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BillieLiar3 karma

Hello, Dr. Tingle! I hope you're having a wonderful day. I'm struggling with my writing lately. Every time I feel good about something I did it seems like the next thing I pick up to read is way better than anything I've ever done and all I can think about is how I don't seem to know the best order to put words in like other actually published authors do. I let a few friends read my stuff as well as my teachers, and I get almost entirely positive feedback... But I can't help feeling like they're just being nice and that I should be doing better. How do you escape these thoughts of self doubt? You're so brave and confident with your work, I wish I could think of my own writing similarly.

BillieLiar1 karma

This helps me feel less alone for sure. I'll do my best to start showing what I like off more often!! I actually just sat down to do some writing for the day and am really happy with the results! I'll do my best to not compare it to other things.