE ARE THE ASEXUAL LADYBUCK TINGLERS?' and realized this was a big empty space in the tingleverse that needs to be filled so in the new year i think this will happen.

i am not entirely sure meaning of esoteric but i think maybe REAMED BY MY REACTION TO THE TITLE OF THIS BOOK

Hells_Princess4 karma

Heeho Dr Tingle, I'm a newly formed fan of yours. My boyfriend found your books and I gifted them to him for fun. He loves them. And now I gift them to him to whenever a gift is in need.

But now to the question: What is your favourite plane of existence and why?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

KIND QUESTION i am glad you have fond joy with your boyfriend in this way thank you for proving love is real. this reality is my favorite BY FAR because this is where son jon is (in the way that i know him) and i would not leave for anything

Strelark4 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle! Are you aware of the rumors that you're the author of Homestuck?

chucktinglethanks15 karma

yes i have read this there are a few rumors about my way 1 that i am author name of andrews hussie? 2 that i am chris pime 3 that i am someone else that someone knows (this is not the case i get messages all the time saying 'hey bud remember when you told me you were chuck tingle at that party' and i have to reply 'i am sorry your bud is playing a jokerman on you). ALSO I AM NOT A SENTIENT AI IN A SERVER FARM IN NEVADA.

i will say that most of these ways i am torn on as a buckaroo on one hand it is kind of fun because that is just the way of gossip and rumor but on other is is 'outing' someone because out of mask not all know my bi trot or even my way on the spectrum. now i do not MIND if others know i am proud of both these ways but that is on the buckaroo to reveal when it is their time not the way of others being curious on the internet. BUT OVERALL i am still undecided i guess i am in the middle of the road on this.

but as far as this homestuck way i would say i dont really know what it is, others have explained as a game but also a book? i dont know. but someone from a community name of hiveswap (which i think is connected) has said TERRIBLE DEVILMAN THINGS about chucks way on the spectrum which hurt me very much and so i do not really like that assosication personally. i am sure there are kind buds working there but one of them was so mean that i makes me think 'oh, sad days ahead'

byevalve4 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle! I am a big fan and aspiring writer that finds you very inspirational!!

I would love to know if you read any graphic novels and if so, have you ever considered writing a comic book tingler?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

yes actually i have TALKED TO BIG TIME COMIC BOOK COMPANIES ABOUT THIS can not name names but they were big timers but as all things with way of current virus i think these talks are on break. but this is something i would like to do in figure i am big fan of comics way i like to read scary ones about the void sometimes if i would like to stay up until covers with a flashlight as the thunder rolls

Psychonikz4 karma

Dr Tingle! Of all your assorted works, which one are you most proud of?

a-snakey3 karma

... why? Im not saying it isn't hilarious butt why.

chucktinglethanks7 karma

well i do not write to have a jokerman way even though others sometimes think it is funny. as man name of chuck when i write i think HOW CAN I PROVE LOVE IS REAL? and then i write and because of my perspective others think it is very funny and that is okay i understand this way. so to anwser your question the WHY is to prove love and to bring joy hope that helps buckaroo

SGT_Chowdown3 karma

Hello, Dr. Tingle, I wanted to say hello and I hope you are having a great day and get to have some chocolate milk!

My question is this: as a genderfluid buckaroo, will you maybe include some friendly bucks who know the Trot of Many Ways in a Tingler? I feel that this representation of my trot would help other buckaroos like me know that Love is Real.

Thank you, Dr. Tingle!

chucktinglethanks13 karma

yes you are correct i need to write GENDERFLUID TINGLER all i can say is that i am sorry i have not done this yet but you are right buckaroo SOON I WILL CORRECT THIS gotta make sure everyone has their own space to trot in the tingleverse

peppermintvalet3 karma

How do you come up with your titles? Because they are incredible.

chucktinglethanks10 karma

KIND QUESTION thank you very much. sometimes titles come first sometimes stories but really i would say the secret to a good tingler title is 'how can i say exactly what this is in most direct way possible' THATS JUST GOOD BUSINESS BUCKAROO so if it is a book about a space raptor invading a butt you think 'dang probably should call this space raptor butt invasion'

