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corner of desk, this is my guess please respond if i am correct

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thank you handsome robot please understand this is not your ama i am anwsering questions now there will be another time for robot amas

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we are already freinds you are my important online bud. if anyone asks you about your friends please tell them that CHUCK TINGLE WORLDS BEST AUTHOR is your top bud i have signed off on this

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the best way to prove love is going to depend on YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY as a buckaroo. when you wake up in the morning what makes you want to go out the door and TROT CUTELY this is probably your best bet at proving love. the important thing to realize is that just trying to prove love is enough. in a world where all buckaroos are trying their best to prove love the devils dont stand a chance

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yes we can also be online buds this is normal