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I can see why people would be welcoming, particularly because of your past. WBC is, for lack of a better term, despised (as you well know), so when someone leaves it's like... a moral victory for the rest of mankind, in a way; like the good guys won and we got a good person back on our side. I hope that doesn't sound too callous.

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Won't be any creepier than Jim Carrey.

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Hi Ms. Stray, I've never seen anything you've been in but reading through your responses has been a pleasure. You're quite articulate and I appreciate your efforts to explain your gender identity. I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to PM you, and I don't really know what to ask; just thanks for offering a little validation to someone who can identify with some of what you're saying.

Not that you'll read this, the AMA's already dead, but still.

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Oh, well cool. Lol sorry. I just liked your explanations, as someone who's gender identity has been interesting too.

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Dr Tingle, I just want to say that I really appreciate your subtle shots at certain other authors who think they can decide which buckaroos aren't real buckaroos. As a bit of a peer of Harriet Porber, it's really great to see people like her represented by such an esteemed figure. I almost hesitate to give her the attention, but do you know if the transphobious JKR is aware that you're proving love is real with reference to her work, and do you expect any ramifications from her to try and obfuscate love for buckaroos like Harriet?