BillieLiar3 karma

Hello, Dr. Tingle! I hope you're having a wonderful day. I'm struggling with my writing lately. Every time I feel good about something I did it seems like the next thing I pick up to read is way better than anything I've ever done and all I can think about is how I don't seem to know the best order to put words in like other actually published authors do. I let a few friends read my stuff as well as my teachers, and I get almost entirely positive feedback... But I can't help feeling like they're just being nice and that I should be doing better. How do you escape these thoughts of self doubt? You're so brave and confident with your work, I wish I could think of my own writing similarly.

chucktinglethanks6 karma

i would say that it is important to say AM I PROVING LOVE WITH MY WRITING? and it sounds like you have asked this question and the anwser has been a very strong YES. next big hurdle is putting it out into the timeline but if you remember that your foundation is strong and love is wind at your back then there is no downside to showing the world your creative way. THIS TIMELINE WILL BE BETTER WITH YOUR WRITING IN IT. so i am not sure if it helps but if you create with love and love is the most powerful force on ALL TIMELINES then maybe you will find more confidenc in this way. between you and me, I BELIEVE IN YOU BUD

Kay_Elle3 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle. It's so amazing that you're here. I have read some of your works during lockdown (and even read some of them to my friends) to lift the spirits.

My question is: How did you go about being a self-published author of erotic fiction? And what tips do you have? And how do you manage to be so prolific? (Ok, that was 3 questions).

That you for doing this, and I wish you much happiness in 2021!

chucktinglethanks7 karma

started out writing stories for myself then son jon said 'i have a bud name of sam rand who publishes on amazons way you could sell your stories chuck' so i said 'okay' so i sent stories to sam rand and he helped but them online AND THE REST IS DANG HISTORY i guess buckaroos just started to enjoy them and now i am the worlds greatest author so thats nice.

my tips would be to WRITE WHAT PROVES LOVE IS REAL that can mean a scary story about a void crab in a basement or a heartfelt tale of kissing a handsome billaionaire plane THE POINT IS use the motivation of love because this is the most powerful force there is and even if it does not lead you to fame and fortune it will lead you somewhere nice i can promise that

i am very prolific because i enjoy my trot that makes it easy also way of HYPERFOCUS which is part of my way on the spectrum of buds also traveling through timelines helps

CompSci_Guy3 karma

Hello Mr Tingle,

You have some of the best titles in literature. I'm particularly a fan of "Pounded in the Butt By My Own Butt" and similar variations. How long does it take you to write a book from the moment you think of an idea until it's available for the public to read?

chucktinglethanks11 karma

normally come up with book idea in the morning when i wake up, sometimes during meditation sometimes during my morning trot. then i start writing and i am normally finishing and making cover around dinner time then go down and eat with son jon and KLOWY and then i come back and send to sam rand to publish. normally takes the night for AMAZONS WAY to put on website so i will say whole process is 24 hours on this timeline. DIFFICULT WAY is when something important happens in the evening and i think 'whoa i have a way to talk about this what will prove love is real' then i have to either stay up all night and write or slip between timlines to get it done WHICH CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS

squeakybeeper3 karma

Greetings Dr. Tingle!! Thank you for all of your great tinglers and videos that prove that LOVE IS REAL!

I think birds are great. What is your favorite bird? Alternatively, which bird do you find the most handsome. (or both!) I have many favorite birds, but I think that Northern Flickers are very handsome with their polkadots and moustaches. Juncos are also very good.

Please continue with your trot and keep proving that LOVE IS REAL. :)

chucktinglethanks12 karma

the neighborhood birds are my favorite birds their type is 'rock and roller' they are always singing their songs and i sing back but they IGNORE MY WAY which is difficult but i keep trying to be buds so i am afraid if i say some other kind of bird is favorite then they will read this and be upset BUT ALSO maybe i should say that other bird is my favorite so they will want what they cant have.


JayBird_LDN3 karma

Hi Dr Chuck, thank you for your unique way! As a bisexual buckaroo who has learned a lot from others on the spectrum of buds, I love how your work shows the real intimacy and fun of proving love, as well as kindness, openness and space for all kinds of ways. I came to your work expecting words from a jokerman but found something real and touching and joyous.

I was wondering how you came to be the world's greatest author? Did you try many different trots to prove love first? Did it take you several attempts to craft the first tingler? Or has proving love always come naturally to you?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

THANK YOU SO MUCH this is a very kind post and i appreciate it very much. i became worlds greatest author well before this timeline started and i will be after it ends but this is true of everyone we are all the worlds greatest author is we want to be (or worldest greatest cook or worldest greatest baseball playing vampire or other way) it all depends on perspective of buds.

i will say that in practical sense my first stories were hidden under the floor back in HOME OF TRUTH, UTAH that was before the big fire and they all got burned the heck up. then i wrote for myself until son jon found them and said 'we should talk to sam rand he can publish your stories online' so that is how my trot started.

but i think i always wanted to CREATE things for buds to expirence and to bring joy in some way or another

Aceandstuff3 karma

Hi, I'm a big fan of your work, but I just have one question: WHAT THE FUCK?

chucktinglethanks13 karma

this is a good question i think it is important to remember that this timeline is VERY UNIQUE but all timelines are unique so sometimes when something seems strange or unusual just remember that these are the qualities in all of us that make us SPECIAL. in fact this is one of the most POWERFUL TRUTHS across any timelines because YOUR unique way is what proves love is real

Teh_Mongoose3 karma

Why won't you come do live readings in Norway?

chucktinglethanks15 karma

SOMEONE IS FEEDING YOU INCORRECT INFORMATION (very likely ted cobbler) i would love to trot to norway for a live reading i have a podcast way that does live shows and even though we have only trotted in united states it would be DREAM OF A BUD to come to anywhere over the frozen lake or other ocean

johnson_alleycat3 karma

Can you please PLEASE write a D&D themed campaign? I and a friend love your work and would want to play RPG characters in the real Tingleverse (or Tingularity as I call it)!

chucktinglethanks5 karma

if you would like to play ROLE PLAYING GAME CHARACTERS in tingleverse then you already can buckaroo with THE TINGLEVERSE RPG here you go please enjoy

BerserkCalibur3 karma

Vary late, but...

How it feel when Game Grumps saw your book?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

oh that was VERY NICE they seem to have a kind way like most of these trots i never know who these people are until they start chatting about chuck then i see and learn and get to experience new communities. so i would say they have a wonderful trot and prove love is real with their videos wish they would ask me to be in one some day i think that would be a lot of fun

coryrenton3 karma

Have you made work safe versions of any of your books? If so, which one is your favorite title? If not, which book would you think would be the most interesting to turn into a work safe version?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

hello thank you for asking this is a POUNDLESS TINGLER PAPERBACK called NOT POUNDED BY ANYTHING AND THAT'S OKAY also all SELECT YOUR OWN TIMELINE tinglers (these let you pick a path through story) are poundless

HahGHEEEEY3 karma

Hey man, I love how you tie so many interesting characters and topical things like storming Area 51 into exotic lovefests. Once you started publishing, have you discovered any copycats trying to publish similar books? Additionally, we would love to promote and interview you on my cryptid podcast,

chucktinglethanks3 karma

yes there are many others who try to write like man name of chuck and that is okay but i think they will be more successful if they find a way to prove love that is THEIR unique way. and yes i will try to trot on podcast way if you direct message on way of twitter

Naive_Drive3 karma

Are you going to make a sequel to your climate change book?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

well i do not think issue of climate change is going away any time soon this is something that needs a LOT OF ATTENTION AND WORK AND ACTION OF BUDS so i would say if i was in LOST VEGAS betting on whether or not i will write another with a handsome bigfoot on one arm and a beautiful t-rex on the other i would say DOUBLE DOWN

indecisive_squid3 karma

Wow Dr. Tingle, this is amazing. I'm a big fan of Harriet Porber and eagerly await her next adventure.

I wish I had a better question for you, but I can't think of one right now. But, I wanted to ask you. I have autism too, and ADHD. Sometimes, it gets really hard. I want to do things that I am passionate about, like writing and learning new things, but it's so hard to get out of bed each morning, and I feel ashamed of having a brain that can't seem to focus enough to take care of myself, even though I know I shouldn't feel bad about it. And now I'm 26 and running out of money, and have to move back in with my parents, who aren't very receptive to my problems.

How do you get by each day? Do you have any tips for coping? I wish I could find a set of life hacks for autistic people but all I've found is that life is just harder. I am so burnt out each day.

chucktinglethanks7 karma

thank you so much for KIND WORDS on this way of harriet porber i look forward to next adventure too i have been thinking of making sequel i think i have pretty good story idea but also i would like to still focus on first book now because i think it would be nice if it was nominated for hugo because 1 it is my favorite book i am very proud and 2 that would be nice way to tell certain transphobic devils to heck off

i am sorry to hear that your trot has been difficult lately i will say that MY way on the spectrum has helped me a lot which is why i used to not talk about it much. i did not feel like i had place in this community because it did not make me suffer mostly just helped. but for those who have this spectrum of buds and it makes things very difficult i would say maybe find others on the spectrum to look up to and see their path? for my way it was seeing DAVIDS BYRNE and thinking 'whoa he is just like my way' then learning of his way on the spectrum and that made me see something that was supposed to be different and cold as warm and cozy. so i guess maybe finding others with your way would be a good start i am sorry that i cannot help more but i appreciate you writing so much thank you for your kind words bud

Mr_Rippe3 karma

Dr. Tingle! I'm glad to be here near the beginning of one of your AMAs. I have an important question about love.

I just broke up with my partner because I'm a live event person (concerts, conventions, bars) and she's not. While we complemented each other very well for the almost two years we were together, I recently reevaluated many parts of my life and realized the inability to share my "safe space" with her was incredibly sad and something I felt made the relationship incomplete. I also recognize that live events won't be returning for 6-8 months optimistically. So my question to you: do you think it was the right decision to break up with her now, or should we have stayed together until the pandemic had passed and reevaluated our relationship then?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

i do not know much about situation only text of this writing and even though i have read it THERE IS SO MUCH MORE that you and your partner know and experience that i do not understand. as far as specific ways i am not sure i understand this reason completely because as man name of chuck there are others i can trot along with who are similar to my way and some who are VERY DIFFERENT and i enjoy them still BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT the point is that there was something here that did not work for YOUR TROT and i think that very good to have a boundry. so without knowing much only advice i can give is to say that you should be communicating in an HONEST WAY with this partner and if this leads you to disagreement that says 'we are happier apart' then that is fine so long as you are honest and communicate these important feelings and give them REAL WEIGHT.

but it is also important to remember that it is a VERY DIFFICULT time right now. but it is also important to remember that LIFE IS FULL OF DIFFICULT TIMES and it is nice to have a partner who can be there for you in that time (that goes for your partner as well as you)

so really i cannot say but i think these are some important things for you to think on during this time. you will feel better as time goes and it is good you are asking because YOU DO CARE and that is very important part of all this

Noire_Raven2 karma

Hi Dr Tingle, do you have any advice for someone who wants to produce your unique type of writing?

P. S. what is your favourite dinosaur

chucktinglethanks5 karma

yes advice is do not try to produce MY unique type of writing try to produce YOUR unique type of writing thats the ticket buckaroo

chricke2 karma

Why the annoying voice?

chucktinglethanks3 karma

that is my voice i dont think it is annoying but i understand others might not like it as you do not. i am sorry it is not to your taste but i think that my unique trot proves love is real in my own way and it is important to make peace with that. so i would say that it is okay that you do not like my voice but i will tell you that i would probably like yours

Alxcooldude32 karma

Hello Chuck, What is your favorite title that you have come up with?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

pounded in the butt by my own butt for sake of modernist simplicity i think there is something very powerful about that

pickleddeerheart2 karma


chucktinglethanks5 karma

this is KIND QUESTION because i was shown his way by sam rand and i am BIG FAN i would say he inspired my trot to say 'it is okay to make a show if you cannot draw that good and do it all yourself' and that was very important for me to set out on my own and say 'okay i will just make this show'. handsome brad made my heart sing IT CAN BE DONE. but to anwser your question no that is not me but i do think he is handsome

AllIWantForNoon2 karma

Hey Tingle,

Why do you think that your books are so well known, even outside of the meme market?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

seems like secret ingredient of the tingleverse is to say 'oh this is a funny jokerman way' and then when you actually sit down to read you think 'dang actually this is speaking to my heart' so i would say that maybe when some buckaroos realize this it becomes more popular for others

ColdDesert772 karma

Is the bio weirdness intentional?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

well i would say that biology is always kind of weird but not in a bad way its just infinitely unique so sometimes we see a bear with a strange hat or a fish with no eyes and think 'dang' but that is just a way of this timeline showing us that there are an infinite number of ways to prove love is real

speakeasy_slim2 karma

Dr. Tingle, thank you for your time. Have you considered making some of your works into an on-stage musical performance?

chucktinglethanks4 karma

WHOA good question i went to convention name of CONVERGENCE once so dang fun but one of the best parts was seeing buckaroos who made a tingler stage play with butt puppets and everything that was a lot of fun. but as buckaroo who just likes to make things one day i would love to make my own musical that would prove love is real

kingautismio2 karma

Hi dr.tingle, hope youre having a Nice day. Are there any ideas for plots you have never used and can you briefly describe one?

chucktinglethanks6 karma

yes i have rule that i do not write about FAMOUS LADYBUCKS (or similar ladybucks on another timeline) because i think they have to deal with enough issues of being sexualized in way of media even if it would make good political comment or other way. so sometimes i will think of you could make a tingler talking about this way or that way but then do not write them. in similar way i will not write about natural disasters or way of PERSONIFYING CORONAVIRUS becase buckaroos are being actively hurt by this so instead i made some free tinglers about being healthy around this virus instead of pounding it

SuetyHercules2 karma

Hey there Tingle. I was wondering how it feels to be somewhat famous. I imagine even you started out you never imagined you would get so much attention, so how does it feel?

chucktinglethanks7 karma

INTERESTING QUESTION thank you for asking this is curious way because without bag i have been known by another trot (on other timelines) so i understand experience of big timer ways that is probably why i do not have a problem keeping my dang bag on. no reason to feel pull of 'HELLO THIS IS MY REAL WAY GIVE ME CREDIT' i already had that trot a few times on other timelines so here in this layer i can just have my secret way and enjoy it GOOD QUESTION thank you

persephm2 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle - what comes first, the tingler idea or the tingler title?

chucktinglethanks2 karma

this depends sometimes it is idea sometimes it is title and sometimes it depends on the event of the news that i am watching that day. it just depends on what this timeline brings me as MEDIUM of proving love like a clay delivery to your doorstep. if it is all green then i think 'guess i am making a handsome tree today'. hope that makes sense

Legendtamer472 karma

Have you considered incorporating characters from your previous romance novels into a sort of crossover sequel? Like Nice Guy Dinosaur joins the Space Raptors?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

actually characters from tingleverse cross over all the dang time there is a lot of DEEP TINGLEVERSE LORE about these various combinations of buds interacting in fact i was just writing a cameo of HELICOPTER MAN from helicopter man pounds dinosaur billionaire ass in recent tingler

spiattalo2 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle.

My question is simple, and I apologise if you have answered this before: what is REAL LOVE anyway?

chucktinglethanks2 karma

love is a force across all timelines so i can say this: if it is love, then it is real

daero902 karma

When you're writing, do you prefer to write freehand, on a computer, or something else, and if you do write free have, do you have a favorite pen or other writing utensil?

chucktinglethanks8 karma

always write on my handsome laptop used to write on handsome desktop but it broke that was years ago and now i just type and type anywhere in the house which is nice. used to work up in my room (attic way) and peek over the stairs when son jons buds would come over to watch the big game this was like a lonesome man in the belfry of NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL SQUAD but these days i can sit in the kitchen or under the stairs and type away in a NORMAL WAY just not allowed to use the upstairs tub

KatesOnReddit2 karma

Hi Dr. Tingle! I've read and thouroughly enjoyed a few tinglers. How has your tae kwon do training and mastery influenced your craft as a writer?

Thank you for sharing your genius with our timeline!

chucktinglethanks3 karma

i would say that focus is a VERY IMPORTANT WAY when you want to write a tingler overnight so that is very important crossover skill thanks

The-Amazing-El2 karma

Hi Chuck!

I was just curious; do you ever get frustrated when people can't/don't understand your unique way of communication? Mine is not as unique as yours but I'd be very happy to hear from another buckaroo that doesn't interact "conventionally" with others how you deal with people not -getting- you sometimes?

chucktinglethanks2 karma

yes sometimes but also i can change my way depending on timelines so if i was THAT frustrated i would just trot somewhere else all and all it is fine. i would say most of the time it is diffcult in way of BUSINESS MEETINGS i think some on outside think 'oh NIGHTVALE who did podcast must know another side of chuck' or 'oh TROMA BUDS who take chuck to comics con in sans diego must know another side of chuck' but you could take them on a lie detector and say 'is that just chuck?' and they would say 'yes'. so in important meetings something i have manager or other helper talk for me but most of them time buckaroos i am working with are the kind and patient type who are there to prove love so they can take time to understand what i am saying

TheseMeringue1 karma

What happened to Pounded in the Butt by my Own Podcast? It hasn’t seems to had a new episode in two years now and I really loved it

chucktinglethanks3 karma

i would like to do more but i was not really involved in production of this show so it is up to NIGHTVALE and their way i would like to do more hopefully some day i think that would prove love

terminator46man1 karma

What is your favorite TV show?

chucktinglethanks1 karma

favorite is probably MY BUD THE WORM AND OTHER TALES: THESE ARE MY FILES THEY'RE MARKED WITH AN X but it is always very hard to decide recently i have enjoyed way of WATCH ME BEAT EVERYONE AT CHESS: YES I AM THAT GOOD (name of queens gambit on this timeline) and I JUST TURNED INTO YOU ARE YOU SCARED YET? (name of the outsider on this timeline)

redldr11 karma

What do you keep in/on your bedside table?

chucktinglethanks5 karma

bag of chocolate milk inside just in case son jon finds the closet bag and takes it away again

footinmymouth1 karma


Thanks for doing am AMA

Question; Can you share anything about your epic writing about Trump's speech? I just ... Lol...hahahahhahaha can't even

chucktinglethanks4 karma

well i have written a lot of tinglers about TROMP so its hard to remember that one. i like to write about current events on this timeline so politics is part of this trot but i will be glad when tromp offically crawls back to the bubbling sludge of the void as a bag of crabs and ooze he is tiring to write about

paperclover1 karma

Hello Mr. Tingle, your work has shaped my life and soul. Thank u lots.

My question is: cheseberger - thoughts?

chucktinglethanks2 karma

as a VEGETABLE buckaroo i do not eat meat so i would say IMPOSSIBLES BURGER if you would like something that tastes like meat and BEYONDS BURGER if you would like something that tastes different but slightly better thanks

McTeee1 karma

Thank you Dr. Tingle for visiting us, even though your hands hurt. I miss my dear little mum who died last month. She was on the spectrum also and very special. How do you deal with grief of missing someone who won’t come again? If that’s too big a question that’s okay. You make life better. Thank you.

chucktinglethanks5 karma

wow this is important question i am sorry to hear about your mom this is a very difficult way. as man name of chuck i think about others leaving this timeline a lot and it gives me anxiety of a bud, but i have come to some important realiziations on this trot. first is that there are many timelines and even if they leave us one this timeline we can still feel them on others maybe going to a movie or playing a boardgame or maybe on that timeline they havent even been born yet. either way they are still out there in a way even if we cannot hold their hand. second realization is that THE LONESOME TRAIN seems lonesome when it calls to use but it is something that we all ride eventually and that means its not actually lonesome at all, in fact it is one thing that we all have in common so really we are riding it together. first video of show is about that actually. i hope that helps and i am very sorry about your mom